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Escorts are a better deal than ‘real’ women- IV

This is part 4 of my series on this surprisingly popular topic. In this post I shall explore another aspect of the issue:

Is an average stable marriage worth it?

In a previous era, an average marriage might not have been such a bad deal. Given the pressures on women to remain married, lack of jobs for women, poor contraceptive choices etc, a reasonably stable dynamic equilibrium might have formed making a somewhat stable society possible. Things have changed a lot since then..

Today there are no real constraints on a woman’s ability to walk out of a marriage. If anything, there is a lot of encouragement to do so. These sources of encouragement include friends, family, the “law enforcement” and “judicial” system, media and the zeitgeist. Moreover unlike previous eras there are no negative consequences for walking out of a marriage, heck.. we, as a society, reward women who walk out.

Evolution is driven by possibilities, not by any intrinsic design. All the babble about evolutionary psychology, alpha, beta etc is meaningless because we never had anything approaching currently available possibilities in our recorded history. There is no usable precedent, and therefore we cannot model our system to predict the future to any usable accuracy. The best we can say is: de-evolution usually fails (extinction), and even if ‘successful’ the results are atrociously bad. I would bet on extinction as a more likely outcome of human de-evolution, given our dependence on complex artificial systems to survive, widespread dissemination of weapon technology and an orgy of mutual recrimination.

Anyway, back to topic on hand. Our current social system encourages and abets selfish behavior by married women, while punishing married men for the slightest apparent transgression (real or imaginary). Moreover the zeitgeist pushes a belief that every woman will get a man who can pass all 50 points on her list, and then pass 50 points on another list (which may have different requirements than the first). Men who point out the absurdity of this situation are labeled as misogynistic, “not good enough”, “losers” etc. It just happens that a significant minority of men can see the absurdity.

In our system, friends and family of a married woman encourage her to find a better deal, regardless of the effect of age on a womans looks. Indeed,friends and family who do not encourage married women in that direction are seen as ignoring for her “best interests”. The attitude towards husbands is: Are you not lucky to be getting some shitty sex with a lot of attitude, when I could get a better deal and destroy your life?

The effects of legislation, non-legislative regulations, law enforcement and the judicial system on marriage are truly chilling. However many hubris ridden white men support the parasitic law enforcement and judicial system . They do so because they believe that the system might hurt some darkies more than them. While that was true for a time, parasites outgrow their old hosts (minorities) and have to move on to more numerous hosts (whites) to keep up their rate of growth.

The “judicial” system is a dysfunctional entity that protects the elite, in the best of times. Today it is dysfunctional to a level where it plainly obvious, even to the brainwashed masses. Most systems can survive some loss of faith, but no system can be functional if it is seen to consistently act in bad faith.

The legislative and non-legislative regulations created by our politicians and bureaucrats are a sight to behold. I have no hope that they will see the light of reason because it is more profitable and ego-boosting to abuse power. It is also unlikely, and undesirable, to reverse universal suffrage for reasons that I will explain in future posts. Given this set of conditions, it is best that we allow this monstrosity to meet its logical conclusion.

The media and our zeitgeist find it very profitable to cater to women’s vanity. Women receive money from sources as diverse as from jobs, alimony, child support payments and generally acting in bad faith. While many blame the media, I see them as businessmen trying to maximize their profits. While their actions feed into the pathology, they did not start it.

In the end, we have to look at the twin roots of this pathology. The first one- technology and its secondary, tertiary effects did play a role in facilitating the process. However the second reason- white men playing white knights to their women, because “white women are the best, and deserve the best” is what really got us here. It is peculiar that most white men do not like to see it that way.

On another note, what harm is done to the social fabric by easily available legalized drugs, regardless of their potency or ability to create physical dependence? When is the last time an opiate or cocaine addict hurt you, other than to make money for buying a drug which would cost a fraction of the current cost if they were legal? I will also point out that it is costlier to incarcerate people than put them in public housing with all the cheap legalized drugs they can ingest. A quick funeral is cheaper than answering a few 911 calls. However this is the subject of a future series of posts.

  1. Alkibiades
    December 23, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    “Our current social system encourages and abates selfish behavior by married women…”

    abates or abets?
    Fixed it.. ‘abets’

  2. loons5150
    July 27, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    I must say, my friend, your “Escort” series is mostly “spot-on!” It was refreshing for me to read the words from someone else’s mind as thought by my own. As a single, successful (by societal standards), hetero male in his 30’s, I have become more self-actualized the longer I’ve been single. Some may call it misanthropic; I call it reality – my reality…and, this reality is not dictated by anyone else’s standards…it’s the one true thing I can call my own.

