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How to Deal with Women: 3

March 26, 2010 17 comments

I have often said that women are not worth it.. let me enumerate and rehash the reasons behind my views.

1] Ever met a woman who genuinely cared about your interests, likes, dislikes, dreams, wants or needs? I have not! It is always about them.. they want to change you to be their slave. They take everything, but give nothing other than sex in return, and even that is on their terms.

Women do not care about you as a person.

2] How many women will give you an enthusiastic blowjob for no reason, just because they are happy to be with you. While this can occur in short term relationships, LTRs are a sexless or mediocre sex zone. How many will have enthusiastic sex with you, to make you happy. It is always about bargaining for something or not feeling left out.

Women do not care about your sexual satisfaction.

3] How many of them will stick by you through thick or thin, in sickness? Even if they do, they will mention it directly or indirectly at every opportunity they can. You see, they see themselves as martyrs when they just enjoy hanging around misery. It makes them feel better.

Women are unreliable yet they expect you to be reliable.

4] Why do women start fights, cheat on you, beak up/ divorce you and try to screw up your relationship with your kids? Some men see them as ‘shit tests’. I see them as attempts to control reality. Those who say that you have to be strong and stand up to such ‘tests’ do not factor in that the system is so rigged against men that you will eventually fail her ‘tests’ in any LTR.

Women are just not worth putting up with for any purpose other than sex. Get it with a minimum of interaction.

5] Women will not give anything you want even if you play by their rules. Your best hope in a LTR is to be an exiled husband who mutters “yes, dear”, walks on egg shells around his wife and accepts a pathetic life just so they can live another day in relative peace.

Women want slaves to obey their whims. Why do you want to volunteer?

6] Women can get away with all this crap because you willingly play their game. Some of you might be afraid of losing a woman to some other guy. But how can you lose what you never had? So why do you want a relationship with a woman for any reason other than sex?

Why do you have to impress others and get their approval to find happiness in your life? Don’t try to tell me some evo-psych vodoo..

Ask yourself one question: Why should I based my happiness on the approval and sanction of others?

What is so bad about living and dying free (and on your terms)? Ultimately, it is about YOU.

How to Deal with Women: 2

March 26, 2010 2 comments

Any guesses about the connection of this clip to my previous post?