Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 05

Men face a peculiar dilemma: How do you get what you want from an entitled sociopath without being trapped by their machinations? The first step is to define what you want, and it appears that men want women primarily for sex.

Men do not see women as trustworthy confidants, soulmates or friends. Ever wonder why most married men would rather work than spend time around their wives? The cooking and cleaning skills of women are both poorly developed and redundant in our age. Kids might seem like a good idea if you like paying child support, and not seeing your kids.

To put it bluntly, men put up with all this bullshit for fucking women. But is it worth it or is there a better way?

Let me explain:

One day the Buddha met an ascetic who sat by the bank of a river. This ascetic had practised austerities for 25 years. The Buddha asked him what he had received for all his labour. The ascetic proudly replied that, finally, he could cross the river by walking on water. The Buddha pointed out that this gain was insignificant for all the years of labour, since he could cross the river using a ferry for one penny!

Consider the river to be a metaphor for what you really want from women. You could cross the river by spending time and effort on leaning how to walk on water, or you pay a modest fee for a ferry service.

What is your choice?

I can buy better than average experiences with better than average looking escorts for 200-300$ (or less in other countries). Such experiences can be obtained without the drama, bullshit and mindgames that plague ordinary interactions between men and women.

The best part is that such transactions do not come with alimony, child support, renovating houses, meeting relatives you hate, trying to be civil, going to places and occasions you hate, cutting of people you know, managing screaming and sick kids or being so dependent on a job that you would physically prostitute yourself to keep it.

Sure game helps, but after you have done it with 50-100 different women who are on that best behavior for an hour, does it really matter it they wanted it or you paid for it?

My contention is that men will want to have good quality sex even after they are old, and because of advances in medicine will be able to. So what do you want to do? Chase older hags (any woman above 30) or have a 20-something blow you well and pretend to like it? Can game help a 60 year old man nail an attractive 20 something?

Now ask yourself another question? Can most 30 year old men nail a 7 or better 20-something, and make her blow you for half an hour at a time and place of your convenience? Maybe you can spend a few hours a week exercising, practicing game, learning new moves or whatever. Or you could just pay her once and be done with it. Women will never love you for what you are, but how you make them feel. Does it matter if the sex was due to ‘tight game’ or 2-3 100 dollar bills?

Sure, there is an added element of thrill in seducing women, just like hunting your own food is exciting. So how many of you hunt all the meat you eat? Custom building cars is a great and satisfying hobby, but how many of you build the cars you drive to work and leisure?

I am not criticizing game, merely pointing out that its cheaper to buy what YOU want. After all, happiness is about how YOU feel. Why should YOU accept an inferior deal when you could get a better one by paying for it? Why should YOU care about what your “friends” or women might think about paying for sex? What have these people done for YOU? Have your “friends” helped you score hot chicks? Have the women who disapprove of YOU buying sex ever given YOU any for free, and was it good?

Fuck the scruples and opinions of others! Do what makes YOU happy. It is YOUR life, not theirs. You cannot handle sociopaths unless you look out for YOUR own interests. Live life on YOUR terms, and remember that that YOU live only once.

More in the next part: Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 06

  1. February 18, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    You are no doubt on to something with this series.

    I still like Game because it has to do w/ self improvement, it’s a “creative” outlet, learning/modifying, etc.

    However, I think there should be no shame at all attached to buying the things you want, including sex.


    “Does it matter if the sex was due to ‘tight game’ or 2-3 100 dollar bills?”

    is relatively true in the sense that the driving force behind her willingness is rather empty
    I am not against game. My suggestion is that relying on game to consistently get hot chicks, and ignoring the purchase of sex as an alternative, is a recipe for unhappiness.

  2. Soap
    February 20, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    I agree with everything you’ve stated in this post. The only thing I can add is the sex worker is much more honest in that she openly admits to exchanging sexual favors for money. I always appreciate honesty.

    If men want to practice Game, then I will not say them nay. But I prefer to cut to the chase.

    Yep, I want a nice medium-rare 12 ounce NY style steak + mashed potatoes, not own a ranch + vegetable garden to make my own.

  3. Tom
    July 29, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    I think that game is sort of a holistic practice. It purports to improve all aspects of your life (quality of pussy, quality of social skills, getting what you want in socially acceptable ways) which, allegedly, inevitably leads to more sex.

    It looks like the old advice “Be yourself, be confident, have fun” rehashed with ‘clearer’ instructions to follow.

    The matter of “gaming for pussy” as opposed to buying it I think is simply an issue of ego. It’s not the pussy, or even quality of pussy that matters, but that you can attain whenever you like.

    Simply using cash seems like the easy way out and does not stroke the ego.

  4. P Ray
    July 6, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Women know men “put up with bullshit for the chance to fuck women” … but ONLY bullshit is reserved for the guy that has options …
    the regular/ugly guy gets hit with DEMANDS in ADDITION to the bullshit.

    This is how someone puts it, a predictable life trajectory about how women can make $1 million easily:

    Marry a rich bluepiller in your late teens then divorce him after 2years
    18 – 20 first marriage, divorce rape him and get half of his financial assets
    20 – 22 play the victim and say you were the perfect wife and lie and slander your cucked ex-Husband and say he was pure evil. A cucked betabuxxer will marry you and you can divorce rape him after 2 years and take half of his assets
    22 – 24 move to another state or even another country. Since foids are biologically wired to be big liars , you can lie and say you are a virgin (“i broke my hymen by riding bicycles and playing sports Teehee”). Also lie and say you have never been married. Then marry a bluepilled normie who thinks all foids are infallible angels then divorce rape him after 2years

    If you run an onlyfans for 7 years straight (18 – 24) you will make thousands upon thousands.
    Foids can get free meals and free gifts from thirsty guys on tinder. As such, there is no reason why a foid would spend any money on food or clothes. Over a period of 7 years(18 – 25 years) this translates to thousands upon thousands of dollars saved.
    Being a boobie streamer on Twitch, foids can make obscene amounts of cash. Foids can make thousands upon thousands by selling their bath water (Belle Delphine), their used panties, their used tampons, their footpics e.t.c.

    So, over a period of 7years (18 – 25 years) if you add up all the money that a foid can accrue from the above mentioned low IQ acts, that total amount of money can easily exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

    Remember: women don’t get to be successful … unless an army of male enablers help her.

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