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Random Thoughts: 10

March 21, 2010 4 comments

Women post long lists of what they want on their online dating site profiles.

But what is in it for the man?

What can they provide you in return for jumping through all those hoops? They have nothing to offer beyond aging and mentally damaged pussy.

Even if things work out well, you will be a legally owned slave of that woman. If she ever decides to change her mind, you are left paying her alimony and child support (for no sex I might add).

So why do women think they can get away with it?

I think that this attitude and mindset is encouraged by men, CONservative and Liberal alike. Women (mostly white) rate their aging and damaged pussy so highly precisely because many white men perceive and act like it is a prize.

So what do you get for praising white women? Nothing! Ok, they do crap and piss on you more, if you enjoy that.

Do you think they care about your romantic gestures, your gifts, your thoughtfulness, your support or even your efforts to please them? No! They do not care about such gestures because every such gesture is interpreted by them as a sign of your weakness and of their value.

I have got sex by telling women that their nose was too big, they were dumb, fat, slutty and damaged. I don’t think I have ever got action by telling them they were gorgeous and beautiful. My switch to buying sex was partially motivated by the honesty of that particular interaction.

I am just going to list a few cases and let you decide-

1] A woman (26- single) who was playing hard to get suddenly becomes passionate after receiving a quick bare bottom spanking for being bitchy in a semi-public hallway (years ago). This otherwise proper gal was turned on by having her skirt lifted and panties pulled down in a semi-public place, when she was pretending to not care a few moments before that event. She was actually enjoying me not allowing her to lower her skirt down after the impromptu spanking. Nice face but thick

2] A married religious woman (she was 27 – husband was 40) was telling me about her husbands lack of desire. She becomes sexually very pliable after I undress her without asking her permission.. the only thing I said was -“lets do something about your sexual dissatisfaction”. She later tells me about her desire to be fucked good and hard with her hands tied behind her back (and yes I obliged her- many times)… again years ago. Hot!

3] One gal I knew (slutty ex-coworker early 20s) was essentially willing to blow any guy who treated her half decently. At least, she was not as dishonest as many others. Did I mention she had a boyfriend? Plain and thick. It took little effort to get her to blow you and almost nothing more to have sex with you.. but she was not easy on the eyes- acceptable but not easy.

Feel like jumping through hoops to get a date or impress a girl today?