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On Bad Faith: 03

January 20, 2010 5 comments

This post examines the effect of technological changes and new possibilities on the behavior of women.

In the prequel to this post, I had argued that most  human behavior was just a bastardized version of ape behavior, albeit with more cleverness. The vast majority of humans are NOT intelligent and often mistake cleverness for intelligence, a theme I will explore in another post.

So why does technology change things so much? The answer is that it alters possibilities, closing a few doors but opening many more. A change in the possibility palate will also destroy old equilibria, and create new feedback loops where none existed.

One of the biggest problem with women seem to be their thirst for status and social climbing. So why do they want to do it? and is a behavior that had some merit in groups of a few hundred hunter-gatherers retain any redeeming value in a world where billions are connected in a manner no one ever anticipated.

Wanting more status to appropriate more resources makes sense in a world where people had very little and everybody lived on the edge. However in a world of material plenty and high productivity,  social climbing of the sort practiced by women is worthless. It has no survival value and is perversely counterproductive as the effects of such scheming reduce cooperative behavior destabilizing the systems that create such prosperity and productivity.

So why don’t women understand the perverse effects of their behavior? Are they stupid?

I would say that women are delusional, not stupid. While they can see the problem, their brain tells them to do it anyway because they will get away with it. Belief in the concept “I can get away with this forever” is the hallmark of a lesser mind. Remember ‘mind’ not ‘brain’.

But women cannot be that delusional.. right?

No,  they can be. Think about it, would a man would wear high heels when there is ice on the sidewalks, get larger than necessary breast implants and lip injections, overdo plastic surgery, spent a fortune on anti-aging creams? Still not convinced.. women spend a lot of their time scheming to manipulate men into doing things that could  be done without asking if they were not bitches. Building a clever trap filled with carefully made vinegar to catch flies when you do the same with abundant honey says a lot about how women think.

Even before the rise of feminism, marriage was a barely acceptable situation where couples stayed together for society, kids etc. Have you ever wondered why marriages of a previous era were often just as basically dysfunctional as those today? Why did women often ‘lose interest’ in sex after having a few kids? Did it never occur to them that regular sex is the only reason a reasonable man would ever put up with the BS called marriage? Why would a woman spend so much time and effort pissing off a guy who is providing for her and kids? Because, she could get away it it.

So why did they get away with it?

In the past, they actually never got away with it to the extent we see today. The lack of public money for kids, child support laws, restricted geographical mobility, lack of effective contraception and labor saving gadgets insured that they did not run over men. But the potential for them doing that was always there..

How did technology change that?

Technology opens many doors and closes a few old ones. The biggest effect of technology as far as feminine BS is concerned is not contraception, jobs or the legal system. They are but sideshows to the real reason for the ascendancy of feminism.

Women are more voracious consumers than men. The post ww2 world depends on consumerism for its existence.

It is just easier for everyone to accept feminine BS to keep the hamster wheel running, the consumer is always right.

But why do men let women get away with it?

Because most of them believe than “their woman is different” and “it won’t happen to me“. Suckers!

It also helps that previous cultural norms created a zeitgeist where women’s lives are more important than men. Did I mention that men accepted that arrangement because they never dreamed of a world where all their advantages would be neutralized by technology. Things are however changing very quickly and most men born after 1970 have a far more cynical view of women, but the older generations are still running things.

Is there a way out?

The short answer is: Yes, but it won’t occur in the manner most of you hope.

The long answer will be in the next part of this series. There are many other related issues that I want to cover in the next few posts in this series.