Why Should I Care: 2

As I have written in the previous part of this series, the west will have to make it worth for a younger non-white crowd to give a crap about a white west that is aging and declining. Many older white idiots feel this could be done by trickery or force, without realizing that they live in a world where neither can save their ass.

Before demolishing quaint delusions about how whites will win, I will start by looking at the attitudes in the white psyche that will doom them.

The single biggest cause of white decline is hubris, a very universal human failing.

Whites are not alone when it comes to hubris, indeed many asian cultures make whites look somewhat better in that respect. However the effects of hubris are very clear and always deadly over an extended period of time. No dynasty, no culture, no people, no race has ever survived their own hubris. History is littered with once great civilizations that are now extinct or a shadow of their former self.

Hubris is deadly because the feeling of invincibility blinds its victims from a changing reality.

Hubris is the equivalent of driving down a highway at 100 miles/ hr and being unwilling to use the brake or make lane changes. It can be done but sooner or later, it will end badly. A complex systems that is vainly sclerotic will not work over a long period of time.

Hubris has many reinforcers like vanity, pride and sophistry.

Consider the average whites view of the world…

Most whites believe that they are more intelligent, better looking and more creative than other ‘races’. My counter question is:

If I picked out 1000 adult whites (20-60 yrs old) at random, even in an affluent area, could they invent automobiles, planes, rocket launchers, computers or new medicines from scratch? even if they had unlimited funds and their whole lifetimes to make stuff work?

The unpleasant answer is NO! They would most likely spend all the resources trying to screw over and kill each other. It does not matter if they were high IQ or borderline retards.

The success of white western civilization is largely due to not killing or ignoring heretics, which is a rather recently acquired cultural construct.

Asian civilizations spend too much of their effort enforcing conformity and saving face. Such attitudes combined with a gerontocracy and unhealthy obsession with tradition is the reason behind the lack of asian innovation. Younger asians have seen that problem and are playing a different game, so the real question is – will the white west still have a lead in innovation.

An asian, indian or any other non-white born in the west, or integrated into the west, is not white but is western in outlook. Such a person may like what the western outlook offers but will not play second fiddle to a white.

How are the older (and younger) whites, who are a declining population with no clear advantage over the rest, going to handle such people? They can be your allies. But they can be also be your worst enemies, because they understand your abilities and weaknesses better than you understand theirs. They have a stronger motivation to understand you better than you understand them.

Such people form an increasing number of the working age population of western countries. So how are you going to convince them to pay for the upkeep of older whites who looked upon them in disdain? or not undercut middle aged whites who believed in their own racial superiority? Do you think they will play fair (or cooperate) with whites of their own age who might be perceived as getting a better deal than them?

Once the non-white % of the working age population reaches a large minority (above 30% but before 50%) , we will find out. This particular tipping point is far closer than many of you realize.

Did I mention that we live in a consumption driven, fiat money world with rampant feminism. Even worse, we cannot walk backwards.. only forwards. It is now about choosing the least horrible future..

More about white hubris (with examples) in my next post..

  1. haha
    April 4, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Dude, Im a white guy.

    At least among the science white guys, we realize that its the genome, and its mechanism of transcription, that make the basic person.

    This white hubris is not very large among the young whites. We all kinda realize asians kick our asses at smarts.

    Yes, but unless things change quickly, attitudes will harden on both sides.

    This might be less of a problem in the USA (due to much better integration), but pretty much all other white western countries are going to have an ‘interesting’ future.

  2. rightsaidfred
    April 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Let’s re-examine the whole premise of the young taking care of the old. It worked in the context of family or small communities where functional feedback mechanisms were in play.

    Since Bismarck we’ve had a relatively short experiment where the Central Government has provided care, and it has turned into a looting expedition by the bureaucrats and customers involved. In a time of increased life spans, retirement age falls and the exit of childhood extends. It looks to me like a ramp to failure.

  3. April 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Whites are still the most dynamic racial group and continue to create 90% of world innovation. But this success has brought with it laziness, infertility, and the welfare state. None of which are conducive to long term success.

    The west is in decline but hubris is not the cause.

    What have YOU done, other than use the name of Issac Newton?

  4. Y
    May 1, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    “Whites are still the most dynamic racial group and continue to create 90% of world innovation.”

    You should read more about Sir Isaac Newton, on of his famous quotes If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Innovation is exponential. The “inherent” creativity of whites as everything to do with the previous innovations that allowed for the creation of bigger better models. We wouldn’t have the iPod without having the personal computer, or electricity first…Not only that but most of the ground work that made modern “white” inventions possible was not done by white people. Without Arab Muslims, Greeks, the Chinese, Egyptians, and many others these “white” inventions would not be possible.

