Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 01

In this post I am asking a simple question:

Is it worth playing nice with a woman, ever?

Note that ‘nice’ is used in the context of any significant altruistic behavior, as opposed to being a doormat. Essentially, is it ever worth treating women in a non-adversarial manner?

Let us start by analyzing the usual arguments for playing nice with woman. The most common arguments range involve excessive anger hurting oneself. Anger can hurt you only if you keep it bottled inside you, or turn it against yourself. Chanelling anger away from you in an objective manner has no ill effects, for you. Others may not enjoy it, but guess what- who cares?

Another argument involves the idea that women interpret anger as being a ‘loser’. My answer to that is- who cares? Women always behave in an adversarial manner, when their interests are concerned. It certainly helps that such adversarialism is not linked to objectivity. Even if you were the most objective and altruistic human being, some woman could find a reason to call you a loser. My counterquestion is: does it matter what a woman thinks about you?

There seems to be a general zeitgeist that women have an important role in weeding out bad seed for reproduction. My answer is- who cares? Prior to the post-industrial age raising kids well was a viable retirement plan. However the current social mores and possibilities ensure that kids can and will dump your ass, unless you are lucky. Any major plan that depends on luck is not worth it. Think about it, if kids are an investment what is the return in the current scenario?

The only major reason for putting up with a woman, namely kids, is no longer a reliable retirement option.

The other argument about having kids involves the concept of “leaving a legacy”. My counterpoint is: how is that useful for you? Can your legacy do anything worthwhile for you? In any case, humans will become extinct if we remain a one planet, purely biological species. Every species that ever lived on this planet is doomed for extinction, trilobites were around for over 300 million years, dinosaurs and large marine reptiles dominated the world for over 100 million years. Where are they now? What about Homo erectus (almost a million years), Homo neanderthalensis (at least 500,000 years)? They are all DEAD!

We can find fossilized turds (coprolites) of such animals far more easily than their skeletal remains. You see, their biggest legacy is fossilized turds.

Another reason for being altruistic to women is that they eventually learn the error of their ways. Two words- who cares? Even if they really saw the error of their ways,do you want a 35 year old cum rag who would not have given you a chance when she had something to offer? What are the chances that seeing the error of her ways is linked to her biological clock and rapidly aging body? If she made a decision , she should take the consequences (good and bad).

Linked to this notion is the concept of women taking care of you. While this is partially true in non-western cultures, it is no longer valid in western cultures. You will be disappointed if you think that the current generation of young women will grow into caring old women. Infact,that concept was never really true for western women for over the last hundred years. Cultures with caring old women have something that the west lacks, namely mechanisms to handle adversarialism. The west celebrates adversarialism, but does not want its long term fruits.

If you think about it, “game” is essentially male adversarialism in response to female adversarialism.

Any bets on where this will end? Never mind.. Societies that cannot handle adversaliasm may have bursts of great creativity and progress, but they won’t be around to enjoy its fruits.

Adversaliasm cannot be eliminated, merely controlled and chanelled towards less destructive ends.

It is something humans as a species will have to ultimately grow out of, if we are to survive over any significant period of time. But to tell you the truth, I don’t care. Unless, I have a positive incentive to care, you will reap what you sow.

A word of advice: If you justify your behavior based on that of wolves, hyenas, lions, apes, primitive tribes and long dead empires or eras don’t expect to live any better.

Zero sum based behavior has its consequences. Increasing complexity requires increased altruism, but you will learn that the hard way. BTW if you think we can “go back”, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

I am going to explore another heretical idea in my next post, namely that sociopathic behavior is the default setting for human beings. The next post in this series is now up: Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 02

  1. October 18, 2015 at 9:10 am

    “Even if they really saw the error of their ways,do you want a 35 year old cum rag who would not have given you a chance when she had something to offer? What are the chances that seeing the error of her ways is linked to her biological clock and rapidly aging body? If she made a decision, she should take the consequences (good and bad).”

    Yes, spot on. However, some women reach their prime in their 30s. I would increase the age of failing looks to.. about… 45. But essentially, you’re correct. When she had something to offer, she would sidetrack you. Now when attention-whoring no longer works in her favor, who does she crawl her ass back to? The same guys who she played before. I’ve had it happen to me in the past, but now? I don’t play that shit. I let a chick know I have options if she wants to act like that.

    • P Ray
      November 6, 2015 at 8:28 am

      Don’t forget the increased risk of STDs and mental illness:
      Apparently, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease … accelerate with the presence of herpes and syphilis.
      Of course … YOU will be paying for her fling with Chad Thundercock.
      She either … gets married young … or doesn’t get married AT ALL.

