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Snake eats Bird on Chatroulette

March 31, 2010 1 comment

He made good on his promise.

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Facebook Games

March 30, 2010 4 comments

The last year has seen a huge increase in the number and popularity of facebook games. Some see such games as a sign of social pathology in our times. Others see them as a diversion from “productive” enterprises, whatever those may be. I see them as an inevitability in a dysfunctional society.

Think about it.. at this moment I would like to be in a subtropical/ tropical resort (preferably an atoll type island) drinking cold heiniken and having two young gals blow me as I watch them and the scenery. Then I would like to gave some fresh grilled seafood and mire booze, maybe watch a nice movie, read something, screw some more and watch the stars.

Instead I am sitting at a starbucks watching the world go by, while two plain and bitchy gals are at the counter.

The real question is- why should I not have my dream lifestyle.

CONservative idiots might mutter something about incentives and productivity, but that is just a cover for their ape minds who want to create artificial scarcity. Once industrialization and automation reach a certain level, which we have passed since the 1980s, an increase in worker “productivity” is both useless and counterproductive. The real challenge then is distributing the fruits of such high productivity. No current ideology or religion is capable of delivering such a concept, as they were all conceptualized in a zero sum world. Liberal hacks and environMENTALISTS talk a lot about sustainability which is a codeword for enforced misery.

RPG games, including those on facebook, offer an escape from a meaningless “reality”. What great feat are you going to achieve by working hard or diligently?

Our current system is heavily parasitized by lawyers, doctors, managers, various special interests, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and other assorted conartists. It is almost impossible to get anything meaningful or significant done under these conditions. And for whom? An ungrateful wife or slutty girlfriend? bratty worthless kids? Saving western civilization? And what are the rewards. Waiting for death in a nursing home for a few years?

Why care about a world that does not care about you?

Games are so much better than “reality”. Hopefully technological progress will increase realism in games and make them even more interactive. I have no interest in caring about the approval of ape-mind hubris ridden dicks and cunts (the vast majority of human beings). Let them and their progeny rot and die.

Unless we have a new social contract where people are treated with basic human dignity, more and more people will just stop caring about the world around them. However unlike in a simpler world, the effects of such detachment and disillusionment will be catastrophic for a system as complex, interdependent and irreversible as our current “civilization”.

I do not see such change occuring easily, as it will entail the ruthless extermination of ALL ideologues and their progeny.

The obstacle to human evolution and betterment is ideologues of all stripes and shades. Hopefully we can unite the remains of ideologues with conflicting ideologies.

I will stick with my games, escorts, gadgets and the web till that day, if it comes.

How to Deal with Women: 3

March 26, 2010 17 comments

I have often said that women are not worth it.. let me enumerate and rehash the reasons behind my views.

1] Ever met a woman who genuinely cared about your interests, likes, dislikes, dreams, wants or needs? I have not! It is always about them.. they want to change you to be their slave. They take everything, but give nothing other than sex in return, and even that is on their terms.

Women do not care about you as a person.

2] How many women will give you an enthusiastic blowjob for no reason, just because they are happy to be with you. While this can occur in short term relationships, LTRs are a sexless or mediocre sex zone. How many will have enthusiastic sex with you, to make you happy. It is always about bargaining for something or not feeling left out.

Women do not care about your sexual satisfaction.

3] How many of them will stick by you through thick or thin, in sickness? Even if they do, they will mention it directly or indirectly at every opportunity they can. You see, they see themselves as martyrs when they just enjoy hanging around misery. It makes them feel better.

Women are unreliable yet they expect you to be reliable.

4] Why do women start fights, cheat on you, beak up/ divorce you and try to screw up your relationship with your kids? Some men see them as ‘shit tests’. I see them as attempts to control reality. Those who say that you have to be strong and stand up to such ‘tests’ do not factor in that the system is so rigged against men that you will eventually fail her ‘tests’ in any LTR.

Women are just not worth putting up with for any purpose other than sex. Get it with a minimum of interaction.

5] Women will not give anything you want even if you play by their rules. Your best hope in a LTR is to be an exiled husband who mutters “yes, dear”, walks on egg shells around his wife and accepts a pathetic life just so they can live another day in relative peace.

Women want slaves to obey their whims. Why do you want to volunteer?

