Why Escorts are Always a Better Deal than Relationships or Marriage: 6

January 14, 2019 6 comments

In the previous post of this series, I put forth the idea that many behavioral oddities of women in dying ‘west’ make sense once you accept the hypothesis that they have internalized the capitalist belief system. The logical conclusion of that assumption is that treating them better than they are treating you will always be a losing proposition. In any case, pretty much all everything they are supposedly offering (other than sex) is an insipid simulacra of the original. To make a long story short, a relationshit is now a significantly and visibly inferior product than using escorts. I went on to write that there were other experiences, and cumulative changes in my worldview, during the 2005-2009 timespan which finally resulted in my choosing the escort-only path.

As some of you will notice, what I am about to write next has an interesting connection with the topic of another previous post. So.. what changed between 2005 and 2009? Let me explain that by describing an incident which illustrates both the process and direction of change. In mid-2006, I got to know a woman who was from a country bordering the Adriatic arm of Mediterranean Sea. She worked at some place which I frequented at that time and we got talking about a variety of things. Anyway.. she was married, but was vocal about the lack of future in that relationship. Tt helped that she was fairly young and attractive. Eventually, we went out a couple of times.

So far.. this story this sounds very boring and conventional- and it would have remained so if my worldview and attitudes had not changed over all those preceding years. To make a long story short (again), I quickly realized that she had a very specific man in her mind for cheating on her husband. She wanted a guy with a fairly specific look, height, accent, ancestry etc. Let me put it this way.. she wanted what some in “manosphere” would describe as a rich alpha- don’t they all. And then I decided to do something which I had not done on that scale and for that purpose. I slowly and methodically destroyed her mental justifications for imagining that she had a chance with such a guy. But here is the real kicker, I did it for my entertainment.

Upon realizing, quite early on, that she wanted to friendzone me- I decided to convert that ‘lost opportunity’ into some diabolical entertainment. That required me to first sit through all of her stupid chatter about what she wanted in her ‘deserved upgrade’. After making a few mental notes while smiling, I politely concluded the first meeting. A week or so later, she expressed a desire to meet again and I was happy to oblige. The second meeting went.. a bit differently. It started, as usual by me being polite and non-specific, till she brought up that issue again. I then started by playfully posing a simple and apparently question- why should the man of her dreams (for the purposes of cheating) choose her over chicks for having sex? And she took the bait..

She started by listing her non-physical attributes such as education, culture, intelligence etc. I asked her as to why she believed that those attributes carried weight in a relationship which was almost totally physical. She then tried to claim that her physical attributes were also pretty good. I pointed out that any guy with the specifications she required could easily get a more attractive woman 5-7 years younger than her to have sex with him. You see where this going.. She then claimed that she was willing to settle down with such a guy (offer of commitment) I countered by pointing out that any guy who could easily get an attractive woman 5-10 years younger than him was certainly not looking to settle down- especially with an inferior product.

And it gets better.. She then claimed that I was saying all those things because I “could not have her”. I asked her to explain whether she meant that “I wanted her” or “I wanted a woman, any woman”. She said she thought it was both. I acted surprised and told her that it was far easier for me to pay very attractive and capable escorts by the hour- and proceed to show her a few photos of them on my iPAQ handheld (remember this is 2006). She then tried to say that using escorts was immature and they did not love their customers etc. I then pointed out that we had spent a lot of time talking about her desire to cheat on her husband with a hunk, and that invalidated her talk about relationshits being real or worthwhile. All in a calm manner and with a straight face.

After a long awkward silence a bit of small talk, we parted ways and I never talked to her again. The coffee cost about four bucks, but the entertainment value was much.. much more. So.. why did I remember and mention this meeting? After all, this was hardly the first time I utilized the inconsistencies of women’s behavior to poke fun at them. In fact, I had been pointing out such issues for many years prior to this incident. For example- as early as 1999, I would make short and quick comments which ridiculed the preference of asian chicks for pathetic white guys to the face of the former. I had also previously done significantly milder versions of what is described in this post. But there was a difference, you see.. I was just doing it to rib them a bit, nothing more.

