Here is a youtube clip on the process..

and here is the end result..

and here is a link to another post about vajazzled

The last two pictures can also be found on this blog- Vajazzle!


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12 Responses to Vajazzle!

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  2. Vincent Ignatius says:

    A woman like this would probably send the “not LTR material” signal well before you ever saw the vaj, but if she didn’t, that would pretty much seal her fate in pump and dump land.

    No woman is LTR material.

    • carli says:

      i think it looks silly, but kind of hilarious. the type of thing you do to make your boyfriend laugh his head off on his birthday.

      vincent, um, did you actually say pump and dump land? i am sure that even ‘a woman like this’ could see your ridiculous bullshit coming from a mile off. but good luck seeing her vagina. vajazzled or not.

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  4. Isaiah says:

    Women should do it because they want to and if it makes them feel good. Two thumbs up.

  5. Connie says:

    Yep please apply mine with a bedazzler or a hot glue gun so they last longer. The scarring and pain can be taken care of with some Percocet.

  6. Nergal says:

    I don’t get it, is this supposed to make their genital warts less noticeable or something?

  7. Horny Vick says:

    That is the hottest thing, a girl who would go to such a measure to draw attention to her pussy (as if that would even be necessary LOL) would probably be game for anything! I wish my wife would get herself vajazzled, then go around flashing her pussy in public.

  8. Somewhatanon says:

    What is with your hatred of women?

  9. sirrah says:

    how do i get a job Vajazzling hot chics? I guess the male version of this would be called Vajizzle ??

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  11. matt says:

    just saw her pussy

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