6] Women can get away with all this crap because you willingly play their game. Some of you might be afraid of losing a woman to some other guy. But how can you lose what you never had? So why do you want a relationship with a woman for any reason other than sex?

Why do you have to impress others and get their approval to find happiness in your life? Don’t try to tell me some evo-psych vodoo..

Ask yourself one question: Why should I based my happiness on the approval and sanction of others?

What is so bad about living and dying free (and on your terms)? Ultimately, it is about YOU.

How to Deal with Women: 2

March 26, 2010 2 comments

Any guesses about the connection of this clip to my previous post?

How to Deal with Women: 1

March 25, 2010 23 comments

Lately I have read a lot on the blogosphere about how women are evil, manipulative, without remorse and generally untrustworthy.

Newsflash: They were always like that, however external constraints prevented them from acting on their worse impulses until the last 40-50 odd years.

The real question then is: How should men deal with it?

Some men are hoping that this nightmare will go away. Others have turned to game. A few distract themselves with delusions of racial superiority and hope to ‘turn back the clock’. Many hope to find women that are not “like that”..

What I am going to suggest in the rest of this post takes a very different and unusual approach to the whole problem. Most masculine responses to feminine behavior are predicated on one important assumption: that a reasonably pleasant relationship with a women is possible and desirable. I believe that we have gone past that point a long time ago, and the irreversible effect of technology and ideologies have created a world where such assumptions are no longer valid.

I believe that the only effective path towards your personal happiness lies in always treating women as adversaries, whose value is related to their ability to provide good, no-strings sex.

1] Abandon the childish dream that any woman will ever love you for what you are. She may love you for how you make her feel, but will abandon you based on her feelings.

Her feelings are fickle, self centered and no amount of game will ever make your position secure. It can help you score chicks, but forget about LTRs of any kind.

2] Marriage is a failed institution, and there is no ‘soul mate’ for you (and never was).

Marriage was a worthwhile option only as long as it provided something to the man for putting up with a woman. What does marriage provide now, apart from humiliation, betrayal, pain and financial ruin?

3] In a previous age the net gain from having kids was more than the net loss. It is no longer so, and kids are now pawns be used against you. They are used to extract money, harass you, manipulate you and deny sex to you.

Want your genetic legacy? go ahead, screw yourself! What will your genetic legacy do for you anyway? You are the sum of your mind and experiences, not your body. It is merely a vessel for your mind. Kids are partial copies of that vessel, not its contents.

4] You do not owe women, society, your race or humanity anything. What have they done for you lately? Why should you keep your end of the deal when they have violated theirs?

Your willingness to protect women or your country marks you out as a sucker, who will be used and thrown away. What has your country and its rulers (yes.. rulers) done for you lately. What has the corporation you work for (or used to work for) done for you recently? For all the “bootstrap” capitalism they talk about, who is always in the line to receive handouts from the government- your employer or you? Why show loyalty or care about those who treat you as slaves?

5] Don’t work more than what is necessary for you to have a good life. Don’t marry and slave for an ungrateful woman and kids. Don’t care about the dreams and expectations of others.

Don’t worry about others, just look out for yourself.

Do what makes you happy. Forget about everyone else and their opinions. You are born alone, will die alone and live just once. Is it really worth spending the one life you have trying to fix the world, and rescue sociopaths ? I am not suggesting that you become a monk or live off the land. Just do what is necessary for YOU alone to have a good life, and be happy.

Or you could always piss away your life as a poorly compensated slave aka a “responsible man”. You choice..

Good Spoof on Women and Relationship Experts

March 22, 2010 2 comments

Random Thoughts: 10

March 21, 2010 4 comments

Women post long lists of what they want on their online dating site profiles.

But what is in it for the man?

What can they provide you in return for jumping through all those hoops? They have nothing to offer beyond aging and mentally damaged pussy.

Even if things work out well, you will be a legally owned slave of that woman. If she ever decides to change her mind, you are left paying her alimony and child support (for no sex I might add).

So why do women think they can get away with it?

I think that this attitude and mindset is encouraged by men, CONservative and Liberal alike. Women (mostly white) rate their aging and damaged pussy so highly precisely because many white men perceive and act like it is a prize.

So what do you get for praising white women? Nothing! Ok, they do crap and piss on you more, if you enjoy that.

Do you think they care about your romantic gestures, your gifts, your thoughtfulness, your support or even your efforts to please them? No! They do not care about such gestures because every such gesture is interpreted by them as a sign of your weakness and of their value.

