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Things I Learned at Starbucks: 2

March 10, 2010 12 comments

The second part of this series, continues from my first post in this seemingly popular series.

These are actual conversations I have overheard over the previous six months. No exaggeration, no confabulation-

Case I: A pair of friends- One girl is a thick brunette, the other is obese. Thick girl is always telling obese girl about the latest episode in her dramatic life. Girls love drama, don’t they? Anyway thick gal has cheated on a few of her boyfriends, but rationalizes it by telling obese girl that her other friends are worse, and I do not doubt that. I should add that thick gal cheated on more than one boyfriend with one guy. She seemed to return to him whenever she took a break from the steady guys. Even she has cheated on her boyfriends, because she was too drunk and could not resist that guy.

Case II: A pair of friends, one average built blonde with a 1 year old kid with super obese and ugly girlfriend. Super obese girl with acne pitted face tells blonde gal with kids about her cheating with other guys

She is currently seeing a guy, but does not want to move in with him because she is afraid of getting emotionally hurt. Does not trust men, and wants to be self sufficient. Has a schedule for getting things done. Obese gal is no slouch either, and she is OBSESE. Blond gal sympathizes by telling about how she cheated on guy who is supposedly rugrats father when they were having difficulties.

Case III: Boy and gal on coffee date. Guy is trying to impress gal? Tells her about how his brother who is newly married caught his wife cheating and is still trying to ‘work’ out things with her, and is ashamed toi tell that to his parents. Really liked the part about the guy (named peter) trying to run away from the scene. It seems he was a casual acquaintance of the wife, and she repeatedly professed that they were merely acquaintances.

Gal counters by saying that her dad probably cheated a lot but was discrete. Mentions her numerous overseas backpacking trips and fun times she had. Nothing explicit, but I can guess what happened after drunken concerts and games.

Note that Case I, II and III are from the last 3 weeks.

Case IV: More disturbing.. a group of three mothers with kids under 3 reminiscing about their single life, except that they were attached. this one started with gossip about the sexual adventures of their acquaintances and then veered into their sexual life , specifically how one kept on cheating throughout the early stages of her marriage (around the time elder rugrat girl was born), though she maintained that it was his kid. Note that like super obese girl in Case II, she maintained that hubby (long time boyfriend) was clueless.

Other women said that she did cheat, but stopped after marriage (as if she won’t start again, if she has really stopped). Third woman claimed faithfulness but said she understood why women cheated, and that often men were boring and that women required to follow their dreams and feel good about themselves.

Case V and VI: Woman on date telling guy how so many of her exes were useless drunks who did little. Claimed she had bad taste in men.. on a date.

The other gal was telling her date about her affair with a guy she met a year ago.. and how it is now over.

So this is what passes for normal nowadays..

More next time.