Useful Idiots: 04

In my previous post on this topic I had started my critique of CONservative Idiots. The current post is a continuation of that critique.

CONservatives Idiots have many undesirable characteristics in addition to those mentioned in my last post on this topic. Let me explain:

CONservatives, specifically CONservative men, are enablers of bad behavior in women.

Ever wonder who forgives and abates the promiscuity and bad decisions of his darling daughter. Who wants some guy to marry his slutty worthless POS daughter. Who lectures about becoming a man and suffering for a woman? Who is trying to convince you that a sexless married life with a old bitchy hag is ‘normal’?

Think about all of the law enforcement machinery that enforces laws to make your life miserable. The people who write, enforce bad laws and pretend they are fair are CONservatives. They may pretend to care about other men and ‘civilization’ but their behavior betrays them as greedy, short-sighted, pussy whipped and fatalistic cocksuckers that have no role in a better future for humans.

CONservatives, specifically CONservative men, are the untrustworthy pieces of shit.

Ever wonder who promotes social darwinism when things are good for them? It is ironic that CONservatives are the biggest beneficiary of government largess but the most vocal critics of the same. The CONservative cocksucker who rails against welfare for the ‘coloreds’ is frequently an employee of the government, a CONtractor for the government or a recipient of government assistance disguised as jobs.

Guess who outsourced your job? or fired you? or stole your investments? or caused your bankruptcy? A greedy CONservative Idiot. The same POS who talks about ‘life being unfair’ begs for mercy and consideration when their luck is down. Indeed those who deny that life is largely luck frequently invoke that concept when their lucky streak runs out.

CONservative cocksuckers also become patriotic and race conscious when their ass is on the line. Then they spout BS such as ‘buy american’, white solidarity, IQ, HBD and every shred of crap that can help them perpetuate their CON for a little bit longer.

CONservatives, specifically CONservative men, lack any concept of ethics/ morality.

I have previously written on it in the context of sexual hypocrisy. This one is about their lack of ethics and morality in everyday life.

For a group that prides itself in being upholders of morality and ethics, they do not seem to follow what they preach. Their “morality” and “ethics” is based on self serving interpretations of a 2,000 + year old book written by a bunch of people with temporal lobe epilepsy (prophets) and edited by a committee (first council of Nicaea).

Somehow their interpretation of morality and ethics does not cover basic human decency and reason. They are too busy trying to preach their version of fire and brimstone based “morality” to notice that they cheat and lie in their contractual obligations at a far higher rate than any other despicable group.

The ‘sanctity of legal contract’, ‘spirit of the law’ etc is only for others. They, you see, are “special”. They want to win, but expect to be treated well if they lose. It is fun to watch these CONservative idiots being sodomized by even bigger CONmen, the ones that CONservative idiots look up to.

I will write another post or two about CONservative idiots before turning my attention to other ideologies. Another related post that looks at the same behavior in a non-personal context : Useful Idiots: 05

  1. March 3, 2010 at 7:30 am

    You’ve summed it up in such an eloquent way… you have a gift with words. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

  2. Wocka
    March 3, 2010 at 11:41 am

    fantastic post.

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