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Linkfest (January 4, 2010)

In other news..

CIA Blast Blamed On Double Agent Maybe we should screen those who we trust better?

The suicide bomber who killed seven Central Intelligence Agency employees and contractors and a Jordanian intelligence officer was a double agent the CIA had recruited to provide intelligence on senior al Qaeda leadership, according to current and former U.S. officials and an Afghan security official.

The Best and Worst Jobs of 2009 What job?

Start-Ups Will Keep Struggling in 2010 So big companies are going to create jobs in the USA? -No, Outsourcing; Or maybe small companies can pick up the slack?- No credit.

IMF Worker Sought in Attack I did not know economists had balls..

How to Fix Your Finances in 2010 Not believing shysters would be a start.

Housing Animal Spirits to Be Banished by Prime Foreclosures But.. the rich are different.. not

Jan. 4 (Bloomberg) — Homeowners with the best credit are the next big risk for the U.S. housing market.

Stocks Jump on Faster Economic Growth; Asian Bond Risk Falls Have we not seen this movie before?

Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) — Stocks soared, led by shipping companies and commodity producers, oil rose near $82 a barrel and Asian bond risk declined to the lowest level since May 2008 on signs global economic growth will accelerate.

Silicon Valley ‘Bloodbath’ Leaves Entire Office Buildings Empty CRE is different.. haha

“There is a bubble bursting in much the same way as the residential market burst,” said Jon Haveman, principal at Beacon Economics, a consulting firm in San Rafael, California. “None of those towers will fill up anytime soon.”

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Probably Fell in November Tax Credits could only juice up home sales so much… People require good JOBS to keep on buying houses.

Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) — The number of contracts to buy previously owned U.S. homes probably fell in November for the first time in 10 months as Americans waited for a tax credit to be extended, economists said before a report today.

Lawmakers See Quick Health-Care Agreement Without Public Option Let us screw the electorate..

Krugman Sees 30-40% Chance of U.S. Recession in 2010 I see a 30-40% chance of sunrise tomorrow.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished as Banks Seek Profits Who are the bagholders.. mirror please.

Jan. 4 (Bloomberg) — To understand the meaning of no good deed goes unpunished, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner can look no further than Wall Street where the banks that received the biggest taxpayer bailouts are seeking to reap trading profits from securities rescued by the government.

Erection Problems Linked to Restless-Leg Disorder, Study Shows Never Mind! It is Harvard, what were you expecting?

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