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From a Dance Competition in 2013: Apr 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is an interesting clip of a dance trio in the 8-year old (Jazz) category at a national competition in the USA.

What do you think? Comments?

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A Brief, but Excellent, Video Spoof about Beta Orbiters

April 9, 2014 2 comments

Here is a new clip that mocks beta orbiters from the second season of “Inside Amy Schumer”. I found this to be one of the better mainstream depictions of this sad, and widespread, phenomena. The clip is especially accurate at showing the derision and contempt felt by women towards their beta orbiters, as well as how they manipulate guys to do stuff for them.

What do you think? Comments?

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Funny Skit : Inside Amy Schumer Season 2

March 7, 2014 3 comments

Here is a clip of a very funny skit from the upcoming season 2 of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’. I found her satirical portrayal of the average white american girl to be especially dead on.

And here is a similar clip from season 1.

What do you think? Comments?

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Garfunkel and Oates: Sports go Sports (2013)

October 21, 2013 7 comments

A recently released music video parodying the mindless american obsession with professional team sports.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Highlights of Hugo Schwyzers August 9 Twitter Breakdown

August 10, 2013 13 comments

Some of you might have heard, or read, that a semi-famous attentionwhore aka Hugo Schwyzer suffered an online meltdown on Twitter yesterday. In case you don’t know much about Hugo Schwyzer or his latest public breakdown, the next three links might be helpful.

Hugo Schwyzer, ‘Feminist’ Professor, Is Having a Twitter Breakdown

Controversial “Feminist” Hugo Schwyzer Has A Very Public Meltdown

Hugo Schwyzer Has What Appears To Be Major Manic Episode On Twitter

His original “manic” tweets can still be seen on his account at @hugoschwyzer, if you are so inclined. But why go through all that trouble when I have copied the best ones for you guys. So, without further ado, here are his most revealing tweets arranged from the chronologically newest to oldest with a little extra commentary from yours truly.

I suffer from bipolar disease with psychotic features. But I do not think that truth erases the harm I have done. It puts in a context. 4:36 PM – 9 Aug 13

Sure, whatever you say Hugo.

When I quit the Good Men Project, I timed the announcement for maximum effect. I was such a manipulative jerk. 12:56 PM – 9 Aug 13

Unlike all those other times you were not?

I’ve been carrying the weight of so much, and then to carry the weight of so much dislike from so many of you was too much. 12:55 PM – 9 Aug 13

No, you got caught in your own web of lies. If you hadn’t been caught, none of this would have happened.

I lied about being sober as long as I was. I had relapsed before. 12:54 PM – 9 Aug 13

Who is surprised?

I am so sorry I wrote that terrible piece about my ex who was a lesbian. 12:53 PM – 9 Aug 13

The one you tried to kill? or the one you.. never mind.

That OK Cupid piece? Ally Foggg was right. I just wanted to look cool. 12:53 PM – 9 Aug 13

Are you referring to this masterpiece? No One is Entitled to Sex: Why We Should Mock the Nice Guys of OkCupid

I’m sorry that I kept mocking socially awkward men as creeps as a way of making myself look better. 12:52 PM – 9 Aug 13

Then again, most PUA and game bloggers are no different.

I am just so sorry. I am just so sorry. I lied and manipulated and cheated so many of you. 12:48 PM – 9 Aug 13

Who is surprised? really?

I did such awful things but I also wanted to belong to your community so badly. But my neediness and my stupidity pushed you away. 12:44 PM – 9 Aug 13

Which community? or maybe you just wanted to get into yet another hot, young and adoring piece of ass?

I did promote others but I secretly wanted to be THE male feminist. 12:41 PM – 9 Aug 13

Is anyone still surprised? Anyone?

Yes, I threw a lot of people under the bus. 12:41 PM – 9 Aug 13

Once again, that is common knowledge.

Oh, and the folks who are angry at me right now? Of course they know this is too little too late. 12:34 PM – 9 Aug 13

It has always been a little too late.

Being microinfamous sucks. 12:27 PM – 9 Aug 13

Ya, you won’t get that big book deal about how you finally saw the light.

Or find a better way of doing it because I did deserve it. I was a shitty writer and I was a fraud and I did try to kill my ex. 12:26 PM – 9 Aug 13

We already knew that, but it is nice to hear it from your own mouth.

The point is simple and clear and sane. I have been a self-aggrandizing fraud from day one. @studentactivism will tell you. 12:20 PM – 9 Aug 13

Come on, is anybody surprised by this ‘revelation’?

