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The Sad Truth about Relationships

January 9, 2010 9 comments

A dose of reality..

and after the dystopia, have a look at a clip in this post: Orion Nuclear Propulsion

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The Range of Neanderthal Man

January 9, 2010 5 comments

Most “experts” try to portray Neanderthals as somehow less than human, when they were in fact the apex predator of their time. Many “experts” also try to find some speculative evidence that they were somehow inferior to us. Any evidence of interbreeding is dismissed by these same “experts”, based on the analysis of contaminated DNA samples by people who have already made up their minds on that subject.

Here is a provocative idea: Have you noticed that the range of Neanderthals overlaps that of modern “Caucasoid” people. Considering that the last 3 million years had ice ages and extensive glaciation in northern Europe, northern and central Asia, the actual mass of inhabitable land was smaller than today (try telling that to AGW promoters). Is it possible that what we understand as “Caucasoid” is actually a mixture of majority H. Sapiens and minority H. Neanderthalensis?