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Spanking Women: 01

February 23, 2010 21 comments

A few comments made by me on another blog and a previous post are the inspiration behind this post.

The question: Are there ‘markers’ of tolerable behavior in women (paid or unpaid)?

I would say.. Yes (but read the fine print). I found long ago that the willingness, response and attitude of an adult woman to being spanked had a rather strong correlation with her behavior, sexual and non-sexual. Before I go any further, let me clarify what I am talking about.

Spanking a woman is not about hitting or intimidating her. It is about something very specific, namely a woman who is a willing (and often eager) recipient of a moderately painful and humiliating spanking, mixed with sex. Why something like this would appeal to women is best left to your imagination.

I should also make some important points about such spankings:

1. Only a significant minority of women enjoy them.

2. Sensation, not damage, is the objective.

3. It has to be mixed in with sex.

4. It covers a range of  sensual to punishment type spankings.

Contrary to what feminists and their defenders preach, a significant minority of women are turned on by pain and humiliation. The caveats are- it should feel ‘safe’ and it should be moderate. I am emphasizing the ‘safe feeling’ part because women are paranoid, and they have to be relaxed to enjoy things. They tend to overdo many pleasurable things, such as food, precisely because of an innate feeling of insecurity, largely due to them projecting their own behavior onto others.

So why would the willingness to get a bare bottom spanking correlate with a better attitude in adult women?

My hypothesis:

1. If she is willing to get a very pink and sore bottom from you, she is probably into you. Many who are willing to try grow from curiosity to liking it (and then almost demanding it).

2. Any woman who will willingly get over your knees, squirm, kick and sob is not too big on micromanaging her or your life. She can let go..

3. A disproportionately large percentage of women who like it, also like affection and sex afterwards. It is not just a stand alone emotional release.

4. Masculine, ball-busting, uptight and ideology obsessed women are repelled by the idea of getting spanked. It selects out women who are undesirable for other reasons.

5. A far larger % (but still a numerical minority) of women like it than have tried it seriously. Maybe it is a proxy indicator for feminine behavior, not so much submissive as less bitchy.

A word of caution: Use your rationality and common sense. I am not responsible for any problems caused by practicing anything said or implied in this post, because they are just my observations and musings. I am not responsible for your actions.

More in another post.

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