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Like Being a Mark? – 01

January 3, 2010 8 comments

This post examines a peculiar delusion of the masses in most developed countries, namely that the ‘system’ is built to benefit them at the expense of “those others”. It is often said that if you are involved in a scam and do not know who the mark is, it is YOU.

To understand this post, you have to first two concepts:

1. When I use the word ‘white’, I am refering not just to whites, but also affluent minorities such as Asians and Indians.

2. When I use the word “those others”, I am refering not only to poor visible minorities but also underprivileged white groups of a previous era.

The idea put forward in this post is not entirely new, but the slant and associations with my previous posts make it distinct. The concept that rich insiders are undeserving parasites who prey on the insecurities of the masses is not new. However our current world, technology, possibilities and trends make such parasitism lethal in a manner that neither parasite or the willing host fully comprehend.

Let me begin the argument with a simple question:

Does the willing participation of white individuals in the system benefit them? Note that I use the word “benefit” as applying to the measurable sum gain. Whether it benefits your wife, girlfriend, kids, parents or concepts like society or your belief system are immaterial. In a previous post, I had mentioned by belief that such concepts are the creation of a human mind trying to justify it’s existance, through traditional means.

So does it benefit you? What pre-known benefit was obtained by the average participant in wars (almost any war in history will do). The benefits from wars were always due to unforeseen effects and unpredictable secondary, tertiary effects. In short, all pre-existing reasons to willingly fight for somebody else are based on lies and delusions.

Prior to our post ww2 society, how was life for the majority of whites (your ancestors)? Why not research the hardships and deprivations they endured? And for what did they endure all that misery and hopelessness? What was their reward to willingly participate in the exploitation of others? Did a white sharecropper have it better than a black slave, except for the lynching part. Did a poor roman or a peasant have a much better life than a purchased slave? Does adversity build character or create mean, dysfunctional and stupid humans?

If that is the case, then why did they willingly participate in hurting those who had done them no harm for the benefit of their masters, who treated them as dispensible subhumans? Maybe they liked being marks.. nebulous appeals to religion, race, protection of women etc sound convincing if everyone else is also doing it (with “priestly” support and sopistry)

Many of you are willing to spend a lot of the money you earn to employ people for chasing down petty thieves, criminals while your elite destroy your job security, savings, pensions and undermine the fake promise of social mobility. Many of you are willing to pay and be afraid of incompetent rent seeking professions, like physicians, managers, lawyers who create arbitrary hoops and restrictions to enter their cliques. You buy into these scams without wondering if the process could not be simplified, made better or wonder if it is necessary or useful. Many of you quote or reference old (and often dead) white ” intellectuals” without considering that humans are falliable, and experts especially so. Have you ever worked out their arguments, considered the social/ technological mileu they grew up in? Why do believe such ” priests” blindly? Many of you also support/ defend/ accept how women treat you, inspite of your goodwill.

I will write more on this topic in future posts, but I will leave you with a disturbing concept or two.

Most of you play for the ‘system’ because you believe that those in power are intelligent/ fair/ just or wise, when in reality they are just lucky SOBs who often don’t get the ‘luck’ aspect of their position.

You likely also believe that the undeserving “elites” will give you a seat at their table, if you obey their commands and work against the interests of others around (your kin and friends) and below you (“those others”).


How to Use Escorts- III

January 3, 2010 13 comments

My last post on this topic yielded one very good question:

Do you have any online resources you would recommend? Also, does it make more sense to go through an agency or use an independent contractor?

The simple answer to the first question is- through escort review boards. The complex answer is below:

The internet is one of the two great revolutions in finding a good escort. As early as 1997, escort review boards and newsgroups for most major cities in the western world were already up. They have evolved over time, and become better and larger. While the earlier ones were yahoo and msn based, since 2000 most are hosted independently and have a more stable existence.

How do I find them:

1. Use your favorite search engine with no result filtering. You are looking for explicit content, not approved family-friendly content. I use google, though bing is just as good.

2. Use query strings such as “x escort review board”, “x escort review bulletin board”, “x escort bulletin board” where x= name of city. Such searches will often net you multiple good leads.

3. Make sure that you are using a secure browser (updated firefox, chrome, opera) with the appropriate browser security settings. I cannot stress this enough, because some fake (or legitimate sites) might try to install malware. Please use your personal computer for such research. Good quality non-work connectivity (outside your home) can be obtained from a number of sources- starbucks or tethering your smartphone.

4. Now browse each hit, carefully and methodically. Take notes if necessary. A genuine escort review board will have some advertisements, but is usually a very plain affair with a clear separation of advertisements and reviews. Most boards are powered by vBulletin.

5. Most boards, especially in the USA require you to become a member to read reviews. Outside the USA, membership is usually necessary only for commenting. Membership to genuine escort review boards is always free. The advertisements (often in a separate section) pay for the board. Do not use a throwaway e-mail address or your real name (yahoo and gmail pseudonym addresses are respectable).

6. BBs have an etiquette. Explicit language is discouraged for legal reasons, especially in the USA (land of the free). The FAQ, informal glossaries and common sense are the best guides to understanding reviews. If you read such boards for between 1-3 months, you will understand the ‘scene’ in that city very well. Do not expect long timers to give you explicit tips, and as always use multiple sources before you make a decision.

7. If multiple boards are available for a given city, use them! As always, keep notes- so you can track reviews and cross reference them. There are many fine addons in firefox (browser) to help you capture text and create rudimentary databases, as you are data-mining.

8. Craiglist is an interesting source of leads on local review boards, as many escorts mention their positive reviews on such boards- but beware of shills (both reviews and overtly positive boards). Shill reviews for escorts are similar to shill reviews on amazon/ ebay, and can be largely eliminated by cross-referencing and using your common sense.

9. Do not let your dick make decisions. I cannot stress that enough..

In the next post, I will answer the second part of the question: How to arrive at a decision and the relative merits/ perils of different types of service providers.

Part 4 is now up: How to Use Escorts- IV

Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

He says what many men (white, black, brown, yellow etc) think, but do not say in public.

Click on the URL link below.

Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger (What women want?)