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How to Deal with Women: 1

March 25, 2010 23 comments

Lately I have read a lot on the blogosphere about how women are evil, manipulative, without remorse and generally untrustworthy.

Newsflash: They were always like that, however external constraints prevented them from acting on their worse impulses until the last 40-50 odd years.

The real question then is: How should men deal with it?

Some men are hoping that this nightmare will go away. Others have turned to game. A few distract themselves with delusions of racial superiority and hope to ‘turn back the clock’. Many hope to find women that are not “like that”..

What I am going to suggest in the rest of this post takes a very different and unusual approach to the whole problem. Most masculine responses to feminine behavior are predicated on one important assumption: that a reasonably pleasant relationship with a women is possible and desirable. I believe that we have gone past that point a long time ago, and the irreversible effect of technology and ideologies have created a world where such assumptions are no longer valid.

I believe that the only effective path towards your personal happiness lies in always treating women as adversaries, whose value is related to their ability to provide good, no-strings sex.

1] Abandon the childish dream that any woman will ever love you for what you are. She may love you for how you make her feel, but will abandon you based on her feelings.

Her feelings are fickle, self centered and no amount of game will ever make your position secure. It can help you score chicks, but forget about LTRs of any kind.

2] Marriage is a failed institution, and there is no ‘soul mate’ for you (and never was).

Marriage was a worthwhile option only as long as it provided something to the man for putting up with a woman. What does marriage provide now, apart from humiliation, betrayal, pain and financial ruin?

3] In a previous age the net gain from having kids was more than the net loss. It is no longer so, and kids are now pawns be used against you. They are used to extract money, harass you, manipulate you and deny sex to you.

Want your genetic legacy? go ahead, screw yourself! What will your genetic legacy do for you anyway? You are the sum of your mind and experiences, not your body. It is merely a vessel for your mind. Kids are partial copies of that vessel, not its contents.

4] You do not owe women, society, your race or humanity anything. What have they done for you lately? Why should you keep your end of the deal when they have violated theirs?

Your willingness to protect women or your country marks you out as a sucker, who will be used and thrown away. What has your country and its rulers (yes.. rulers) done for you lately. What has the corporation you work for (or used to work for) done for you recently? For all the “bootstrap” capitalism they talk about, who is always in the line to receive handouts from the government- your employer or you? Why show loyalty or care about those who treat you as slaves?

5] Don’t work more than what is necessary for you to have a good life. Don’t marry and slave for an ungrateful woman and kids. Don’t care about the dreams and expectations of others.

Don’t worry about others, just look out for yourself.

Do what makes you happy. Forget about everyone else and their opinions. You are born alone, will die alone and live just once. Is it really worth spending the one life you have trying to fix the world, and rescue sociopaths ? I am not suggesting that you become a monk or live off the land. Just do what is necessary for YOU alone to have a good life, and be happy.

Or you could always piss away your life as a poorly compensated slave aka a “responsible man”. You choice..