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On Infidelity: 1

March 11, 2010 14 comments

It seems that a couple of my posts had more readers than anticipated. So let me continue on that theme.

Most men have problems accepting one rather unpleasant truth, namely -the average woman who cheats is well.. average. I realized that through personal experience, a bit earlier than most. In combination with my cynicism, it is fair to say that some of my early experiences changed my opinion about fidelity in women.

Here are some examples:

1] When I lived in the dorm-like situation, the university often used rooms on spare floors to house relatives of patients who came to a nearby teaching hospital. I often bumped into these people in common areas. Anyway there was this one married woman who had arrived there for a nip-and-tuck. She was in her mid 30s? and not bad looking. We immediately hit it off, and she spontaneously wanted to show me what they wanted to do on her body. Remember this was a woman married to her high school sweetheart for over 15 years (+ kids). So, we went to her room and she stripped, without making it look seedy. Told her that she looked fine for her age, but guess she could see that I was turned on. I was feeling het tits and judging the consistency of her butt within 3 hours of meeting her.

She had come with a female relative to take care of her for a couple of days post-surgery. The relative arrived and interupted our progress. So later that night this woman came to my room told me that she was anxious about her nip-and-tuck. I comforted her in many positions and in many parts of my room and bathroom. Doggying a gal in front of the mirror is quite a sight, as is watching the city out of highrise while doing it.

She did visit me a few times after she had healed, to ‘show’ her new body. I sampled her new and older assets. This is when I realized that a titfuck with moderately sized implants is better than just plain big tits or humongous implants.

Note that I did not inititate this series of encounters.

2] I knew this narcissistic woman in her late 40s, who had fucked a lot of guys (by her own admission) and enjoyed sex.

I ended up living very close to her, and hung out with her. Initially, she wanted me to take some hot pictures of her to send to her ‘guy’ in prison. She showed me all of her toys and lingere. I was not into her, but was curious.

One evening she “accidently” answered the phone in her room naked, straight from the shower. I also went to her room, to get the phone. She initially reacted with ‘shock’ and got ‘mad’. I was pissed off and knowing about her history and fantasies, put her over the bed (naked) and gave a very hard spanking with her own hairbrush. Within a minute, her protests and anger turned to squirming and writhing. She was essentially encouraging me to spank her even harder. And yes, that lead to sex and more sex over a period of a few months. I have yet to see another woman who could take that hard a spanking.

But she liked to sample a lot of cock and I was not into 40 year olds. Once again I did not initiate this series of encounters.

3] I was at a bar trying to score 20 somethings, when I bumped into this pair of 30 somethings, who were in town to attend a marriage. The older one was receptive, and said that she looks older than her stated age. At closing time, her friend (who was actively chasing 20 something cock) and her wanted me to walk them back to their hotel, which was near my apartment. So I had these two drunk OK looking women on either hand. We went to the hotel, and younger 30-something was not interested.. but older 30-something was very interested and I ended up doing her after her friend went to her own suite. It was nice to see my apartment from her hotel window while fucking her. He face was sundamaged but body was OK.

She was “happily married” for 9 years when we met for that night. Next day, she went back to her normal life.

4] I chatted up a 20 something girl who lived near me. She had a stable and doting boyfriend, with whom she held hands (a lot) and kissed. I visited her place of work, and talked to her. While she protested about me asking her out “because she had a boyfriend” she was flushed and had this wide grin + sparkle in her eyes. So after a few late night texts, I started visiting her on days and nights when her boyfriend was not around.

The sex was enthusiastic and she was what an attractive, but dumb, 22 year should look like naked. Her boyfriend might have wondered why she started shaving it bald (my preference) and got a small tramp stamp. This girl was willing to get a tramp stamp just because a guy she fucked on the side (me) told her that he liked it. She was just looking for an ego boost. Wow!

5] Another incident that comes to my mind concerns a woman that I met when I was out drinking with a guyfriend. She was drinking with her highschool galpal. I noticed that she had a small but peculiar scar near her ear and asked her about it. Turned out that she was glassed in a bar a few years ago. We talked more and I realised that she was flirting with me, lips and all.

We exchanged numbers and went our seperate ways that night. She called me after a week or so, and wondered if I wanted to meet a friend of hers (setup). So.. I went to this bar to meet them. Turns out that her pal conveniently forgot about it. She stayed because- “she did not want to leave me alone”.

I had numerous encounters with this happily married woman, who is probably still married to the clueless guy.

Note- In all examples, other than 4, there was minimal effort on my part. I literally just had to present and erect when required. These women were putting themselves out!

Happy dreams… maybe a few more examples next time.