The incident described in this post was the first time that I went into a meeting like that with the sole intention of systematically mocking and insulting a person to the point that it would burn all bridges. I was not doing it to “neg” her or anything along those lines and I would have rejected sex even if she had proposed it. My mood at that time can be best described by a line from a 2008 movie.. “some men just want to watch the world burn”- and it felt awesome. In the next part of this series, I will go into other similar interactions during that timespan. Hopefully, we will also talk about why going scorched earth on some people is totally worth it and carries no real risk- the key word being some. And yes.. there are criteria to put people into that category.

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Using the Accusation of Racism is Always Superior to Keeping Quiet: 1

January 10, 2019 14 comments

One of the many issues on which I strongly disagree with most older non-white people living in the “west” concerns how racism (ambient, casual or specific) should be handled. A large number of these older people, especially from certain countries, seem to believe that accepting overt or not-so-overt racist behavior from the now rapidly aging and declining white populace in western countries is the best default response. These pathetic losers justify such behavior by deluding themselves into believing a number of BS memes such as “this situation won’t change anytime soon”, “it has been always like that” or something along those lines. Some even believe that they kinda deserve it or believe they can get ahead by validating the racist mindset of white idiots.

Luckily, this mental affliction (at least its more severe forms) appears to be largely restricted to non-whites above a certain age. I am sure that some of you will point to the ratio of WMAF to AMWF couples, and we will go into that issue later. But for now, let us focus on how the previous paragraph relates to the topic of this post. In my opinion, it all comes down to a behavior that is especially common among older non-whites and is intimately linked to their willingness to accept racist behavior. More specifically, they do not actively confront self-identifying whites who display such attitudes and behaviors or protest adverse portrayal of non-whites. But why not and what is behind this passivity? And this is where we start getting into more controversial areas.

Let me start this part by asking you a simple question. What motivates people more- the fear of losing what they have or the hope of future gain? If you have read enough history, hopefully from a number of diverse sources, and looked at the world around you- it is obvious that the hope of future gain is a far bigger motivator than fear of loss. Think about it.. slavery (at least the version practiced in Americas) was driven by fear of loss and yet for all its brutality, it could not produce much more than cotton, coffee and sugarcane. Similarly, communist regimes in Eastern Europe collapsed in the late 1980s in spite of them being harsh totalitarian systems because the fear of loss, is at best, temporary. Meanwhile, the communist party of China is still in power largely because it could provide real opportunities for profit and better life for its citizens.

But what does this have to with acceptance of racism by older non-whites who live in western countries? Well.. ask yourself, why would they accept it at the subconscious level? Fear of loss or hope of gain? Clearly, it has always been the later than the former. However, if you posed this question to them, they might tell you it was the former rather than the later. But why? Well.. it comes down to maintaining their internal self-image. Remember that everyone wants to believe that they are good, brave and moral. Acknowledging that they allow racism in the hope of future gain sounds much more sad and pathetic than claiming they do so in fear of loss. It is about maintaining an internal self-image which is at odds with one’s behavior and actions.

Don’t believe me? Look at how many actors of Indian descent (Kal Penn, Kunal Nayyar) have been willing to play brown-face characters in films and TV shows. Have you ever wondered why somebody would degrade themselves by playing such characters? I mean.. nobody is holding a gun to their head to make them play those parts. Nor are they starving and desperate for any source of income, however demeaning it may be. Or take most stand-up comics of Indian descent, who until a couple of years ago, largely focused on the alleged shortcomings of their own ethnic group rather than satirize white culture and behaviors. Long story short, willingness of older non-whites to accept racism has always been driven by hope of gain rather than fear of loss.

But in case you still believe otherwise, let us go through a few specific categories of behavior..

