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Linkfest (December 25, 2009)

December 25, 2009 1 comment

In other news..

Norms of credit A very good article on the changing nature of corporate-personal “relationships”. The website Interfluidity has many other excellent articles.

Cast Your Vote for Disruptor of the Decade I have too many candidates, some positive some negative. What do you think? In popular technology- Apple (ipod, iphone, itouch), ASUS (netbook pioneer), Acer (laptops are inexpensive because of them), and AMD (would Intel have innovated without competition). I will post a more detailed list tomorrow.

U.S. Uncaps Support for Fannie, Freddie At least they are not GS, AIG, JPM, Citi, BofA, VISA, Mastercard, Discover etc..

Tamer Cards for Tougher Times and who is going to use them in a deflationary environment? Hint: Understand what charge cards are, who uses them and for what.

Money Lessons of a Lost Decade How about, “investing” is a ponzi scheme in which only true insiders and lucky tools make any real money? Investing in something you do not understand is a sure recipe for getting screwed over.

Weighing the Value of That College Diploma Talking of ponzi schemes.. higher education = better job is a ponzi scheme. Given the speed of technological changes and the whims of MBAs, lawyers and other assorted sociopaths, your degree or demonstrated ability are worthless in the current system!

With Scant Jobs, Grads Make Their Own This is YOUR future.

Can Detroit Be Saved? Not with the current paradigms.

What Doctors and Patients Have to Lose Under ObamaCare You cannot fuck up something that is so dysfunctional and will be unusable within a few years to a decade anyway.

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How to Use Escorts- I

December 25, 2009 46 comments

I have been thinking about posting this series of articles for some time. So here is the first one..

Before we get into the how of using escorts, let me start with what you should avoid if you choose to use escorts.

1. Avoid streetwalkers! No exceptions… Streetwalkers are among the most desperate and screwed up women you will have the misfortune to meet.They are very likely to provide a suboptimal experience, try to scam you and might have serious untreated STDs. Moreover “law” enforcement likes to setup sting operations that involve streetwalkers at a much higher rate than for any other type of paid sex.

2. Avoid white escorts born in north-american countries. If you must, check out their reviews and show them the door at the first sign of significant ‘attitude’. You are paying, not her. Women from non-anglosphere countries are often much more professional and nicer than anglo-descent escorts. Escorts of east-european and south-american descent are the best.. the fond memories.

3. With regards to black escorts, caribbean born escorts have infinitely better attitudes than native-born ones. Black escorts (non native born) are great in bed, are often slender or curvy as opposed to fat, have good technique and often have a nice attitude. Once again, I have many good memories of such encounters.

4. East-asian women are not to my liking but often are very competent professionals. Steer away from native-born escorts in this group. Many half-asian escorts are very pretty, feminine and exotic looking. Once again, I have enjoyed half-asian escorts.

5. Use a reasonably well established agency, check local escort review boards and do your homework. I cannot stress this enough. Craiglist is a big hit-and-miss. Do some research on the local escort scene before diving in.. google and bing are your best entry point into this world. Beware of shill reviews and bait-and-switches.

6. Get a pay-and-talk cell phone for all escort related business. Escorts that demand a lot more personal info are not worth it.

7. If you are going to an incall, carry only enough money to pay for the encounter, a possible tip and the cab ride home. If you have to drive to the incall, always park some distance away from the location. Outcalls are best done in hotels.. you will be surprised how many “good” hotels will rent you a room for a few hours if you phrase your request differently.

8. If you live in a “law and order” infested part of north america, you might consider moving to more reasonable jurisdictions. Short vacations to mexico, canada, the caribbean, europe, south america is another great option. A plane ticket to many of these places costs less than your alimony/ child support check. If you use escorts in other countries, please do your research and do not try to find the cheapest ones. It is not worth it!

9. Remember that YOU are the customer. It is YOU who control the encounter. She is their to fulfill YOUR fantasies. Her pleasure does not matter nor is she is ever going to love you (rather like every other woman you have ever been with).. her feelings are material only to the extent of her performing the tasks at hand (or mouth, vagina etc).

10. If you feel that a particular person, situation or encounter is sketchy or feeling odd, trust your spidey senses and walk out. You can always buy another encounter, one hot escort is a lot like another hot escort. No woman is unique.

The next post in this series is now up: How to Use Escorts- II