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Things I Learned at Starbucks: 1

March 4, 2010 11 comments

I frequently go to Starbucks, and over the years have overheard many conversations between women and between women and men. Based on these overheard conversations, I have reached some conclusions.

1. Women cheat… a lot!

Almost every single conversation between non-senile women involves how they cheated, how they are going to cheat or how someone close to them cheated. It is amazing how common cheating is, especially among married and attached woman. It almost seems to be a badge of honor, and even fat cunts who look like Godzilla are happy to recount their misadventures.

Another common theme is the apparent cluelessness of their partners. Indeed, women like to boast about that just as much as the cheating part. So guys who believe that game can ‘always’ keep women faithful are delusional. Many of the men married or attached to these cunts are not abusive, unemployed or mentally unstable. Most of these cheating cunts also have kids, often young and I have always wondered about their true paternity.

2. Women have no respect for men, even the studs.

It is all about them. You barely figure in their scheme of things other than as an accessory to make other women jealous or as a bank account. You are very replaceable in their mind, and their actions demonstrate it. Long term Game, my foot! You are either the clueless provider or the guy they fuck on the side, but both are readily replaceable upto a certain age.

If you are stupid enough to believe them or show ANY mercy or respect, you deserve to be sodomized. These cunts barely love their own kids, because it is all about them. They even see their kids as accessories to make other women jealous. So who wants to have a LTR with a woman? Even women well past their prime see themselves as viable competitors with women barely older than their daughters. Consequently they keep on being cunts long after they can ill afford to.

3. Women are opportunistic parasites who believe that they are doing you a favor.

Even if you are a stud, women still see sex as a favor bestowed upon you. They are incapable of perceiving sex as anything other than a favor that you have to pay back, even if they enjoyed it more than you. They will not rest unless you have paid the ‘favor’ back, so do not hang around one woman. Fuck them and move on..

They see everything you have as theirs, but their stuff is only for them. They have no problem getting a big house renovation or car purchase with your money, even when they are fucking someone else and criticising your sexual efforts. I have overheard about such situations many times.

Next post in this series (brief case studies) now up: Things I Learned at Starbucks: 2

Altruism, Adversarialism and Women: 08

March 4, 2010 31 comments

In my previous post on this topic, I had talked about why escorts are often a better deal than relationships with women (LTR, STR, fuckbuddy, hookups). This post will introduce another concept-

Any ‘non-paid’ sexual relationship with a woman is a three card monte game.

You are the “mark”, she is the “con” and society is the “shill”.

Let me explain the analogy:

You see, it does not matter how tall you are, how educated you are, how white you are, how family minded you are.. it is never enough, even if the woman looks like a decrepit POS. She will just let you win a few times, fuck her often enough while pretending to be in love with you (validating you etc). She might even fool herself for some time. But that period will be soon over, and then you will see her true colors.

It will start with lesser sex, more arguments, more tantrums, more BS.. and end with either her making your existence miserable or leaving you for another “mark”.

You might think that game will help you.. WRONG! Game can get you sex, and it may even buy you more time in a LTR. But it will never cancel the inevitable.

The inevitable end is either a miserable existence or abandonment. All her proclamations of love, fidelity, the size of your penis, height, smell, manners are worthless.. she won’t remember them in a few years or months. The validation from seducing a woman is equally worthless- do you raise your own chickens and pigs for eggs and bacon? Does a nice omelet with fried bacon taste any better because your raised your won food? Think about it.. is the urge to eat conceptually any different from the urge to have sex? Does an earthworm or insect enjoy sex less than you? If anything, their brains feel it more intensely than yours.

You can believe the “shills” and play Three Card Monte, but you will not come out ahead. Even if you think you can win it, you are playing by the rules of the “con”. Google the term ‘calvinball’, the rules change according to needs of the “con”. You are just the latest “mark”. Most “marks” get conned because they think they are smarter than the “con”. Whether it is gambling, contracts or relationships with women, a delusion of invincibility will screw you over.

I have heard many men say “Oh.. I can get ‘free’ sex, maybe there is something ‘wrong’ about you”. Here is a newsflash: I don’t care about your opinion about me. I live for MYSELF, and am not interested in gaining acclaim from “shills” or “cons”. Such acclaim is very easy to gain if you throw some money around, or are willing to hurt people. It is however useless, and cannot buy you anything when you need it badly.

If you are interested in hearing some validation, use a well reviewed semi-pro. It is so much cheaper.

More in another post on this topic.