1] Some older non-whites believe that pointing out racism will adversely affect their opportunities for future career advancement. But is that so? Think about it.. do you really expect someone who perceives you as less than human to ever treat you fairly, let alone as an equal? My point is that a racist will always be a totally unreliable employer or highly problematic colleague. Also, racists remain so until they are dead. Furthermore, the transient nature of most jobs today and lack of defined career paths removes any vestigial excuses for tolerating such behavior. To put it another way, there is not much left to lose. Of course, the right way to go about this involves avenues other than reporting it to the subhuman scum who populate HR department of corporations.

2] Some non-whites appear to believe that accepting racism or even participating in criticism of their ethnicity or race will somehow make then “honorary” whites. This is similar to CONservative minded blacks who believe that racists can tell the difference between them and.. you know. The reality is that any person who harbors racist belief is incapable and unwilling to see “those others” as anything other than stereotypes. At best, these non-white morons (who seek acceptance) are providing free entertainment for aging racist losers. I have written a few posts about such people in the past- On Brown House Slaves, Gungadins and Sepoys, My Views on “Wannabe Whites”, The Inner World of Massey Sahibs : An Introduction and The Inner World of Massey Sahibs: 2.

3] Now let us take this one step further and imagine a situation where a pathetic non-white who accepted racism was somehow able to translate it into a decent career and partial acceptance by racist whites. How is such an existence any different from that of a pet dog? Sure.. a loser might rationalize this as ‘not that bad’ or something along those lines. But is that really the case? Are you really going to be happy waiting for somebody else to throw a few table scraps of pseudo social acceptance? Are you going to be happy to be with some badly aged, washed out and psychologically damaged white chick? My point is that only stupid losers believe that they have no other choice than being self-hating house slaves who look forward to table scraps and crave acceptance from subhumans who see them as their perpetual inferiors.

Will write next part of this series based on the comments to this post.

What do you think? Comments?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is Exposing IQ Measurement as Scientific Fraud

January 4, 2019 12 comments

Over past few days, one of the more interesting Twitter controversies which I have been closely following started with Nassim Nicholas Taleb (henceforth referred to as NNT) firing off a series of tweets about how IQ is a pseudoscientific swindle perpetrated by a bunch of charlatans.. I mean psychologists.. on a credulous public. In case you still don’t know who he is, NNT is one of those rare guys with very good grounding in mathematics (especially statistics) who also happened to have made a lot of money on the stock market and in finance. To make a long story short, he has had tons of fuck-you money for decades, is often contrarian and does not suffer fools well. NNT has also written bestsellers books such as Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets and The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.

You can read a summary of his original tweet-storm on the topic in a recent Medium post titled- IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle. In it, he makes a number of points starting with the fact that IQ as a test originally came into existence as a “scientific way” to identify kids with mental retardation, rather than a way to identify people who are smart. He then makes the point that it ‘selects’ for people who are good exam-takers, future paper shufflers, obedient IYIs (intellectuals yet idiots) ill adapted for real life. He goes on to point out that the biggest promoters of IQ are a] racists who want to “prove” that certain racial or ethnic groups are somehow inferior to them and b] psychologists and associated professionals whose livelihood depends on many people taking such tests or that test being considered a valid measure of intelligence. He then goes on to show that measured IQ (by any method) has very poor correlation with real world success.

Along the way NNT exposes the various fallacies, mathematical problems and often plain logical issues with using IQ scores as a measure of intelligence. For example, he shows that measured IQ scores exhibit pretty poor correlation with SAT scores- though they are usually thought to be tightly linked. NNT also show how apparently medium degrees of correlation are more statistical noise than correlation. He also points out that there is a logical problem in making a correlation between a Gaussian function (IQ measurements) while real life performance (fat-tailed). NNT also talks about the problem of negative correlation- basically how many people with a high IQ score end up working menial and mediocre paid jobs while those who average scores end up being far more successful or rich. And he blasts psychologists at every step.

Finally he goes through a list of common objections and bullshitting employed by psychologists and other believers in IQ to deflect criticism about that topic. As many of you might have guessed by now, his tweet-storm as well as habit of being confrontational generated hilarious responses from defenders of IQ scores- from charlatans such as Charles Murray, Razib “I hate being brown” Khan and a bevy of other “famous” psychologists as well as assorted racist fuckwits such as Stefan Molyneux. I find it amusing how all of these sad losers are responding to NNT dismantling the mathematical basis for their bullshit and lies. Then again, what else can you expect? But it is fun to watch, nonetheless. As some of you might remember, I too have written many posts which made some of the same points NNT is making- and it is nice to see them vindicated.

