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Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 06

February 20, 2010 9 comments

In a previous post, I talked about why paying for sex might be cheaper, and more convenient, than other options. Let me expand on this theme..

Many people who talk about ‘game’ refer to such numerical measures of beauty, 3, 5, 6.. 9 etc. They keep on talking about how game can increase the hotness of women you can have sex with. I do not disagree with that idea.

However my question is: Why should you be restricted to any level of hotness? Why should you not be able to bang any level of hotness/ sexual technique/ attitude you desire?

Let me explain with a few examples:

Example 1: You are visiting a city for a job interview, the nice hotel suite is paid for by the company. Why should you settle for a bar floozy, who has to be gamed. Why not do a little research before visiting the city and identify, arrange an escort or two. You could bang a hot bodied chick for half an hour.. and maybe enjoy her oral skills for another hour, and some more. It is a lot of fun moving between the window, shower, bed and couch. Her behind was made for doggy.. lotion and ambient light and looking over the city… good memories.

Next day, after the interview you could arrange another shorter tryst with another babe and enjoy her manual and oral skills. She was solidly built (not fat) and did things with her tits, butts and mouth that make my flight back very relaxing. Both have looks above 7, Total Cost for both- Less than 400$

Example 2: You want to bang a hot thin gal from bahama. You could game her, or just pay 240$ to have her blow and ride the hell out of you once, and shower and have her blow and doggy her while overlooking an evening lake? This one was a 8 or higher, and she looked awesome in her expensive corset.

I had her a few more times, and she was good.

Example 3: what about a hot east-european chick? A 8 or above.. going at you non-stop for over an hour. Her oral skills and stamina were unearthly. It cost me 300$.. and it was on my schedule and I had the choice to follow through with the appointment or not. She used to almost rape her clients.. and she was good. Being greeted with a very skilled hummer is never a bad idea.

Being properly blown and ridden by an 8 in an expensive looking suite with a high end jacuzzi tub and mirrors is something I would highly recommend.

Example 4:Maybe you like to try a hot MILF type. A 6 at her age, I must have spanked her shapely and slightly largish bottom a deep pink dozens of times, between amazing BJs. She charged me less as I became a regular, and it came to about 160$ a tyrst.

She often complained about her sore bottom, if we went and had a coffee afterwards (and was still usually quite pink when I used to check it)

Example 5: A 20 something semi-pro who had amazing oral skills and technique. Maybe half a dozen times. A 6-7, who cost me about 120-180$ a tryst. She also loved spankings, and I was happy to give her a very pink and tingly bottom each time.

She did give me “freebies”.

I am giving you a honest range of experiences, and could have stacked it with my ‘almost perfect experiences’. I did not have all 8-9s. Some were mediocre, a few were bad. but most left me very happy and relaxed, and ready for round 2 or 3. Not all were vaginal or anal sex, some were just BJs – but of a quality, technique and length that left me very relaxed.

I have paid for 5s with mindblowing techniques (because of good reviews) and most of them did give me amazing experiences. I have paid for 8s who were mediocre but very efficient. While it is I usually who spank those escorts who are OK with it, I have been at the receiving end a few times. I have paid for threesomes with 5-6s (200 $) and 8s (500$), though the 5-6s were far more enthusiastic and effective at cleaning my pipes.

You can get all this with game, but you can also pay for it. The best part is paid sex almost never talks back to you or is rude.

Now that you know it, is it really worth not paying for it. Why should YOU restrict your options? Will your ego feel better if you get a 6 through game, rather than an 8 who will spoil you for an hour if you pay for it.

It is your choice.. more in another post on this topic.

PS: I have made the bottoms of many naughty gals very pink and tingly. It is amazing how that a significant minority of escorts will play along with it if you are 1] younger and fitter than their average customers 2] fun and dominant and 3] she feels safe with you (as long as it is just your palm and her bottom, judicious use of oil/ lotion increases sting and redness but reduces damage).

The next post in this series is here: Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 07

Linkfest (February 20, 2010)

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In other news..

The Forfeiture Racket

Municipalities have come to rely on confiscated property for revenue. Police and prosecutors use forfeiture proceeds to fund not only general operations but junkets, parties, and swank office equipment. A cottage industry has sprung up to offer law enforcement agencies instruction on how to take and keep property more efficiently. And in Indiana, where Anthony Smelley is still fighting to get his money back, forfeiture proceeds are enriching attorneys who don’t even hold public office, a practice that violates the U.S. Constitution.

State Controlled Consciousness

Schooling is a form of adoption. You give your kid up in his or her most plastic years to a group of strangers. You accept a promise, sometimes stated and more often implied that the state through its agents knows better how to raise your children and educate them than you, your neighbors, your grandparents, your local traditions do. And that your kid will be better off so adopted. But by the time the child returns to the family, or has the option of doing that, very few want to. Their parents are some form of friendly stranger too and why not? In the key hours of growing up, strangers have reared the kid.

Tax Law Was Cited in Software Engineer’s Suicide Note

In his suicide note, the computer software engineer who flew a small plane into a building with Internal Revenue Service offices in Texas on Thursday cited a 1986 tax law as a major motivation for his action. The law, known as Section 1706 of the 1986 Tax Reform Act, made it extremely difficult for information technology professionals to work as self-employed individuals, forcing most to become company employees.

School used webcams to ‘spy’ on students at home

According to the lawsuit, the student and his parents were made aware of the district’s ability after the student was accused of “improper behaviour in his home”. As evidence, the school district presented a photograph taken from the webcam embedded in the laptop. It was not clear what the student was accused of.

Shock as British deficit equals that of Greece

Britain’s public finances are in a worse position than those of Greece, according to the latest figures on government borrowing. The Office for National Statistics said yesterday that January alone saw a net shortfall of £4.3bn, far worse than City forecasts and in a month which has always previously shown a healthy surplus. It puts the UK on track for a deficit of £180bn this year, or 12.8 per cent of GDP, economists said, shading the Greek figure, hitherto the worst in the European Union, of 12.7 per cent.

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