I have got sex by telling women that their nose was too big, they were dumb, fat, slutty and damaged. I don’t think I have ever got action by telling them they were gorgeous and beautiful. My switch to buying sex was partially motivated by the honesty of that particular interaction.

I am just going to list a few cases and let you decide-

1] A woman (26- single) who was playing hard to get suddenly becomes passionate after receiving a quick bare bottom spanking for being bitchy in a semi-public hallway (years ago). This otherwise proper gal was turned on by having her skirt lifted and panties pulled down in a semi-public place, when she was pretending to not care a few moments before that event. She was actually enjoying me not allowing her to lower her skirt down after the impromptu spanking. Nice face but thick

2] A married religious woman (she was 27 – husband was 40) was telling me about her husbands lack of desire. She becomes sexually very pliable after I undress her without asking her permission.. the only thing I said was -“lets do something about your sexual dissatisfaction”. She later tells me about her desire to be fucked good and hard with her hands tied behind her back (and yes I obliged her- many times)… again years ago. Hot!

3] One gal I knew (slutty ex-coworker early 20s) was essentially willing to blow any guy who treated her half decently. At least, she was not as dishonest as many others. Did I mention she had a boyfriend? Plain and thick. It took little effort to get her to blow you and almost nothing more to have sex with you.. but she was not easy on the eyes- acceptable but not easy.

Feel like jumping through hoops to get a date or impress a girl today?

Popularity of RPG Games

March 20, 2010 7 comments

The conventional “wisdom” about RPGs used to be that only social oucasts played them. However a lot has changed in the last decade. Consider the popularity of facebook RPG games and the mainstreaming of games like Everquest. The real question then is why a group of games that were once considered to be the domain of geeks and nerds gained such popularity.

The conventional explanation is that technology has made playing such games easier and more fun. While that is partially true, another important explanation is often missed.

The explanation can be summed as: Modern life is so boring, sterile, impersonal and so abusive that RPGs seem a better way to spend your time.

Think about it- What are the rewards for working hard? Does hard work guarantee you job security, let alone a decent compensation? The reality that many people still do not want to face is that your fortune in life is dependant on luck, scams and bullshit. Intelligence and ability have nothing to do with where you will end up in life. The sorry state of affairs exists inspite of technology making such zero sum behavior counterproductive.

Even marriage and kids now a route to financial and emotional ruin, not to mention slavery. You can care about women and kids and all they will ever do is stab you in the back or become costly ungrateful liabilities. There is no upside to conventional lifestyles. Even if your lucky to have a decent wife + kids, they will abandon you at the first sign of financial trouble and let you rot when you need them the most.

The difference between being a well compensated MBA, bankster, lawyer or doctor and an average schmo is NOT your innate ability or anything measured by an entrance exam, but a scam dependent on luck and bullshit. The income differential between a guy who got into those lucrative scams and one who barely missed is not ability, but chance- the same one that you depend on at a casino.

We have as a society decided that it is OK to reward and abuse people based on their luck at one moment in history. Such thinking does not bode well for social cohesion. The result of such attitudes in a world that is not zero sum is disenchantment and withdrawal from society. Why would you care about a society that treats you unfairly.

Now some CONservative types might foolishly gloat about how this is social darwinism at work. The only problem with such an attitude is that it does not work in a non-zero sum world. A world with high productivity and diffused technology cannot survive deflation, because technology causes a deflation to develop into a deflationary spiral. Combine this with the effects and possibilities of widely diffused technology and a system with low tolerance for disruptions, and you get a recipe for disaster beyond your wildest dreams.

The current system runs on the assumption of “we can extrapolate, scam and get by”. But what if increasing numbers of people isolate themselves from the system causing the extrapolations to fail, thereby triggering a whole cascade of secondary and tertiary effects (many of which are unknowable in advance).

The popularity of RPGs says a lot about the dysfunction of our current system. I hate to break this to CONservatives, but there is no going back- we cannot go back to any earlier era.

Trainwreck or Transcendence- Your choice.

Random Thoughts: 9

March 18, 2010 4 comments

In retrospective, a few circumstances propelled me towards using escorts over dating or picking up women.

