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Useful Idiots: 03

February 21, 2010 7 comments

There are many types of useful idiots, and this post will focus on one type- The CONservative Idiot. This is not to say that other ideologies lack useful idiots. Indeed, anybody who follows any ideology that does no benefit them, by definition, a useful idiot… a tool for someone else

However, CONservatives do occupy a special place of contempt in my mind. Many other types of idiots, such as communists, socialists and libertarians, often have an unconscious appreciation that their religion might be flawed. Conservatives have no such uncertainty, because they ‘know’ they are right. Only Feminists come close to certainty exhibited by conservative idiots.

CONservative idiots are found in every walk of life and endeavour, indeed many pass themselves off as liberals, libertarians etc. However they have a cluster of beliefs that separate them from any other ideology. If you are offended by what I have said till now, you have read nothing yet.

Here is a list..

Selfish Zero Sum Behavior:

This type of behavior is the mental basis for CONservative idiots. The problem here is not Selfishness or Zero Sum, it is their combination!

Most Abrahamic (or should we say Avaramic) religions are Zero Sum based, but they have survived for thousands of years. Their long term existence is possible only because their mandated charity, piety and social contracts counteract the worser aspects of a zero sum mentality. Selfishness is not evil by itself, however its combination with a zero-sum view of the world channel it towards optimizing fitness at the cost of others. It is this combination that makes people want to extract a bigger piece from a pie that is shrinking due to lack of cooperation.

But you cannot create or make a bigger pie without cooperation.

Self righteousness:

I could have also called that hubris. But CONservatives are especially affected by a belief in the righteousness of their cause, even if it keeps on changing to suit their greed. A CONservative will have no problem chastising others for immorality, not saving enough money or accepting government handouts- even if they are screwing a 12 year old girl while doing meth and stealing from their customers while accepting government handouts. When a CONservative fails, it was because the devil made him do it (or the whore). When a CONservative does an “immoral” thing, it is because of a momentary lapse. When others do it, it is because they are low IQ, morally debased or “beyond the grace of god”.

CONservatives have no problem justifying slavery, abuse of others, stealing and pretty much any nauseating act through an alternative interpretation of religious book or the rantings of a old dead coot. After all it is all about preserving the “west”, “civilization” or your favorite religion- never mind that your actions contradict every single precept of the ideology you pretend to defend. After all, did not jesus tell that goldman-sachs was doing gods work, or how punishing minor felonies with three strike laws was the right thing to do.

Might is Right:

If you believe that power flows from the barrel of a gun, you should pray that someone does not build or get a better gun. One of the defining flaws of CONservative thinking is a belief- “I can get away with it forever”. Combined with the other two flaws, it leads to their demise through overextension and pissing off too many people. In earlier eras this process took decades, but communication and the spread of technology have accelerated the retribution phase such that it is possible to experience the reactions to your hubris within your own lifetime, or even a generation.

It is this certainty in their ability to escape from the consequences of their actions that fuels a lot of CONservative idiots. They do not believe in the concept of system evolution or feedback. If they do, there is always the rapture or the collapse of civilization where they will be the only survivors- aka wishful thinking

Faith in Bigger Sociopaths:

CONservatives have faith in people more sociopathic than them. A white conservative man who is opposed to affirmative action will believe that his employer will not outsource his job and screw his pension. A person who believes in pulling themselves up by their bootstraps will still see being laid off at 50 as unfair. An idiot who cheats with other women will still expect his gold-digging wife to be faithful and not screw him over during a divorce. An idiot complaining about laws that encourage lending to ‘irresponsible blacks’ will nonetheless take a unserviceable mortgage and blow it on ‘toys’- the very behavior that he condemns in black people. The funny part is that he expects the bank to cut him more slack than was given to the ‘shiftless black man’.

Regurgitation of Ideas:

While CONservatives lack originality, they will happily quote a variety of books to support their views. They use the views of others to support their quests. They will happily support any well known idiot if he had said anything that might make their sociopathy seem ‘natural’. CONservatives will support any ideas that is ultimately destructive to them, and that is precisely why I seem them as pathetic.

They do not understand or want to understand that they are the targets of their own ideas, and even if they do- they think they can ‘get away with it’.

To sum it:

CONservative Idiots can then be seen as minor CONmen who think are blessed, and believe that bigger CONmen will play nice with them. That is why I use the word ‘Idiots’ after ‘CONservative’.

More in another post on this topic, and I will excoriate other ideologies in later parts of this series.