THIS IS REALLY ME. Hugo Benedict SChwyzer, born 1967, PhD UCLA. 12:17 PM – 9 Aug 13


So yes, I sexted with a hooker. Yes, I wanted to have my students watch me screw James Deen. 12:17 PM – 9 Aug 13

Doesn’t that go against what you used to write and teach. Then again, academics are among the biggest hypocrites.

My diagnosis, by the way? Bipolar disease with psychotic features plus BPD. 12:15 PM – 9 Aug 13

It is too bad that being a CONman is not yet a recognized psychiatric diagnosis.

I loved being the most notorious bad boy male feminist out there. 12:13 PM – 9 Aug 13


And I mocked the suffering of abuse survivors who were triggered by my work. 12:11 PM – 9 Aug 13

PUA and game blogs are no different, so you are in good company.

I’m a monstrous hypocrite. 12:10 PM – 9 Aug 13

We all knew!

…that I was sleeping with a 23 year-old. And sexting a 27 year-old. Not my students at least. 12:10 PM – 9 Aug 13

Surprisingly, that is actually an improvement over your past.

I cheated on my wife and pretended to be reformed. I wrote an article in the Atlantic condemning age-disparate relationships the same week. 12:09 PM – 9 Aug 13

Who finds this shocking or out of character? Does even your wife find that shocking? Come on..

I fucked porn stars I met through my classes. 12:06 PM – 9 Aug 13

Ya, we kinda guessed that.

If youo think these tweets are off, you’re so wrong. AT LAST the authentic Hugo. He’s here! No mask. 12:05 PM – 9 Aug 13

Is there a real human being underneath there? somewhere?

I appropriated the language of redemption, I knew which buttons to push, I used sex and charm and whiteness and it usually worked. 12:04 PM – 9 Aug 13

Yup, we know you are clever.

I built a brand (remember “off-brand”) on being something completely false to get approbation. 12:01 PM – 9 Aug 13

Is anybody surprised??

I am so so sorry that I let myself be like this. But I wanted atttention so f-ing bad. This was all about attention. 12:00 PM – 9 Aug 13

No, it was about more opportunities for sex with your students, groupies and hookers. Wanting attention is just a polite word for that.

I made my writing all about me. I centered my pain and my cock. and I sold it to you. 11:58 AM – 9 Aug 13

It was rather obvious to most readers of your dribbles and diatribes.

Which is how I got the gigs I got. I learned clickbait. Sometimes I fucked my way into a gig. 11:56 AM – 9 Aug 13

Am I the only one who is not surprised by this?

And yes, I networked like a motherfucker to get promoted. 11:55 AM – 9 Aug 13

Like every other academic. Welcome to the sophistic whore club!

I was never qualified to teach any gender studies courses. I talked my way into all these gigs. 11:55 AM – 9 Aug 13

If it makes you feel any better, so did everybody else.

I read a little bit about porn, and figured out how to make it a fun circus for all. 11:48 AM – 9 Aug 13


I read one book of Kimmel’s and made myself an expert on men and masculinity. 11:48 AM – 9 Aug 13

And that would be Jimmy Kimmel the comedian? Great..

I then built a career as a well-known online male feminist on fraudulent pretenses. My mania let me talk a good game. 11:46 AM – 9 Aug 13

Is that what they call lying these days?

My expertise is British medieval church history. I had no business teaching feminism, however well I may have taught it. 11:45 AM – 9 Aug 13

On the bright side, both are very subjective. You can make up any bullshit that sounds ‘right’ and nobody is wiser.

So the real story you all missed is that I talked my way into teaching women’s studies on the basis of 2 undergrad courses only. 11:43 AM – 9 Aug 13

Like most brown-nosing academics.

Oh, and here is his last tweet before the ‘manic’ episode. Note the date on this one.

It’s time for me to take an extended hiatus from social media and public writing. Looking forward to a long break and the next adventure. 6:46 PM – 17 Jul 13

So there you have it.. the latest attempts by attentionwhore extraordinaire Hugo Schwyzer to drum up some sympathy for him. Might write more about it in the near future.

What do you think? Comments?

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Riki Lindhome in Hell Baby: Shower Scene

August 7, 2013 10 comments

I am currently busy writing two or three long articles, so here is something to keep the readers engaged. This is one of more famous scene from the recently released movie Hell Baby. Riki is also one half of the comedy-folk duo “Garfunkel and Oates“.

