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Las Vegas Storm Drains

January 15, 2010 24 comments

So do they deserve it? I have seen many try to portray people in circumstances beyond their control as “deserving it”, “stupid” and “proles”. Based on where the system is headed, this might be your future. Oh.. take some ayn rand books and gold coins with you, and brush up on your austrian school of economics.. You are just one illness or sociopaths decision from being there.

Jobs can be outsourced, made redundant, cut for profit or your employer might lose customers (because they have lost their jobs too). You could get some treatable but expensive (in the west) illness. Your business may not get bank loans or any government help. The people in those pictures were not always living on the street, and once had jobs, cars, houses, apartments.. just like you.

But isn’t unregulated capitalism without any concern for the people great.. note the words ‘unregulated’ and ‘without and concern for the people’. It can be done in other ways, but if you choose to live in an kleptocracy and preach ‘survival of the most deceptive’, better hope that someone does not do that you (because you won’t get any help from those whom you looked down upon).

Living in Sin City’s Underground Tunnels

The irony is hard to overlook. There are few, if any, cities on earth where the show of wealth and consumption is so shamelessly on display, and yet hidden beneath the surface of Las Vegas, another world exists. In sobering contrast with the bright lights and bustle of the famous strip up above, dispossessed people inhabit the storm drains that run below, venturing up into the casinos to make ends meet scouring the slot machines for coins or credits left by drunken gamblers.