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Why Should I Care: 2

April 3, 2010 9 comments

As I have written in the previous part of this series, the west will have to make it worth for a younger non-white crowd to give a crap about a white west that is aging and declining. Many older white idiots feel this could be done by trickery or force, without realizing that they live in a world where neither can save their ass.

Before demolishing quaint delusions about how whites will win, I will start by looking at the attitudes in the white psyche that will doom them.

The single biggest cause of white decline is hubris, a very universal human failing.

Whites are not alone when it comes to hubris, indeed many asian cultures make whites look somewhat better in that respect. However the effects of hubris are very clear and always deadly over an extended period of time. No dynasty, no culture, no people, no race has ever survived their own hubris. History is littered with once great civilizations that are now extinct or a shadow of their former self.

Hubris is deadly because the feeling of invincibility blinds its victims from a changing reality.

Hubris is the equivalent of driving down a highway at 100 miles/ hr and being unwilling to use the brake or make lane changes. It can be done but sooner or later, it will end badly. A complex systems that is vainly sclerotic will not work over a long period of time.

Hubris has many reinforcers like vanity, pride and sophistry.

Consider the average whites view of the world…

Most whites believe that they are more intelligent, better looking and more creative than other ‘races’. My counter question is:

If I picked out 1000 adult whites (20-60 yrs old) at random, even in an affluent area, could they invent automobiles, planes, rocket launchers, computers or new medicines from scratch? even if they had unlimited funds and their whole lifetimes to make stuff work?

The unpleasant answer is NO! They would most likely spend all the resources trying to screw over and kill each other. It does not matter if they were high IQ or borderline retards.

The success of white western civilization is largely due to not killing or ignoring heretics, which is a rather recently acquired cultural construct.

Asian civilizations spend too much of their effort enforcing conformity and saving face. Such attitudes combined with a gerontocracy and unhealthy obsession with tradition is the reason behind the lack of asian innovation. Younger asians have seen that problem and are playing a different game, so the real question is – will the white west still have a lead in innovation.

An asian, indian or any other non-white born in the west, or integrated into the west, is not white but is western in outlook. Such a person may like what the western outlook offers but will not play second fiddle to a white.

How are the older (and younger) whites, who are a declining population with no clear advantage over the rest, going to handle such people? They can be your allies. But they can be also be your worst enemies, because they understand your abilities and weaknesses better than you understand theirs. They have a stronger motivation to understand you better than you understand them.

Such people form an increasing number of the working age population of western countries. So how are you going to convince them to pay for the upkeep of older whites who looked upon them in disdain? or not undercut middle aged whites who believed in their own racial superiority? Do you think they will play fair (or cooperate) with whites of their own age who might be perceived as getting a better deal than them?

Once the non-white % of the working age population reaches a large minority (above 30% but before 50%) , we will find out. This particular tipping point is far closer than many of you realize.

Did I mention that we live in a consumption driven, fiat money world with rampant feminism. Even worse, we cannot walk backwards.. only forwards. It is now about choosing the least horrible future..

More about white hubris (with examples) in my next post..