1] The quality of amateur internet porn increased to such an extent from 1996-1999 that I could no longer justify or visualize myself fucking average or subaverage women. There was a time when I hit on/ did it with plain and ugly women. Fantasizing about fucking a hot chick while doing an ugly one just did not cut it anymore.

2] Once I started bartering/ buying runaway pussy, it became very obvious that a young gal was always a better option than some jaded ugly cougar. It helps that women who really need money are often very compliant and nice, if they are operating by themselves.

3] Unless you are black, non-white men are not seen as desirable by white women. I have no intention of changing any minds, as people deserve the consequences of their actions.

4] I realised that both marriage and dating were bad deals for guys as they had to spend a lot of time trying to either outsmart or please women, irrespective of race. Why live as a slave, when you can live as a free man?

5] High rates of rejection based on criteria such as race, money or looks made me lose the ability to see women as humans. It is cowardly to treat others better than they treat you.

6] Escort review boards started flourishing on the Internet after 1999. My first half decent job came along in 2000. Can you see the perfect storm developing?

I changed a lot between the begining of 1999 and late 2000. In rerospect, it is apparent that the decisions I made at that time have defined my life- for better or worse. If I had a couple of decent relationships before mid-1999, I might have chosen a very different path.

I am happy that a combination of circumstances opened a door to my current path, and would not have it any other way.

Random Thoughts: 8

March 17, 2010 17 comments

Of late I have started reading posts by some PUAs that game gives false hope to many men. Some ex-PUA posts go on to suggest that most “normal” women are not affected by game. Others imply that most men cannot really learn game, and being “alpha” is genetic etc.

I am fairly objective as far as game is concerned in that buying sex is my choice. I have no interest in impressing some stupid cunt in order to gave sex with her. Having said that, being an asshole is the easiest way to get laid, even if you are of the obnoxious type. Virtually any method beats the conventional socially approved way of dating women.

Pedestalling woman to get sex (or treating her nicely) is worser than any other way to get sex, because no woman will ever truly reciprocate your feelings. Even if she does not cheat on or divorce you, she still sees you as a tool that she can manipulate to get what she wants. Your wishes, safety, health or happiness are meaningless to her.

The reason why game works has little to do with routines, looks or body language. It works because it encourages men to hit on as many women as they can (numbers) and not suffer from “oneitis”. Even if every routine in game is worthless, increasing your approaches and treating women with a degree of contempt and disposability will guarantee you a higher probability of “free” sex than not doing so. It certainly helps if your actions fit a woman’s preconception of what is desirable.

The real impact of game, in my opinion, is removing any doubt from the mind of most men that women are made of sugar and spice. Destroying the favorable socially reinforced perception about women will be the biggest contribution of game, as they can get away with a lot of BS and abuse because many men believe that women are better human beings than them. In the past, most men realized that it was not true only after they had already been sucked into the whole legally enforced relationship scam. By spreading the word before most men make that mistake, game changes the probability of various outcomes.

I would distill game to a few concepts-

1. Approach a lot of women.
2. Approach with genuine confidence.
3. Never trust a woman.
4. Be amoral and opportunistic.
5. Never depend on one woman.


6. Treat women as they already treat men.
7. Do not apologize to a woman.

What do you think?

Random Thoughts: 7

March 17, 2010 1 comment

This post concentrates on a very specific effect of the current state of gender relations.

That specific effect is- A deflationary spiral caused by the ongoing collapse of marriage as an institution.

While others have commented on the effects of deteriorating gender relations on civility, community involvement etc- the economic effects have been largely ignored. I feel that the economic effects of feminism are almost as important as it’s demographic effects.

If you were been born at any time in history until the 1970s, there was a high chance that you would be married/ engaged/ attached for long periods of your life starting from your late teens. However that is no longer the case, and it has some peculiar secondary/ tertiary effects.

Since a two parent income is now almost necessary to live a middle class lifestyle, many single women will never have the economic resources of a married couple, even after alimony or child support. Since the previously attached or unattached guy has no skin in the game, he is unlikely to work hard or supply the resources that a married man would have. Combined with the lower birthrate in women, it makes entire sections of the economy far less lucrative than they once were.

Essentially there are fewer kids with less disposable income to support their needs and whims.

How many more educators can teach a decreasing number of students? What about people making their living running afterschool activity classes? Vacations to children friendly resorts, buying bigger houses and bigger cars are not as important, are they?