The video clip is NSFW and she is very nude in it.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Garfunkel and Oates: Loophole (2013)

June 25, 2013 8 comments

So we now have an official music video for that hilarious song. It is a pretty good interpretation of a chorus-type song originally made for live performances. Enjoy!


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Julia Price: The Checklist Song (2012)

April 30, 2013 12 comments

An uncommon example of a woman openly satirizing women who create long checklists for ‘must haves’ attributes in potential boyfriends.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Funny Video: The Women of LA

February 19, 2013 22 comments

A funny video which, while somewhat specific for women in LA, is also broadly true for most large cities in North America.

PS: Women in NYC are no better, unlike what the video tries to imply.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Garfunkel and Oates – The Fade Away

February 16, 2013 1 comment

One of the better (especially sound quality) live performances of ‘The Fade Away’ by Garfunkel and Oates. Try to view it in HD if possible.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Valentine’s Day for Most of You

February 14, 2013 4 comments

I believe this impromptu performance by ‘Garfunkel and Oates’ best sums up Valentine’s Day (February 14) for most of you. The banter before the song in combination with their facial expressions and body language during the song make it a great performance.

What do you think? Comments?

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Garfunkel and Oates: The Loophole

January 14, 2013 4 comments

Better known as “Fuck me in the ass cause I love Jesus”

Enjoy! Comments?

The ‘Friend-Zone’ Explained: Garfunkel and Oates

January 13, 2013 4 comments

A live performance of “I Would Never Have Sex with You” which I think is better than the webcam version of that song- largely because of the audience interaction.

It contains such lyrics as..

Cause I really like you as a friend
But there are things I can’t pretend
Know I would love you ’til the end
But there is just one problem (problem, problem)

I would never have sex with you
Believe me, you’d know it if I wanted to
I already would have shown my boobs to you
But that will never happen

and here are some relevant lyrics from that song.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise
You should’ve seen it in my eyes
I kinda like some other guy
But there’s a bigger problem

I would never have sex with you
Believe me, you’d know it if I wanted to
I already would have gone down on you (Kate: You would have liked it!)
But that will never happen

and the clincher.

No amount of alcohol
Could change my mind at all
Our lips will never touch
So kiss that thought goodbye

I would never have sex with you
Believe me you’d know it if I wanted to
I already would have held hands with you
But that will never happen

Enjoy! Comments?

My Views about Alt-Right and Game Blogs

January 1, 2013 37 comments

I considered writing a longish post on my views about ‘alt-right’ and ‘game’ blogs, given the considerable overlap between them. Then I realized that a very alternative music video known as ‘Sissy Boy Slap Party‘ by Guy Maddin would do the trick.

So here it is..

Note the masculine posturing of the old man who leaves at the beginning of the video to ‘go to the shop and buy some condoms’ after telling one of the younger guys to ‘go back to the gym; you look like you are gaining some weight’.

Enjoy! Comments?

Would ‘Gun Control’ Really Stop Rampage Killers in the USA?

December 16, 2012 19 comments

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three days you might have heard that a 20-year old guy (Adam Lanza) executed 28 people. He was only 4-5 bodies short of Seung-Hui Cho record (32 dead) set at Virginia Tech in 2007- a record which he could have easily broken given the nature of his captive audience. Having said that it is apparent that Adam was a better killer (28 dead, 1 injured) than Seung-Hi (32 dead, 17 injured). As many of you also know, more than a few politicians and media figures are trying to use this event to pass laws for more ‘gun control’ laws in the USA, hoping that the death of 6- and 7- year white kids can be used to grease the rails for passing such laws. But this post is not about whether they can succeed where previous attempts at ‘gun control’ have failed. This post is about whether even ‘strict gun control’ could stop rampage killers in the USA.

The short answer to that question is- No. Even very strict laws would not stop rampage killings in the USA. We would just see more of them committed with “illegally acquired” weapons or with other technology-based means that would cause a far higher body count. I should also point the hypocrisy of mourning the death of 20 white kids while supporting the killing many more brown kids in Pakistan as “collateral damage” of drone strikes. Understanding the reasons that make the USA uniquely susceptible to rampage killings requires to first acknowledge some of the unpleasant realities about contemporary american society.

People, unlike governments and large organisations, almost never profit from killing people publicly. The motivations of rampage killers are therefore very different from armies, police or bureaucrats. People who go on rampage killings almost always have a very deep personal and unremedied grievance with society. Going on a rampage killing is therefore just the last step in a process of progressively disenchantment with society. The seeds of that process are sown years before the final outburst and nurtured through increasingly negative experiences with society. Nobody just wakes up one day and decides that they have to execute 20-30 people by midnight that day.