A couple of examples. In one of his tweets, NNT makes the point that whatever IQ is measuring cannot be very important since it was not selected by evolutionary pressures– and here is me making that point in 2012. In his Medium post and some tweets, NNT makes the point that ‘high IQ’ is associated with good exam-takers, paper shufflers and other obedient IYIs (intellectuals yet idiots). Here is one of my post making a similar argument in 2012. To quickly summarize, NNT has torn new and big holes into the sad scam of measuring IQ score and trying correlating them with real world success- financial or otherwise. I have long made similar arguments about the sad losers who believe in IQ scores and the lack of connection of such scores with real life success.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Jan 3, 2019

January 3, 2019 2 comments

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Riki Lindhome in ‘Under the Silver Lake’ (2018) – Screenshots from ‘Under the Silver Lake’.

Doggystyled Amateurs: Jan 1, 2019 – Amateur cuties getting doggystyled.

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On Late Medieval Depictions of Cuckolds and ‘Modern’ Men in Pussyhats

January 1, 2019 1 comment

So.. this is from a post which I started sometime ago, but never got around to finishing up and posting. It concerns the similarity between late medieval comical depictions of cuckolded men’s headgear and all those male ‘feminists’ in pussyhats. Is it just me, or do you also see the peculiar similarity between them. I, for one, find the resemblance to be darkly comic.

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YouTube Recording of a Recent Standup Set by Louis CK: Dec 31, 2018

December 31, 2018 1 comment

Here is the long version of Louis CK’s new standup comedy set.. you know, the one in which he said something about the scammers who use the untimely death of their schoolmates to enhance their careers. Two warnings: first, the full recording is almost 50 minutes. Second, download it because I am not sure how long it will stay up on YouTube.

The allegedly ‘controversial’ part starts at around 23:00 minutes into the set.

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Life Expectancy in USA has Always Been about Class: Dec 29, 2018

December 29, 2018 2 comments

About a year ago, I wrote a post which used public health data from CDC to show that differences in average life-expectancy between whites and blacks in USA were due to intentional public policy rather than any intrinsic genetic differences. In case you are wondering, I wrote the original post to expose the deliberate sophistry of so-called “public intellectuals” in USA who have long claimed that the differences in average life-expectancy between the two groups are based in “genetics” rather than intentional racist public policy. To quickly summarize it, the average life-expectancy for blacks in many affluent coastal states are higher than those of whites who live in poorer (and racist) southern states. In it, I also mentioned that the differences in life-expectancy by race in affluent and mostly coastal states was much smaller than those in the south or midwest.

Well.. it looks there is now a further piece of proof for this theory. According to the latest public-health statistics from Massachusetts, the average life-expectancy of black women and men now exceeds that of their white counterparts. And let us be clear about something else, Massachusetts is already at, or near the top, as far as average life-expectancy among states is concerned. Of course, there is not shortage of racist idiots and certain “public intellectuals” who will spend a lot of time trying to argue that blacks in that state are somehow “genetically different” from those in other states. As some of you might know, the average life-expectancy for blacks in UK (mostly Caribbean descent) crossed their income-matched white counterparts about two decades ago.

The statistics from Massachusetts does however show a very strong and unmistakable correlation between life expectancy and social class. In fact, it is far stronger than what you see in most european countries. Note that death rate for people from the lower social classes is many times higher than those from the upper classes. While part of the difference is due to deaths by Opioid overdose (itself a form of death by despair), it is clear that there are many other factors at work- from higher risk of alcoholism, accidents and delayed treatment of medical conditions. I cannot resist pointing out that for many decades, most whites in USA firmly believed that they would never end up in the same social class as blacks because they were somehow magically “superior” yada yada. Well.. turns out that was not the case- to put it mildly.

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