  5. Anonymous
    July 31, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    It is wishful thinking to think that whites will become dependent on non-whites and expect to be taken care of by them. This is just a fantasy of bitter immigrants.
    No matter how old whites become demographically, they will have no choice but to be self reliant and they know it. Only the most naive whites actually believe that non whites will take care of them. Why do you think whites keep practicing white flight?
    By contrast it is the non-whites who will suffer the most because of the white demographic decline. For a start, most non-whites are not super productive silicon valley employees. Most are employed in low wage, low skilled sectors. Most employed non-whites need white demand in order to be employed. If white demand declines, the non-whites will have fewer or no jobs. In addition, the non-whites will need services which hitherto have been funded by white tax payers. It is naive to think that the non-whites will eventually become as productive as whites and be able to produce a surplus. Instead, the likelyhood is that the non-whites will continue to be net receivers of benefits from whites, even as the white population becomes older and less able to provide such benefits to others.
    Furthermore, the non whites are not all bitter outsiders waiting to unite and take revenge on whites. A superficial glance at most immigrant groups such as Indians, Chinese etc shows that these people are desperate to integrate and whitify themselves. These people will always be chasing after white people and white norms as long as there is still a large population of young whites to set the standard, which will be the case for the forseable future (even if this white population is a minority it will still be a huge population). There is no chance that these immigrants will somehow unite with blacks or hispanics to punish whites.
    Furthermore, there is the strong possibility that whites will adapt in some way, possibly by withdrawing or concentrating. Whites will find ways of avoiding non-whites, especially if they notice large scale hostility (passive or otherwise). Already, trends towards secession and white flight show that this possibility is very real. Furthermore, whites are able to move elsewhere, including to other parts of the world, leaving behind any residual violence in America. Already, many white Americans live comfortably in Latin America and the Carribean. Absent the racial politics, and with no desire to persecute or integrate, whites can live happily in predominantly non white countries like Barbados and Mexico.
    Whites will always avoid and distance themselves from unpleasant non-whites, even if they are merely unfriendly, in contrast to non-whites who keep moving in and living among whites even when they know they are not liked or wanted.
    Furthermore, whites do not need any other races to psychologically orient themselves. They only need their own kind, with outside groups only providing peripheral roles as entertainers and labourers in the big white narrative.
    Contrast this with the numerous whitifying immigrant minorities. Can you imagine the typical Chinese American or Indian American (especially the females but even the males of these communities) or even the high yellow blacks living without whites, or suddenly finding out that white people have moved away and they are just stuck with each other?
    The fact is that non-whites need whites more than ever both economically but also more importantly psychogically. If this were not the case, they would be leaving America in droves and returning to Asia and Latin America. Even the blacks would be moving en-masse to Africa and the Caribbean. However this will not happen. Instead, if there is ever a mass movement out of America, it will probably be white, as whites will always put up with less crap from others than non-whites. All that the non-whites will do is get bitter as the number of younger white people diminishes, thereby reducing the opportunities for non-whites to go to white parties and have white girlfriends and boyfriends and white husbands and wives. Already this trend is apparent, for as the non-white population increases, there are fewer and fewer whites per non-white, and hence proportionally fewer and fewer cool attractive blonde athletic perky whites for non-whites to party with and screw with and marry.
    In fact, younger non whites, especially those of Asian origin, are not bitter at some great wrong, but at the inability of white society to give them their greatest wish, to be equal with the best of the most attractive blonde Anglo American Pie whites and to be invited to the best fraternities/sororities and pool parties.
    However, despite all this youthfull and middle aged angst, non-whites have no choice but to play along because they dont have the creativity or vision to even imagine a world or even a life without whites.

    The 1960s called.. they want their assumptions and mindset back.

    • P Ray
      January 16, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      No matter how old whites become demographically, they will have no choice but to be self reliant and they know it.
      And yet … whites sell goods and services to other whites. If they were so self-reliant that wouldn’t be happening.

  6. P Ray
    July 12, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Did I mention that we live in a consumption driven, fiat money world with rampant feminism.

    That’s actually exactly how the whites control Asian guys in whiteland.
    The feminism is of the type:
    “Everything the Asian guy does or expects is wrong,
    Everything the White guy does or expects is right (even if it’s the same thing the Asian guy does or expects)”.
    It is an example of “it’s not what you do, it’s who does it”.

    The fun part is, Asian women like to paint it as if it’s the White people enforcing this behaviour, when it’s actually Asian women and their parents.

    The parents need some schmuck to lean on after their horny daughter has finished exploring her sexuality, so tell the future son-in-law that he must “be a man” and “show her who’s boss, by earning all the money” (talk about telling a dray beast they’re in charge).

    Some deluded souls are stupid enough to believe this. The antidote is:
    if she’s not within or just out of her teens,

    you are being “settled” for as-
    1. she will demand a lot from you (to compensate for her lack of attraction to you)
    2. she will not be loyal to you (women remember and yearn for their first cock … if she closes her eyes while you’re having sex, she’s remembering Chad)
    3. from 1 and 2, she will start disrespecting or even acting against the best interests of the family, empowered by feminism (“If I cheat, she gets half … if she cheats, she gets half)
    4. lack of constraints (parents didn’t object to the screwing around) means she doesn’t feel shame either (social atomisation reduces inhibition).

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  2. April 20, 2010 at 2:51 pm

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