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The War on Kids

January 16, 2010 4 comments

In case you have not seen this yet..

THE WAR ON KIDS shows how American public schools continue to become more dangerously authoritarian. In addition to failing in their mission to provide education, they erode the country’s democratic foundation by denying the most basic civil rights to youth and often resemble prisons.

Here is the trailer..

It exposes the many ways the public school system has failed children and our future by robbing students of all freedoms due largely to irrational fears. Children are subjected to endure prison-like security, arbitrary punishments, and pharmacological abuse through the forced prescription of dangerous drugs. Even with these measures, schools not only fail to educate students, but the drive to teach has become secondary to the need to control children.

The film reveals that students civil rights have been virtually obliterated. They can be searched, drug-tested, denied the right to express themselves verbally and in print, as well as be physically punished without due process. They are routinely deprived of protection from self-incrimination and in some circumstances can even be strip searched without the consultation of parents. Courts typically uphold the rights of schools to behave in whatever manner they deem appropriate where childrens rights are involved. Ultimately schools now look astonishingly like prisons in their structure and operation and the film shows that it is hard to tell them apart. A side by side comparison in the form of a tour displays the apparent inferiority of the average public school with regards to prison in terms of its resources and upkeep. Most disturbing of all, the school environment is clearly much more oppressive and dreary.

Beyond physical intimidation, psychiatric abuse in schools is also rampant. Experts are interviewed about the epidemic of ADD and similar diagnoses. The preponderance of evidence is stunning and implicates drug companies in blatantly nefarious activities. Ritalin and other pharmaceuticals that are being heavily prescribed to children are not only physically harmful with lifelong consequences, but can and do lead to murder and suicide. What is presented as treatment is more dangerous and debilitating than the condition it is supposed to cure. In addition, the condition itself is clearly dubious, and the kids getting treated are often the ones who question teachers and authority. Invariably, these kids are drugged into submission.

Lyrical Autopsy: Fast Love by George Michael

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In this post: “Fast Love” by George Michael. Sometimes it is not necessary to spell out the obvious…

I won’t bore you with the details baby
I don’t even want to waste your time
Lets just say that maybe
You could help to ease my mind
Baby, I ain’t Mr. Right

But if you are looking for fastlove
If that is love in your eyes
It is more than enough

Had some bad luck
So fastlove is all that I have got on my mind

Looking for some affirmation
Made my way into the night
My friends got their ladies
They are all having babies
But I just want to have some fun

In the absence of security
I made my way into the night
Stupid cupid keeps on calling me
But I see nothing in his eyes

So why don’t we make a little room in my BMW babe
Searching for some peace of mind
Hey I’ll help you find it
I do believe that we are practicing the same religion
You really ought to get up now

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