Facebook Games

The last year has seen a huge increase in the number and popularity of facebook games. Some see such games as a sign of social pathology in our times. Others see them as a diversion from “productive” enterprises, whatever those may be. I see them as an inevitability in a dysfunctional society.

Think about it.. at this moment I would like to be in a subtropical/ tropical resort (preferably an atoll type island) drinking cold heiniken and having two young gals blow me as I watch them and the scenery. Then I would like to gave some fresh grilled seafood and mire booze, maybe watch a nice movie, read something, screw some more and watch the stars.

Instead I am sitting at a starbucks watching the world go by, while two plain and bitchy gals are at the counter.

The real question is- why should I not have my dream lifestyle.

CONservative idiots might mutter something about incentives and productivity, but that is just a cover for their ape minds who want to create artificial scarcity. Once industrialization and automation reach a certain level, which we have passed since the 1980s, an increase in worker “productivity” is both useless and counterproductive. The real challenge then is distributing the fruits of such high productivity. No current ideology or religion is capable of delivering such a concept, as they were all conceptualized in a zero sum world. Liberal hacks and environMENTALISTS talk a lot about sustainability which is a codeword for enforced misery.

RPG games, including those on facebook, offer an escape from a meaningless “reality”. What great feat are you going to achieve by working hard or diligently?

Our current system is heavily parasitized by lawyers, doctors, managers, various special interests, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and other assorted conartists. It is almost impossible to get anything meaningful or significant done under these conditions. And for whom? An ungrateful wife or slutty girlfriend? bratty worthless kids? Saving western civilization? And what are the rewards. Waiting for death in a nursing home for a few years?

Why care about a world that does not care about you?

Games are so much better than “reality”. Hopefully technological progress will increase realism in games and make them even more interactive. I have no interest in caring about the approval of ape-mind hubris ridden dicks and cunts (the vast majority of human beings). Let them and their progeny rot and die.

Unless we have a new social contract where people are treated with basic human dignity, more and more people will just stop caring about the world around them. However unlike in a simpler world, the effects of such detachment and disillusionment will be catastrophic for a system as complex, interdependent and irreversible as our current “civilization”.

I do not see such change occuring easily, as it will entail the ruthless extermination of ALL ideologues and their progeny.

The obstacle to human evolution and betterment is ideologues of all stripes and shades. Hopefully we can unite the remains of ideologues with conflicting ideologies.

I will stick with my games, escorts, gadgets and the web till that day, if it comes.

  1. P Ray
    October 21, 2018 at 4:19 am

    The other game that Facebook is playing is we honestly and accurately track statistics
    judging by this post they’re gonna get lawsuited because stupid and lying. Well … remember that Zuckerberg got his initial funding from a PHPBB installation, and the Facebook you are seeing now is the result of thousands of engineers and thus not reproducible, comprehensible or maintainable by a single person anymore, even if it’s a wunderkind

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  2. January 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm
  3. June 26, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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