Rampage killings are therefore almost never planned at a short notice. Indeed, the difference between your generic underworld-related killing and a rampage killing is that the person who commits the later has been thinking through the scenario for months, if not years. They have been playing, and replaying, that simulation in their head for weeks, months and often years. Rampage killings in the USA are therefore only partially like some tribal guy in Malaysia going ‘amok‘. While both are driven by a combination of personal insults and deprivation- the tribal guy snaps once the situation is intolerable. In contrast, his american counterpart will rarely kill immediately after his point of tolerance has been exceeded. The nature of modern life and amenities means that a person rarely has to act on his homicidal desires immediately. It is this delay between the final provocation and the outburst that makes american rampage killing very different from ‘running amok’.

Then there is the other crucial difference- education and intelligence. Have you noticed that many of the recent spree killers in USA, especially the ones with high body counts, were rather affluent, educated and intelligent. The modern american rampage killer is not some poor and dumb guy who dropped out of high school and works a minimum wage job- indeed the truly abused are too stupid and cowardly to kill lots of people. The modern american rampage killer is best understood as a reasonably privileged person someone who is lashing out at society reneging on its end of a contract he was explicitly (and implicitly) promised since he was born. A brief study of human history suggest that semi-elites who did not receive their promised share of the loot are the most dangerous adversaries of the system that defrauded them. What you are really seeing in the USA is the first overt manifestation of discontent among the younger generation of semi-elites, who rightly believe that they have been taken for a ride.

Now some of you might say- “why don’t we see such incidents in Japan, Greece, Spain or any other developed country with a high number of well-educated but unemployed or underemployed youth?”

The short answer to that question is- the peculiar nature of modern american society, institutions and beliefs. The longer answer to this question does however, once again, require us to talk about aspects of american society that most of don’t talk about or often hardly notice.

It begins with acknowledging that american society is not a society in the conventional sense of that word. It is based on conditional co-operation to attain personal gains without any real sense of social solidarity or togetherness. It has no significant and deep historical, cultural or ethnic competent. Therefore it has no organic institutions or mechanisms to keep most individuals content- especially under adverse conditions. While that was not as issue as long as the economy was growing or credit was plentiful, it does becomes an issue when the future is not looking good. Older societies such as Japan, Greece or Spain have gone through such situations in the past to have developed coping mechanisms that prevent the worst effects of poverty – though even that may not hold once things go beyond a certain point.

The educated but poor youth in those countries have a social net to fall back on. Whether it is their parents, extended family, local community, “unofficial” jobs or a government created jobs which pay enough to avoid serious social problems while providing good quality utilities (excellent and inexpensive healthcare, affordable and high-quality public transport, subsidized housing, subsidized or free higher education etc). That is why countries like Japan, Spain and Italy can have very high rates of youth underemployment and unemployment without any noticeable breakdown of civil society. Of course, youth underemployment and unemployment does fuck up the demographic profile- but that takes a couple of decades (or more) to manifest itself.

The youth in the USA have no safety net to fall back on. We do not have reliable family or extended family to provide them anywhere near the support that is the norm in many other countries and there is no sense of local community. The government is devoted to enriching a few at the expense of many and helps plutocrats, through armed force and law, to fleece everyone else. They provide costly and shitty healthcare, shitty public transport (if any), expensive housing and extremely expensive and mediocre higher education funded by non-dischargeable student loans. The system is so busy eating its seed corn to benefit the few that even the semi-elites (upper-middle class) no longer feel secure about their future. Until recently (a decade ago) the semi-elites and their progeny could look forward to a comfortable if somewhat uncertain future. That is no longer the case..

The reason you hear so much talk about growing income inequality in the last 4 years is largely due to the fact that things have become visibly and unmistakably worse for the semi-elites since 2008. They are now experiencing the same problems everyone below them has been experiencing for a couple of decades. Their belief in the validity of the previous social contract with the elites has evaporated. You can also add the ‘negative’ effects of feministic overreach and hypergamy to that- especially as far as younger men are concerned. It is therefore no surprise that you are increasingly seeing a few younger men from the semi-elite class take out their frustrations through rampage killings.

However the biggest threat to the current system does not come from the very small number of semi-elite youth shooting up movie theaters or primary schools. It comes from the much larger number who will express their frustrations through less overt but far more significant actions or strategic inaction.

What do you think? Comments?


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