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Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 07

March 1, 2010 7 comments

Continuing from my previous post on this topic here

One belief that holds back many men from enjoying escorts is:

Sex without emotional connection is empty.

My counterargument is twofold:

Emotional connection makes sex better, BUT does a “relationship” ensure that?

before I go to my expansion of the first point, let me put forth the next related argument..

Is eating a mediocre home cooked meal under fluorescent lighting better than going to a nice, clean restaurant and eating something you really like?

Is the quality of most “relationships” good enough to make you feel connected in any way other than mutual misery. Do you feel secure that the gal you love won’t cheat on you or screw you over, if you don’t play to her whims?

No escort ever told me that my choice of her costume was bad. No escort ever told me that she did not like the way I ate, drank, sat or played video games. No escort denied me sex after arguing with me over nothing. No escort ever made me jump through hoops, and fight off other men to have her. No escort ever made me visit relatives and friends I hated. I never heard an escort demean me behind my back. No escort ever told me that I must pay attention to her because she deserved it.

No escort ever told me that she did not screw with non-whites. No escort ever made any comments about my physical attributes, or told me how big her exes dick was (usually fictional).. No escort every manipulated me to buy her gifts. No escort berated my choice of career, car, dress…

The best sex I ever had with escorts, because I did not hold back. Many men in “relationships” lose the ability to treat their women like a whore in the bedroom (nagging and kids). No escort who was reviewed as a BJ queen ever complained after giving a long and thorough BJ. No escort who was reviewed as a GFE refused to kiss. No escort who was renowned for her techniques ever failed to deliver, and many delivered more than I expected. Very seldom was the sex not vigorous and all consuming.

No escort ever made me fix stuff for free, remove dead animals, check strange noises and take out the garbage. No escort unloaded her emotional crap on me. No escort ever told me “you are the one” and then cheated on me. No escort told me that she did not like any given sex act after it was done. No escort ever checked my e-mail and text messages.

The best part is that no escort ever made me pay alimony or child support.

If want a normal “relationship” or “fling”, that is your choice.

How does your normal “relationship” or “fling” stack up against what I described?

Your “emotional connection” is as real and meaningful as Santa Claus or the easter bunny! I just prefer to pay for the fantasy, sensations and memories.

More in another part..