    You had referred to the illusion into which we delude ourselves to conform, and, along those lines, how women react negatively to objective thoughts and suggestions – I call this the clouds and unicorns paradigm. Women, most likely, American women create these infrastructures and buzz-words by which to live in order to maintain this paradigm, e.g., I can multi-task efficiently (first of all, multi-tasking can never be done efficiently; multiple tasks are supported proportionately…and multi-tasking is a distraction from reality), OCD / ADD (just another buzz acronym by which one can excuse focus and distract from reality. All these constructs women and others create to escape.

    You had stated something with regard to us being no more than a flatworm. To this I respond, “Yeah, so?” We, as humans, are (and have always been) an arrogant species – afterall, until Copernicus discovered that, hey, we revolve around the sun, we believed we were the center of the universe. We, as of now in evolutionary terms, are born to procreate…but, most of the child-bearers should stick to simply fucking…save us the misery of your sub-par parenting skills bastardizing our future fuckers. We eat, sleep and, if skilled in any aspect, fuck, regularly. Even without the conscious desire to have children of our own, we are subconsciously built to size up our partner for our own version of the ideal offspring. Therein lies the still- and ever-present tribal think…you had referred to the way women use other women’s judgment as a benchmark for what they should and shouldn’t fuck. If the tribe doesn’t like you, you’re socially stoned, my friend. I’m carrying on. My point: We are nothing more than bioplasmic entities occupying space in the form of composite quantum matter yearning to make more like us. We are all just we…nothing more. A Ford will never be a Ferrari; so, stop fucking trying so hard.

    Accept yourself. If you like to fuck, pay for it. You’re either going to pay for it the “traditionally-accepted way visa vi a long line of courtship activities, kid-bearing, fights, hogging the covers, etc., OR a quick stop at the ATM for a no-strings hour. Do what you want to whom you want without undue and/or lasting harm; it’s all gravy.

  3. marz
    December 28, 2014 at 6:54 am

    the thing is-no matter what all humans want to feel empowered- and if you were born a woman that is a significant part of your life- would you still believe this was the objective rational answer if you were a woman? so whats the answer? accept our position of servitude and be dominated? just submit? shouldnt everyone do what makes them most happy as you say? so the system worked out when women were enslaved you say? this is not the objective nor rational answer as you claim. it is the bias emotional answer of a male- it is not the objective truth. if the goal is everyones happiness (utalitarian) then we are striving for equal empowerment, which means there will be some give and take on both sides.also if the goal in life is happiness and humans are emotional not just rational and need that fulfillment than how can a cold heartless solution work? you are not taking into account the other side or the whole picture. you bash secular religions yet your ideal are that of a selfish self ceneterd immature modern man in the a consumeristic capitalistic world. sorry to be the bearer of bad news…. putting a monetary value on woman is just something you can do in the modern age. what i mean is before money you would have to barter. either way money represents your work your time energy self life- and you are willing to give that but everything else is to much work. really? is that all men want? just sex? nothing more? what kind of society would we have if all men felt and thought like you? so if all women just stayed home, looked pretty and submitted to sex would that be the perfect world? love is a journey. its not about easy fulfilment of your desires. thats not happiness. you just cant wait till they invent fuckable human-like robots eh? this is what we are- men and women- and its fun and it works and it makes life worth it.you just need a little more love i think. do what works for you and what you can live with- im sure they appreciate the money but no need to make already fragile broken men find easy solutions in de-evolution of themselves and thier inner spirit and desires. ps- would the escorts then be handmaid’s-tale-like and just be put in a camp to birth the future generations? or how would kids be born? we have a hand in history man- and it all starts with how we think.- enlightening though- a real peak at the inner mind of a modern man…. obviously you dont have kids…. it was men not woman who invented marriage and fairytales out of thier sense of competitiveness and domination- it was a trap for womens freedom….. imagine we forced you to have sex with ugly useless lazy hateful men who were obviously dead inside and then made a big deal if you want a divorce from it? ha! fathers worry thier daughters will not be taken care of so they passed them on to thier lovers/husbands in good faith. there was even an age of chivlary when there was a renaissance in humanity. love thrives where there is art and beauty and dies in a dead world. you replace love with sex- its most base form in an attempt to get love out of frustration.everyone would chose true love if they could. it is the only meaning in this world.

    • P Ray
      December 29, 2014 at 8:22 am

      You are missing 2 important details in your long and pointless rant:
      1. chivalry only existed for the nobility,
      2. most women KNOW their only assets are their beauty and fertility (why do you think most if not all want to look like the hottest women, if they truly had other things to offer, and why do most if not all want the man they’re with to be taller than them, since they’re not superficial?)

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