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Linkfest (December 18, 2009)

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In the news..

Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain But I thought that our ‘high IQ elites’ knew what they were doing, and don’t they control the future. Update- has removed the article, curious?

Unemployment Decreased in 36 U.S. States in November If only we could make it happen without fraudulent and massaged statistics.

‘Sizzling’ Shanghai Homes Defy Tax, Bubble Concerns Most of the chinese stimulus money has gone into real estate and equities speculation.. surprised?

Craft a Narrative to Instill Optimism Harvard MBA wisdom for you.. why not just tell people to lie.

Goldman’s Inner Conflicts Also Need Unraveling: David Reilly Maybe he has not received his monthly payoff check from GS?

Homeowners often rejected under Obama’s loan plan Change we can believe in.

Saving Earth From an Asteroid Will Take Diplomats, Not Heroes Really? diplomacy has been very effective in building support for such actions in the past, hasn’t it?

Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System – and Themselves An interesting book.

Strategic defaults – conditioning, morality, or naïveté? If you believe that the system is working for you.. you are so wrong!

The Dark Gray Swan: No More Foreign Dollars With Which To Buy US Treasuries Will be a bigger issue in a few months.

Doctors Seek Aid From Business Schools Charlatans learning from other charlatans.

How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus An overview on climategate related shenanigans.

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Escorts are a better deal than ‘real’ women- III

December 18, 2009 19 comments

In my previous post, I touched on two common scenarios where escorts offer better value for money than ‘real’ women. I will explore that stream of thought further with a couple of more examples.

A guy, in his 20s-40s, who is fairly successful at playing the field.

You might think that a man in this position might be the least likely to benefit from using escorts. While that is partially true, there are some important issues which are often glossed over.

Is the guy getting what he wants? or is he just happy to be getting more than others? Given the nature of women, their attitudes, moodiness, mind games etc, such a guy probably spends more time trying to ‘be on top’ than enjoying life. There is more to life than chasing women and spouting Darwinian determinism. If your whole life is a series of shit-tests and challenges till you can no longer keep with the competition, is your existence any more meaningful than a bacteria or flatworm?

Why should the whims of a woman decide if you can bang a particular look or feel? What gives her that power? Some may say her pussy.. but I disagree. It is you who gives her that power by playing along. But do you have to? If you can buy decent sex from a woman who looks like what you want, is it not better than taking what chance put in your path? You can rent a porsche or buy a porsche, either way it beats driving a equally old or new honda civic. Many men make the mistake of believing that they should not aspire to something they cannot buy, and make up justifications for nor renting/ leasing what they like (though they can afford it). Who are you trying to impress? Whose expectations are you trying to live up to? Why not enjoy no-strings, BS-free sex with your fantasy?

A guy in his late 40s and beyond (kids, no kids, married, divorced etc)

So how did playing by the rules and social conventions work out? Hint: Those rules were made to screw you! What did you achieve in your life, and was it worth it? Now you are either married (on a leash), divorced (and abused) or single (and lonely). If you are married, you know that you have no say. You spend your waking hours submitting to the whims of a woman who looks much worser than when you married her. Ironically, her attitude has gotten worser and more demanding (because she has you by the balls). If you are divorced, you probably spend your time cursing yourself about your choice, paying alimony + child support, and try to play nice with your ex (otherwise you will lose access to your kids).

If you are still single, you have escaped the two worser fates. However you find it harder to impress women you want to bang. You are now considering dating more mature women (or having them as fuck buddys). Seriously, why should you restrict your choice to women who do not advertise their sexual services? Is your pride in not buying sex worth banging a ‘mature’ pussy? You might digress and point out that a 20- something escort might find you icky and repulsive.

My counterpoint: Women make up reasons to have sex with men, if it advances their status or gets them ‘stuff’. With the possible exception of your birth mother, no woman will ever love you for what you are. You are just her current stepping stone till she can find someone better. Ironically, even older and uglier women believe they are entitled to perpetually climb up the status tree. Women do not like objectivity because it disturbs their delusions. If you do not believe that, just think about your last serious breakup.

On another note..

Why should you have to jump through an infinite hoops to have decent sex? Are you no better than a show dog? In previous eras we let people starve, suffer and die because they were determined to be ‘unworthy’ or ‘lazy’ (when in reality they were just unlucky). But today technology, productivity and a more complex civilization makes it necessary and desirable to not deprive people of such basics. What about decent sex? Is it any different from sewage systems, clean drinking water, food stamps, electric grids and decent public health care? Can you really run a complex civilization, over an extended period of time, without the willing cooperation of almost all participants?

I will explore this issue further in my next post in this series, along with the secondary and tertiary effects of technology and feminism (in our current zeitgeist) on the motivation of men to play for the system. It ties into my views on money and our new priests.

Part 4 is now available: Escorts are a better deal than ‘real’ women- IV