A lot of conventional economic activity is based on family formation, specifically those in which both parents have an interest in the economic betterment of their kids. If the rate of family formation declines further, it will permanently reduce the number of jobs in certain sectors of the economy. There are some who would call that creative destruction, but where are the alternative jobs? and why will men work hard if they only want to support themselves?

The net effect is a further systemic reduction in the both the flow and velocity of money.

Note that this effect will manifest itself without any specific political or social movement. It certainly does not help that the west’s economic model is based on an implicit assumption of continued growth, even if sophists try to say otherwise.

Random Thoughts: 6

March 16, 2010 2 comments

I have been saying this for a few years, first as comments on other blogs and recently on my blog.

The Twilight of the Elites

Quotes from the article..

In the past decade, nearly every pillar institution in American society — whether it’s General Motors, Congress, Wall Street, Major League Baseball, the Catholic Church or the mainstream media — has revealed itself to be corrupt, incompetent or both.

New Priests.. Secular Religions

At the root of these failures are the people who run these institutions, the bright and industrious minds who occupy the commanding heights of our meritocratic order. In exchange for their power, status and remuneration, they are supposed to make sure everything operates smoothly. But after a cascade of scandals and catastrophes, that implicit social contract lies in ruins, replaced by mass skepticism, contempt and disillusionment.

The emperor is naked!

In the wake of the implosion of nearly all sources of American authority, this new decade will have to be about reforming our institutions to reconstitute a more reliable and democratic form of authority. Scholarly research shows a firm correlation between strong institutions, accountable élites and highly functional economies; mistrust and corruption, meanwhile, feed each other in a vicious circle.


If our current crisis continues, we risk a long, ugly process of de-development: higher levels of corruption and tax evasion and an increasingly fractured public sphere, in which both public consensus and reform become all but impossible.

For more than 35 years, Gallup has polled Americans about levels of trust in their institutions — Congress, banks, Big Business, public schools, etc. In 2008 nearly every single institution was at an all-time low. Banks were trusted by just 32% of the populace, down from more than 50% in 2004. Newspapers were down to 24%, from slightly below 40% at the start of the decade. And Congress was the least trusted institution of all, with only 12% of Americans expressing confidence in it. The mistrust of élites extends to élites themselves.

Told ya! Zero sum behavior leads to a final orgy of self consumption.

That dynamic has played itself out throughout society. Look at CEO pay. In 1978, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the ratio of average CEO pay to average wage was about 35 to 1. By 2007 it was 275 to 1. Nell Minow, a lawyer and corporate-governance expert, has for decades waged a one-woman crusade against excessive CEO pay. She has watched as CEOs have found ways to manipulate the levers of governance and devise ingenious methods of guaranteeing themselves windfalls regardless of their company’s performance. “It’s like going to a racetrack and betting on all the horses, except you’re using someone else’s money,” Minow says. “You know one of them is going to win. As long as you’re not paying for the tickets, you’re going to come out ahead.”

The élites’ failures of the past decade should teach us that institutions of all kinds need input from below. The Federal Reserve is home to some of the finest economists and brightest minds in the country, and yet it still managed to miss an $8 trillion housing bubble and the explosion of the subprime market. If, say, the Federal Reserve Act required several seats on the board of governors to be reserved for consumer advocates — heck, even community organizers — it would have been harder to miss these twin phenomena.

They were just playing the same game..

This, one hopes, is just the beginning. All these new institutions are inspired by a desire to democratize old, big oligarchic hierarchies and devolve power downward and outward. That’s our best hope in the decade to come. For at the end of the day, it’s the job of citizens to save élites from themselves.

No.. the existence of elites is the problem, not the solution.

Manginas: 1

March 15, 2010 14 comments

The concept of “manginas” is widely understood as guys who actively supports the anti-men agenda of women. While active manginas are the most visible and pathetic manifestation of that disorder, they are not the most important or numerous.

Let me propose an obvious but somewhat heretic idea:

Average married/ attached guys are the biggest category of manginas.

Think about it.. Who is the biggest silent cheerleader and brain-washed slave of feminine whims? It is not your single guy or stud.. heck it is not even your science geek. The single biggest and most problematic class of manginas are men in LTRs, specifically those men who feel lucky to be in a LTR.

