Useful Idiots: 05

Let me enumerate a few more reasons that I detest CONservatives more than any other group, save feminists.

CONservatives are CUNTservatives.

You heard that right. The biggest allies of feminists are CUNTservatives. I have briefly touched on this aspect of CONservatives before, but mainly at personal levels. The CUNTservatives are however supportive of women at other levels too. Read a bit about prohibition, the war on drugs, “satanic child abuse”.. heck even the salem witch trials were instigated by women but abetted by CUNTservatives.

Consider who enforces laws, writes laws.. the ones used to harass and pauperize men? CUNTservatives. Who sells the concept of marriage ‘civilizing men’? Who consistently whiteknights women? Who takes the side of women in arguments and publicly announces that they are the fairer sex? Who bemoans the loss of chivalry? Who really preaches that women are better/ more spiritual/ higher beings than men. CUNTservatives. I have yet to see a liberal minded geek help women or say they are nice, unless he is trying to get laid.

CONservatives are incapable of maintaining civilization.

CONservatives talk a big game about defending civilization, but are the ones who cannot maintain it. Civilization requires income redistribution. Every civilization that lasted for more than two generations had to find ways to redistribute money from the “rich” to the “poor”. But CONservatives not only reject that concept, but try to give more money to the “rich”.

They cannot seem to grasp why Egyptian pharaohs built monuments, the romans had ‘bread and circus’ and why no society can exist for long without some sort of welfare/safety net. The concept of “every man to himself” and “pulling yourself by your bootstraps” are the very type of attitudes that stop people from cooperating towards a common goal. Civilization cannot persist if people do not play nicely, most of time.

The CONservative answer of punitive and invasive law and order is another scam , for it destroys far more wealth than it creates. So is the CONservative scams of supporting wars in countries that do not benefit the population at large. I can understand the US being interested in peace in Saudi Arabia, but what about Afghanistan, Grenada or Cuba. It would be cheaper to buy peace in Afghanistan by giving them money, booze and porn than spending money to fight wars. Giving each Afghan Man an iPad, a decent electrical grid and unlimited internet access to surf porn would cut recruitment by extremists in ways armed force never could. They already have opium.

CONservatives are the very parasites, they accuse others of being.

Have you noticed that many people who are employed by the government, directly or indirectly, are supporters of “small government”. People who jobs are dependent on government rules, regulations and BS are paradoxically the ones who want more rules/ regulations to increase their payout but less regulations for anyone else. Even feminists are slightly less parasitic than CONservatives.

The most conservative areas in the US also benefited the most from new deal projects (S.E USA). Think about how much CONservative areas still benefit from army bases, prisons, power plants, government offices etc. Yet these same assholes are clamoring to cut benefits to poorer or nonwhite people. The same CONservatives who maintain that industries leave some states because of ‘liberal policies’, want pity and action when the same company moves to mexico or china.

CONservatives are parasites. Indeed it not possible to be a CONservative without someone else giving you something you did not deserve.

  1. the dude
    March 9, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    I think there were more wars under clinton. The real problem is the parasitic polititian, using whatever ideology suits him best for his goals. But then the population seems not to care enough to go against it. If you let them do whatever parasites do, why do you complain. Changing the system takes energy and motivation, and you’d miss that TV show you like following.

  2. April 11, 2010 at 5:51 am

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. May 8, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    “Our democracy is presently being threatened by the politics of obedience to authority, the very thing that democracy was invented to counteract. The politics of authority is succeeding because conservatives have been activating their ideas in the brain of the public, while finding ways to inhibit the use of progressive modes of thought. Progressives failed to uphold the spirit of American democracy by activating the ideas of empathy, responsibility, protection and empowerment in the brains of their fellow Americans, thus allowing the basis of our most sacred principles to fall by the wayside and leaving the field open for conservatives. We must change this. Democracy is too important to leave to the shaping of the brains of Americans to authoritarians.”

    George Lakeoff-The Political Mind

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