  2. P Ray
    January 7, 2019 at 2:18 am

    Many years later, here is the play-by-play in practice:
    [–]SilverGryphon 15 points 20 hours ago
    Don’t be a nice guy. If you can’t get women to bang you, don’t do anything to help them.
    If you are ugly and act like an asshole you still won’t get any sex from decent women but at least they won’t be getting any free stuff from you either.
    If a woman is really into you she’ll want to bang you even if you are mean and act like a douche
    I kid you not I had a conversation with a hambeast that resembles this example:

    Landwhale: Why don’t you take me out to that nice restaurant down town?
    Me: Nah, that place is expensive
    Landwhale: Ok, just take me to a cheap place of your choice
    Me: No, why should I spend any money on you?
    Landwhale: Fine, I’ll pay my half
    Me: Still not interested
    Landwhale: What if I pay for you too?
    Me: To be honest I don’t do dinner dates anyhow
    Landwhale: A quick drink?
    Me: Nope, I ain’t got time to waste
    Landwhale: Good we can skip this dating nonsense, just take me to your place and bang me!
    Me: \*runs away*

    As you can see no niceguy bullshit or lousy pickup lines, all you have to do is be better looking than her and sex is very easy to obtain. If I did not mind all that fat I could fuck as much as I want to and get blow jobs everyday and be in almost full control of the relationship.
    I’m no Chad but I’m a thin guy and landwhales, who although they prefer Chad, would not mind an occasional skinny guy who is a few notches of attractiveness above them.

    I assume that the top 2% men can act the way I do, but with ultra hot women.

    • P Ray
      February 5, 2019 at 7:47 am

      Another update:
      [–]SilverGryphon 33 points 18 hours ago
      I was lucky to have a Chad roomate who gave me free redpills at the age of 17. He would treat women like shit but would bang hot cunt after hot cunt in the flat. I remember one of his drunken rants about the bullshit that society tries to force feed you. He was brutally honest and explained how my looks are the issue behind my lack of success with the type of women he banged and not my clothes nor actions.
      That guy saved me a great deal of frustration and money. Yes he was sometimes a jerk towards me and would jump through various hoops to delay paying his share of the bills, but the red pills I was given at a relatively early age was well worth it. Back then reddit was probably just a small server in some damp room, you could not find redpill information so easily as today.

      [–]IAlsoLostMyPassword 9 points 17 hours ago
      Pills that are any darker than light-pink get removed from reddit almost instantly. You should look elsewhere for anything but entertainment.

      [–]Viralimpulse 3 points 11 hours ago
      so what did you do after he told you, your looks are the problem? did you just give up?

      [–]SilverGryphon 3 points 9 hours ago
      I tried to improve but I only got landwhales chasing me so I just gave up in the end.

      Remember, barring women’s awareness about how rich or famous you are, the deal-breaker is either your looks or whether they got pumped and dumped many times previously. Men who “suddenly” get into a relationship, quickly realise she doesn’t want to talk about her past … but for him, he gets told “there should be no secrets between us as our relationship is honest”. Just lol at the hypocrisy.

      Remember to always hold something over them … because every relationship is a transaction.

  3. P Ray
    February 17, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    A good explanation about why government is not on the side of many men, the short answers are:
    “short-termism” and “they don’t get quick/immediate payback to teach them a lesson”:

    betas who have a family to provide for will go out and produce abundance into society.
    this is why married men on average make more than unmarried men.
    they have to in order to support their harpy and demonspawn.
    from a government’s perspective, this is beneficial because more people producing = more tax base, more GDP.

    women go after the top 10-20% of available men.
    when you have monogamy, women still chase after the top available men, but those men are removed from the market to get sex.
    guys who were lower in the original rankings now become the top 10-20% of available men.
    they pair off, and this repeats many times over a decade, and 80%+ of a generation gets married.

    at some point, women wanted sexual liberation, and the government figured out that if women are working, they can be taxed too.
    what the government jackshits didn’t expect was that 84% of women would still overwhelmingly want to get the fuck out of the workplace, and so instead of working, they’d just divorce rape the baby daddies.
    the government has to keep the system going, so the gov ran with a series of decisions that effectively force betas into subservience.
    that’s why the sexes break up non-marital relationships 50/50, but add in marriage and suddenly 70% of divorces are filed by women, 80% as no fault (meaning he did nothing wrong), and over 93% of divorces (depends on the state) result in the man paying the woman.
    virtually all net-positive taxpayers in every western country are males.
    most women never go net positive in their lives, and the ones who do usually only do for a short period before falling back deep negative.

    so now without monogamy, women still pursue the same top men which allows top men to have harems.
    this continues for top men indefinitely, and for women, until they crash into The Wall and get baby rabies, hunting down betas to divorce rape.
    many of these women failed, and the failure rate is only going up as betas realise this is a shitty deal.
    case in point: marriage rate is in freefall, birth replacement rate is in freefall.
    and because they can’t lock down the top men, they instead whine about “where have all the good men gone” and pursue sologamy, where middle aged single women are “marrying” themselves now.
    with monogamy off the table, men have 3 options… become alpha chad, go mgtow, or get divorce raped and pick again.

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