On Bad Faith- II

In a earlier post, I had talked about one type of bad faith, namely between different ethnic groups. In this post I will talk about another type of bad faith. One issue that is consistently discussed in the less PC parts of the blogosphere involves the way women act towards most men. Most men correctly perceive that women are acting in bad faith.. in mala fide (definition). You might also want to check another blog with that concept.. In Mala Fide

Whether it is choice of sexual partners in their youth, willingness to lie and entrap men into taking care of kids that may not be theirs, cheating because it “felt right”, “falling out of love”, initiating breakups/ divorces, demanding special treatment, having unrealistic expectations or making unreasonable demands, pretending to love and other manners of dishonest and deceptive behavior which does not improve their life over any significant period of time. The last part is important because it highlights one aspect of female behavior that is often missed, which is – it does not improve the outcome in any measurable manner (they could get the same results without being lying and deceptive bitches). So the question is: Why do they do it?

The simple answer is: because they can. The more complex answer is discussed in the rest of this post.

To understand the problems inherent in womens behavior, one has to understand two concepts:

1] Women can get away with bad behavior, because most men facilitate it (often not talked about in detail).

2] Technology has removed many of the old constraints on women (a subject that has been discussed at length on other blogs).

So let me begin with 1], or how men facilitate the bad behavior of women. While many other blogs have discussed at length on the types of men that facilitate bad behavior, I will take a different approach and ask the simple question:

Why do men facilitate the bad behavior of women?

After a lot of thought and analysis, I came to the conclusion that many men facilitate bad behavior because they think:

It will never happen to me.

That one belief has caused more disappointment, pain and suffering in human history than probably any other in human history. Whether it involves soldiers who are maimed or killed in wars that only benefit elites, people who follow the ‘rules’ even when it is apparent that they are arbitrarily enforced to men who believe that “their” woman is somehow different.. it leads down the same path of disillusionment and misery. Even economic bubbles, scams, tolerance to injustice are driven by the same belief.


It can and might happen to you.

Some may say that such thinking leads to nihilism, but I disagree. Has believing in the slight chance of getting into a car accident stopped you from driving, of the fear of a rare plane crash stopped you from flying? Most likely not! However once we consider that such events can occur, we take precautions/ reduce our risk/ make that activity safer etc.

Now ask yourself, would you enter into any contract or relationship that has such high failure rates coupled with high rates of loss as marriage or significant relationships with women?

The question then is: Why do men do it? Many talk about having kids, social responsibility, peer pressure, not knowing any better and a host of reasons that I shall not recount here. I believe that the real answer is much more basic and disturbing:

He believe that some woman can love him for who he is, not how he makes her feel.

While men may be cynical about most women, they are not cynical about all women (and that is the problem). Unless you accept that women are incapable of loving another human being with the possible temporary exception of their infants, you will always be disappointed. Every social norm and authority around you might try to CONvince you otherwise, but are not actions (rather than words) the true test of a persons mind?

So why do men believe that some women love them. The simple answer is projection:

Men believe that women can feel and think just as they can.

Unless you abandon this concept (not easy), you will never understand the mental calculus of women.

The mental calculus of women is mirrored in some apes, where females plot and connive to use their male sexual partners and offspring to rise up the heirarchy. They do not care about anything other than their status in their local heirarchy, and will gladly doublecross anyone including their offspring to get there. I have to admit that female chimps are often less vile than women.

As long as you do not accept that is the case, you will always be a MARK used by some woman to further her Ape Mind driven agenda. You see, while women will use the fruits of technology they have no interest discovering and maintaining, their mental calculus is closer to a primate. It just happens to be coupled to a brain capable of human cleverness.

The next post in this series will explain my particular take on the impact of technology on their ability to get away with much worser behavior than was possible in earlier eras.

The Prelude to Part III is now up: Prelude to Bad Faith: 03

  1. January 12, 2010 at 6:15 pm


    “Unless you accept that women are incapable of loving another human being with the possible temporary exception of their infants, you will always be disappointed.”


    “You see, while women will use the fruits of technology they have no interest discovering and maintaining, their mental calculus is closer to a primate (chimpanzee).”

    Two fine first principles if there ever were.

  2. miles
    January 13, 2010 at 3:02 am


    Laws need to change to ENFORCE people acting in good faith when entering marriages. If they dont, not enough people will marry and have kids, leading to a birthrate disaster (what we are seeing in various countries around the world).

    If we as men were allowed to beat our wives with no reprecussions, cheat on them with no reprecussions, and leave them and make our ex-wives pay US child support, and we got sole custody of the kids, WE would probably be acting pretty shitty towards females (although not as bad as women are, as I firmly believe men are ultimately a fairer and more reasonable group than women).

    The laws are way out of whack, and make men risk being a financial and legal psuedo-slave if he marries and starts a family at her whim. Until they are changed, I look for sub-replacement fertility to continue wherever people aren’t very religious.

    Russia is the first nation in the world to actively do something about it, basically promising any woman with three kids a house. I look for more nations to look for solutions. Changes in family law could reverse all of this, but feminists will have to be discredited first. Russia is in desperate straights, so they had to try a desperate countermeasure. We are still too comfortable in the West to force such a change here, but in 80 years we may not be. When it gets really rough out there, and huge numbers of older women are realizing that they will be getting no grandchildren, and their daughters (often only daughters) will be having no kids, and their sons (if any) dont want to get married, THEN people will assail politicians in such numbers to “do something”, that alternatives will be explored.

    Birthrates like 1.3 (Japan’s) cannot go on forever, because the population will simply die out in a few hundred years. They will have to get back up at some point. We probably wont live to see it, but this insanity will pass someday.

  3. MeMyselfI
    January 13, 2010 at 8:33 am

    I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but I have a question re: that last “quote” in your post… is that you quoting something else, or just you making a bullet point out of your own words?

    If it’s a real quote, can you post a link or reference to the study? I know some women that need to read it… 🙂

    It is just me, making up some take home points.

  4. January 18, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Where’s the next post in this series? Still on the schedule?
    Yes, my post on Do you see the problem: 02? and Questions to Ponder Over:02 are a preamble to what I will post in a couple of days.

    In my opinion, the underlying problem is much bigger than the symptoms

  1. January 17, 2010 at 2:21 pm
  2. January 30, 2013 at 12:27 pm

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