LTRs do not make men manginas. It is the belief among whites (and to some extent asians) that LTRs with women are the ultimate goal of human existance. In case you have not noticed, in many cultures the woman is supposed to be thankful for finding a good provider.

It is only in the west that a good provider is supposed to be thankful for finding an ungrateful cunt.

While some of you may believe that pussy worship is a product of the 60s, I would point out that the west has been giving women many passes for bad behavior for a few centuries. Read about victorian attitudes on the supposed purity of women or ponder about southern attitudes towards women. Pedestalling women is one of the core beliefs of the west, and is responsible for the dystopia we exist in today. I have my theories about why the west pedestalls women more than other cultures, but that is the subject of another post. In this one, I will try to describe how the attitudes of western men towards white women are the problem. No amount of game can fix this fundamental flawed belief, unless it is recognized as such.

The flawed belief is: “My life is not meaningful without a LTR with a white woman”.

Unless you recognize that the only service a woman (white or otherwise) can provide you in today’s world is sexual in nature, you will never see the underlying reality. Many men who want to learn about game want to use it to ultimately find the ‘one’. But trying to find the ‘one’ or holding on to the ‘one’ is the very definition of pedestalling. Pussy is fungible. One can stand in for another. One healthy pussy is satisfying as another. There is nothing one woman can offer that another cannot. You may have to pay a little bit more, but that is it.

Many game blogs are filled with white morons who dream of using game to get educated WASP pussy (read some of the old comments on roissy’s blog posts). Game blogs are also full of men who elevate the desirability of white pussy over others, and turn around to complain about it’s cost. But isn’t this high cost an example of self inflicted stupidity? Why do you want a specific race of pussy?

If white pussy is better than latin or asian pussy, then men who cannot get it easily (most of you) are losers who deserve to go extinct. If on the other hand, white pussy is no better than other pussy, you are just mistaken. So what is it? Losers who deserve to become extinct or merely mistaken?

In our current world, traditional institutions such as marriage and family make you less happy and less secure. Your wife will leave you if you lose your job for no fault of yours. She will leave you even if you get another less prestigious job, or maybe she will leave you because she found someone better. Overworking to make enough money to satisfy her greed will also result in her leaving you.

Your employer will throw your ass on the street if a slimy MBA convinces him that firing you will raise their stock prices and bonuses. Did I mention that your boss is most likely a whipped white guy who wants to make more money to satiate the aging hag in his life? Even the law enforcement system is filled with twits who want to appear as macho protectors and prosecutors. For what purpose?

Ever noticed that wives isolate men from their unmarried friends? Wonder why men go along with it? Are they stupid enough to believe that the wife who is motivating that behavior will stick by them through thick and thin? Note that white men are the most easily swayed by the opinions of their wives and LTRs. Maybe you are in for having white kids of your own. Are kids really worth it? In our current setup they are bargaining chips and instruments of torture to make your life more miserable. They can be used for everything from denying you sex to garnishing your pay.

But inspite of the facts, white men continue to desire LTRs with white women to have white kids. You are creating your own problems. Furthermore your willingness to cheerlead your race based on culturally reinforced feelings about racial superiority is screwing you over. I cannot feel any sympathy for people who are letting their hubris destroy them. Is it not obvious? Are you that dense?

Unless you change the way you see the world and place your individual interests above those of your ideology, you will always remain what you are now- a replacable and disposable slave.

You could either look out for yourself or regurgitate some flawed “research” about how only 40% of men used to reproduce. While you are celebrating your own disposability, don’t forget to mention how traditional marriage and “winner takes all” societies are stable and desirable. You could also excuse your pathetic existence based on your belief that nature intends men to compete and kill each other for mediocre pussy.

The choice is yours, I am just enjoying the show. Before I forget, what has the “west” and “white race” done for you recently, other than suggesting that you are a disposable source of power (somewhat like an alkaline cell).

This is what those whose attention, love and support you cherish see you as.. and yet you defend them..

Random Thoughts: 5

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

First watch this clip from ‘The Matrix’ (1999)

and then watch a demo on voice search with the google app on (iPhone and Android) Smartphones. (2009)

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On Infidelity: 1

March 11, 2010 14 comments

It seems that a couple of my posts had more readers than anticipated. So let me continue on that theme.

Most men have problems accepting one rather unpleasant truth, namely -the average woman who cheats is well.. average. I realized that through personal experience, a bit earlier than most. In combination with my cynicism, it is fair to say that some of my early experiences changed my opinion about fidelity in women.

