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Useful Idiots: 02

February 13, 2010 8 comments

The next part of my series on useful idiots, it takes off from my previous post in this series.

The self destructive delusions of the west also extend into other areas, such as caring for their kids. Let me explain..

The western white norm is for parents to never indulge kids, merely care about them and show concern in a socially fashionable manner. While there are many reasons behind why we reached here, it does not absolve anyone.

The norm about treating your own kids is to make them as miserable as is fashionable. In previous eras, white ‘scientists’ and ‘men of letters’ encouraged women to ignore their kids crying and not have excessive physical contact with them. In a previous generation, “experts” encouraged parents to treat their kids as lab rats.. Nowadays we pretend to care about our kids, and then subject them to our own fashions, biases and ideologies.

The norm is to subject your kids to ideologies based on speculation and fraud. Whether it is a fear of all vaccination, dirt, sunlight, fatty food or strangers- these phobias are based on unsound speculation. While you will always have a few kids who will be hurt or killed by freak chances, most will not. I am not suggesting that you leave a kid unattended with a jug of bleach, fireplace, electrical outlets or pills. It seems that we have no commonsense, but then again we never had it for a long time. In previous generation we did the opposite to ‘toughen them up’, also with disastrous consequences. Somehow the concept of a median based on commonsense is lost onto idiots who take ideas about child rearing from “experts” (conservative or liberal).

It does not get better when they enter playschool or school, as they are now subjected to idiots indoctrinated in ideas about what kids should be (once again by “experts”). Innovative kids are put on drugs to make them less disruptive, unlike previous generations where they were beaten. The message is the same- do not be your own person and let others think for you. It is ironic that both the people who drug or beat their kids do so to conform to the standards set by their “experts”, who are not working in their best interest.

Schoolwork is monotonous, boring and often just propaganda dressed to appear respectable. What skills do most kids learn in schools that have more in common with prisons and overt dystopias. Are children really socialized in schools where bullying, abuse and neglect is common. Think about it- could a bully be successful in a culture where a parent could beat the shit out of someone bullying his/her kid? and would a culture without a regimented school system allow abuses that we consider normal? Totally isolating sociopathic kids from the consequences of their action is a recipe to breed sociopaths, which is something we are very good at.

Kids are cycled through a bunch of fashionable and ‘enriching’ activities, whether they like them or not.. it works for dogs, you know. Somehow their own interests are seen as secondary to what is fashionable and status enhancing for their parents. Parents and teachers complain about kids not being interested in school, but what have they done to make it worthy of their interest. If an xbox360 game is better than reality, maybe you have to make ‘reality’ better. What is the purpose of teaching high school in an age where all the information is available to those who want to google it? Some might say that it results in uneven education. Well, that can be corrected by tests and assignments. Given that schools are poorly run prisons masquerading as daycares, while create more uneducated people- any change is an improvement over the status quo.

Even university does not change the situation. Every parent seems to want their kid to be ‘independent’ as soon as possible, never mind the changing reality. Universities and colleges are a huge ponzi scheme, that con people into believing that education will give them a good job. Education cannot give you a good job, but it can help you think better. However universities do not encourage you to think, learn or contemplate. They just want more and more money to give you a progressively worsening quality of instruction, not education.

We expect people to get jobs, even if none are available. We look down those who cannot move out as failures, forgetting the precariousness of our own situation. We blame people for their misfortunes, even when they played by all the rigged ‘rules’. We try to tell people that they are “not trying hard enough” and justify their misfortune as a personal failing.

So we have a world where kids cannot be themselves, be happy, enjoy learning, get an education, security, unconditional love.. but then we expect such kids to grow up into adults who will work hard, pay taxes and care about their parents and their generation. Ever wonder if they can or will pay taxes and buy enough stuff to keep the ponzi scheme going? It does not help that we have broken every social contract since the 1980s.. Don’t worry, it will end well.. just kidding. We are so fucked!

More in another post..

Useful Idiots: 01

February 13, 2010 4 comments

A ‘useful idiot’  is someone who willingly helps others, especially in positions of authority, to pursue goals that are against their best interest. A history of  that term is linked here: Useful Idiot.

By that definition almost all western white men are ‘useful idiots’, some more so than others. Paradoxically, many ‘less advanced’  but long lived cultures have fewer useful idiots.

A very topical example of the rantings of  such idiots can be found in the way western men react to the news of a possible debt default by Greece. The blogosphere is full of financial and lay idiots who portray the greek as poor, lazy, corrupt and unproductive.

Greeks live for a few years longer than the average american, in a part of the world that is far more beautiful than most of north america. They have reasonably priced health care, a caring family structure, more opportunities to be a man or  woman. So they are underemployed.. big deal.

Why do you have to work 60 hours to enjoy a good life? What are you going to gain by slaving away for your employer? Job security? Good pay? Promotions? In this era all you are doing is filling up your employers pocket so that he can throw you away when you are  used up. So who is the idiot? Who is the loser?

We have marvelous productivity, but who really benefits from it? You? Do you like the amazingly low prices on ramen noodles? Good.. now stuff yourself with them. When is the last time you had a decent relaxed dinner where you were not thinking about your next day at work? or how to finance your womans next brainfart? Do you enjoy haggling with your wonderful medical insurance providers and wondering if the doctor who treats you is making money by prescribing a useless and possibly dangerous drug to you? or maybe an unnecessary surgical procedure? How many greeks go broke trying to pay medical insurance bills? and who lives longer- you or them? who gets fewer heart attacks- you or them? who is more likely to age alone and die in an impersonal nursing home- you or them?

It is YOU who are the suckers. You will willingly support the super-rich and help them parasitize, rape and pillage the system. You are counting on the sense of decency and fairness of sociopaths. The best part is that you are willingly helping and justifying your own oppression.

More in the next part here: Useful Idiots: 02