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Manginas: 1

March 15, 2010 14 comments

The concept of “manginas” is widely understood as guys who actively supports the anti-men agenda of women. While active manginas are the most visible and pathetic manifestation of that disorder, they are not the most important or numerous.

Let me propose an obvious but somewhat heretic idea:

Average married/ attached guys are the biggest category of manginas.

Think about it.. Who is the biggest silent cheerleader and brain-washed slave of feminine whims? It is not your single guy or stud.. heck it is not even your science geek. The single biggest and most problematic class of manginas are men in LTRs, specifically those men who feel lucky to be in a LTR.

LTRs do not make men manginas. It is the belief among whites (and to some extent asians) that LTRs with women are the ultimate goal of human existance. In case you have not noticed, in many cultures the woman is supposed to be thankful for finding a good provider.

It is only in the west that a good provider is supposed to be thankful for finding an ungrateful cunt.

While some of you may believe that pussy worship is a product of the 60s, I would point out that the west has been giving women many passes for bad behavior for a few centuries. Read about victorian attitudes on the supposed purity of women or ponder about southern attitudes towards women. Pedestalling women is one of the core beliefs of the west, and is responsible for the dystopia we exist in today. I have my theories about why the west pedestalls women more than other cultures, but that is the subject of another post. In this one, I will try to describe how the attitudes of western men towards white women are the problem. No amount of game can fix this fundamental flawed belief, unless it is recognized as such.

The flawed belief is: “My life is not meaningful without a LTR with a white woman”.

Unless you recognize that the only service a woman (white or otherwise) can provide you in today’s world is sexual in nature, you will never see the underlying reality. Many men who want to learn about game want to use it to ultimately find the ‘one’. But trying to find the ‘one’ or holding on to the ‘one’ is the very definition of pedestalling. Pussy is fungible. One can stand in for another. One healthy pussy is satisfying as another. There is nothing one woman can offer that another cannot. You may have to pay a little bit more, but that is it.

Many game blogs are filled with white morons who dream of using game to get educated WASP pussy (read some of the old comments on roissy’s blog posts). Game blogs are also full of men who elevate the desirability of white pussy over others, and turn around to complain about it’s cost. But isn’t this high cost an example of self inflicted stupidity? Why do you want a specific race of pussy?

If white pussy is better than latin or asian pussy, then men who cannot get it easily (most of you) are losers who deserve to go extinct. If on the other hand, white pussy is no better than other pussy, you are just mistaken. So what is it? Losers who deserve to become extinct or merely mistaken?

In our current world, traditional institutions such as marriage and family make you less happy and less secure. Your wife will leave you if you lose your job for no fault of yours. She will leave you even if you get another less prestigious job, or maybe she will leave you because she found someone better. Overworking to make enough money to satisfy her greed will also result in her leaving you.

Your employer will throw your ass on the street if a slimy MBA convinces him that firing you will raise their stock prices and bonuses. Did I mention that your boss is most likely a whipped white guy who wants to make more money to satiate the aging hag in his life? Even the law enforcement system is filled with twits who want to appear as macho protectors and prosecutors. For what purpose?

Ever noticed that wives isolate men from their unmarried friends? Wonder why men go along with it? Are they stupid enough to believe that the wife who is motivating that behavior will stick by them through thick and thin? Note that white men are the most easily swayed by the opinions of their wives and LTRs. Maybe you are in for having white kids of your own. Are kids really worth it? In our current setup they are bargaining chips and instruments of torture to make your life more miserable. They can be used for everything from denying you sex to garnishing your pay.

But inspite of the facts, white men continue to desire LTRs with white women to have white kids. You are creating your own problems. Furthermore your willingness to cheerlead your race based on culturally reinforced feelings about racial superiority is screwing you over. I cannot feel any sympathy for people who are letting their hubris destroy them. Is it not obvious? Are you that dense?

Unless you change the way you see the world and place your individual interests above those of your ideology, you will always remain what you are now- a replacable and disposable slave.

You could either look out for yourself or regurgitate some flawed “research” about how only 40% of men used to reproduce. While you are celebrating your own disposability, don’t forget to mention how traditional marriage and “winner takes all” societies are stable and desirable. You could also excuse your pathetic existence based on your belief that nature intends men to compete and kill each other for mediocre pussy.

The choice is yours, I am just enjoying the show. Before I forget, what has the “west” and “white race” done for you recently, other than suggesting that you are a disposable source of power (somewhat like an alkaline cell).

This is what those whose attention, love and support you cherish see you as.. and yet you defend them..