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Linkfest (December 16, 2009)

In other news..

U.S. Delays Citigroup Sale as Shares Sell at Discount Why? How was this scam pushed forward in the first place?

Government Reconsiders Quick Sale of Citigroup Stake Another explanation of the same problem.

U.S. gave up billions in tax money in deal for Citigroup’s bailout repayment Read this one, after a beer or two.

Bernanke’s ARM Explodes, Refinances into Fixed Rate Mortgage and he is running the fed!

TIME: Do you have a mortgage?
Bernanke: Oh, yes, we refinanced.

TIME: Oh, perfect. When?
Bernanke: About 5%. A couple of months ago.

TIME: Good time.
Bernanke: Yes. We had to do it because we had an adjustable rate mortgage and it exploded, so we had to.

TIME: So, did you get a fixed rate at 5%? I think this might be the most valuable piece of information. (Laughter.)
Bernanke: Thirty years fixed rate at a little over 5%.

How Banks Fleece the Unemployed Still like banksters?

Regulators to give banks Basel grace period-sources This is much bigger than you think.

Ivy League Seeks Sponsor for Its Inaugural Lacrosse Tournament Daddy cannot write a big enough check?

Persian Gulf currency union and the forex risk to nations everywhere. The beginning of another chapter..

Nearly half of Detroit’s workers are unemployed Think it won’t happen to your manufacturing based city, think again!

David Rosenberg And A Few Good Economic Observations: “Can You Handle The Truth?” His 2010 “Outlook” People do not like to hear such stuff..

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