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Linkfest (December 25, 2009)

In other news..

Norms of credit A very good article on the changing nature of corporate-personal “relationships”. The website Interfluidity has many other excellent articles.

Cast Your Vote for Disruptor of the Decade I have too many candidates, some positive some negative. What do you think? In popular technology- Apple (ipod, iphone, itouch), ASUS (netbook pioneer), Acer (laptops are inexpensive because of them), and AMD (would Intel have innovated without competition). I will post a more detailed list tomorrow.

U.S. Uncaps Support for Fannie, Freddie At least they are not GS, AIG, JPM, Citi, BofA, VISA, Mastercard, Discover etc..

Tamer Cards for Tougher Times and who is going to use them in a deflationary environment? Hint: Understand what charge cards are, who uses them and for what.

Money Lessons of a Lost Decade How about, “investing” is a ponzi scheme in which only true insiders and lucky tools make any real money? Investing in something you do not understand is a sure recipe for getting screwed over.

Weighing the Value of That College Diploma Talking of ponzi schemes.. higher education = better job is a ponzi scheme. Given the speed of technological changes and the whims of MBAs, lawyers and other assorted sociopaths, your degree or demonstrated ability are worthless in the current system!

With Scant Jobs, Grads Make Their Own This is YOUR future.

Can Detroit Be Saved? Not with the current paradigms.

What Doctors and Patients Have to Lose Under ObamaCare You cannot fuck up something that is so dysfunctional and will be unusable within a few years to a decade anyway.

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  1. P Ray
    October 27, 2018 at 8:35 am

    AMD (would Intel have innovated without competition).
    They’re needed, but man, they’re jerks in their own way.
    AMD was literally given the blueprints to Intel processors at the time when IBM said they could never deal only with Intel to provide CPUs as they entered the market, and IBM would only deal with Intel when they could provide a second-source for the chips, as IBM didn’t want to be at the mercy of a sole supplier.

    There are way more examples up until this year, but right now at this point in time, to me they’re both jerks due to how the pricing (Intel) or ability (AMD) to deliver across 32- and 64-bit are compromised.

    At least I managed to get important technical resources from both that are now, lost to time …

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