Here are some examples:

1] When I lived in the dorm-like situation, the university often used rooms on spare floors to house relatives of patients who came to a nearby teaching hospital. I often bumped into these people in common areas. Anyway there was this one married woman who had arrived there for a nip-and-tuck. She was in her mid 30s? and not bad looking. We immediately hit it off, and she spontaneously wanted to show me what they wanted to do on her body. Remember this was a woman married to her high school sweetheart for over 15 years (+ kids). So, we went to her room and she stripped, without making it look seedy. Told her that she looked fine for her age, but guess she could see that I was turned on. I was feeling het tits and judging the consistency of her butt within 3 hours of meeting her.

She had come with a female relative to take care of her for a couple of days post-surgery. The relative arrived and interupted our progress. So later that night this woman came to my room told me that she was anxious about her nip-and-tuck. I comforted her in many positions and in many parts of my room and bathroom. Doggying a gal in front of the mirror is quite a sight, as is watching the city out of highrise while doing it.

She did visit me a few times after she had healed, to ‘show’ her new body. I sampled her new and older assets. This is when I realized that a titfuck with moderately sized implants is better than just plain big tits or humongous implants.

Note that I did not inititate this series of encounters.

2] I knew this narcissistic woman in her late 40s, who had fucked a lot of guys (by her own admission) and enjoyed sex.

I ended up living very close to her, and hung out with her. Initially, she wanted me to take some hot pictures of her to send to her ‘guy’ in prison. She showed me all of her toys and lingere. I was not into her, but was curious.

One evening she “accidently” answered the phone in her room naked, straight from the shower. I also went to her room, to get the phone. She initially reacted with ‘shock’ and got ‘mad’. I was pissed off and knowing about her history and fantasies, put her over the bed (naked) and gave a very hard spanking with her own hairbrush. Within a minute, her protests and anger turned to squirming and writhing. She was essentially encouraging me to spank her even harder. And yes, that lead to sex and more sex over a period of a few months. I have yet to see another woman who could take that hard a spanking.

But she liked to sample a lot of cock and I was not into 40 year olds. Once again I did not initiate this series of encounters.

3] I was at a bar trying to score 20 somethings, when I bumped into this pair of 30 somethings, who were in town to attend a marriage. The older one was receptive, and said that she looks older than her stated age. At closing time, her friend (who was actively chasing 20 something cock) and her wanted me to walk them back to their hotel, which was near my apartment. So I had these two drunk OK looking women on either hand. We went to the hotel, and younger 30-something was not interested.. but older 30-something was very interested and I ended up doing her after her friend went to her own suite. It was nice to see my apartment from her hotel window while fucking her. He face was sundamaged but body was OK.

She was “happily married” for 9 years when we met for that night. Next day, she went back to her normal life.

4] I chatted up a 20 something girl who lived near me. She had a stable and doting boyfriend, with whom she held hands (a lot) and kissed. I visited her place of work, and talked to her. While she protested about me asking her out “because she had a boyfriend” she was flushed and had this wide grin + sparkle in her eyes. So after a few late night texts, I started visiting her on days and nights when her boyfriend was not around.

The sex was enthusiastic and she was what an attractive, but dumb, 22 year should look like naked. Her boyfriend might have wondered why she started shaving it bald (my preference) and got a small tramp stamp. This girl was willing to get a tramp stamp just because a guy she fucked on the side (me) told her that he liked it. She was just looking for an ego boost. Wow!

5] Another incident that comes to my mind concerns a woman that I met when I was out drinking with a guyfriend. She was drinking with her highschool galpal. I noticed that she had a small but peculiar scar near her ear and asked her about it. Turned out that she was glassed in a bar a few years ago. We talked more and I realised that she was flirting with me, lips and all.

We exchanged numbers and went our seperate ways that night. She called me after a week or so, and wondered if I wanted to meet a friend of hers (setup). So.. I went to this bar to meet them. Turns out that her pal conveniently forgot about it. She stayed because- “she did not want to leave me alone”.

I had numerous encounters with this happily married woman, who is probably still married to the clueless guy.

Note- In all examples, other than 4, there was minimal effort on my part. I literally just had to present and erect when required. These women were putting themselves out!

Happy dreams… maybe a few more examples next time.