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Random Thoughts: 9

March 18, 2010 4 comments

In retrospective, a few circumstances propelled me towards using escorts over dating or picking up women.

1] The quality of amateur internet porn increased to such an extent from 1996-1999 that I could no longer justify or visualize myself fucking average or subaverage women. There was a time when I hit on/ did it with plain and ugly women. Fantasizing about fucking a hot chick while doing an ugly one just did not cut it anymore.

2] Once I started bartering/ buying runaway pussy, it became very obvious that a young gal was always a better option than some jaded ugly cougar. It helps that women who really need money are often very compliant and nice, if they are operating by themselves.

3] Unless you are black, non-white men are not seen as desirable by white women. I have no intention of changing any minds, as people deserve the consequences of their actions.

4] I realised that both marriage and dating were bad deals for guys as they had to spend a lot of time trying to either outsmart or please women, irrespective of race. Why live as a slave, when you can live as a free man?

5] High rates of rejection based on criteria such as race, money or looks made me lose the ability to see women as humans. It is cowardly to treat others better than they treat you.

6] Escort review boards started flourishing on the Internet after 1999. My first half decent job came along in 2000. Can you see the perfect storm developing?

I changed a lot between the begining of 1999 and late 2000. In rerospect, it is apparent that the decisions I made at that time have defined my life- for better or worse. If I had a couple of decent relationships before mid-1999, I might have chosen a very different path.

I am happy that a combination of circumstances opened a door to my current path, and would not have it any other way.