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Scorched Earth: 1

April 20, 2010 8 comments

One consistent theme throughout the PUA blogosphere concerns self improvement. While the idea seems logical, implementation is a big stumbling block.

You can be as buff, as tall, as smart-ass as you want.. but the women you are seeing can always find a better deal. Remember that we live in cities with hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

Moreover, most people will never have a super job or glamorous/profitable business etc. Add into that laws and social mores which favor women, and you will realize that you can never win over an extended time period, except by luck.

So what is the alternative? I have one idea, that is disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

Scorched Earth

You can be a sociopath for profit, or you can be sociopathic for fun.

What is wrong in being sociopathic for fun? It is perfectly possible to insult, manipulate, abuse, mislead to hurt people even if it does not profit you. It is also very easy to not stop people screwing up, let them make mistakes and never help, even if asked.

The best part is that you can do this without a lot of extra effort. You just have to lose your humanity, which is quite easy. Think of all the people who have crossed you and just do much worser to anyone who fits their profile, even remotely.

There are entire groups and types of people I would never help even if I was the only person on earth capable of helping them. I would rather prefer to watch them perish, hopefully in great pain and agony.

You cannot change human behavior, but you can help them reach their end faster.

You might wonder about the legality of such behavior. The way I see it, as long as you did not explicitly break an enforceable law.. who cares? Infact you can use the alphabet soup of law to cover your ass and make it appear as a logical choice.

The easiest way to screw up a complex system is to not perform your expected duties with the minimum required efficiency. If you can disrupt the feedback loops and the robustness of a system, it will either fail or weaken enough to let random low probability events do their job.

I will post some of my more evil, but perfectly legal, ideas in future posts on this topic.

Why Should I Care: 3

April 20, 2010 2 comments

In the previous post of this series, I alluded to a scenario where whites in western countries would have to accept their “new” status. This post will be devoted to an analysis of various scenarios. Let me begin by saying that the future is not predictable with very high degrees of certainty. Idiots, mostly ‘educated’ white men, however do suffer from delusions about their ability to accurately prophesize the future.

I make no such claims, and will stick to analyzing and describing what I see. You can choose to believe it or not.. but don’t believe in anything because someone ‘respectable’ says it. Use your brain and the available evidence to evaluate it.

There is always a tiny probability of freak and unforeseen circumstances such as aliens revisiting earth and anointing whites as the master race. I shall also explicitly not consider events such as global natural disasters and wars, because either would leave far fewer white survivors because of the demographic profile and the extreme dependence of life in the west on “things working properly”. If you do not believe me, consider what a 3 week countrywide blackout would do to the US. The institutions, technology and systems of the west are very effective against small scale disasters and brief large disasters. Frequent medium scale or prolonged large scale natural disasters will however render them nonfunctional. The west also cannot win any large scale war for reasons that I will write about in another post.

So absent any gods, aliens, big natural disasters or wars- there are three basic directions.

Direction 1- The number and percentage of non-whites in the west declines.

Whether this happens because of conflict or economic opportunity, the effects on the west will be devastating. The current paradigm of western economics is based on continued growth. The worst our current system can handle, without coming apart, is stagnation. Prolonged demand deflation will kill the system. All assumptions and projections that underlie trust in the west are dependent on a belief in continued growth. Everything from jobs, business incomes, security, law and order are dependent on that belief, and its corollary- that promises of future payouts are doable.

People will lose faith in the system if promised payouts cannot be made, or become useless (not worthless), and there will be a mad ‘rush for the exits’. Deflation, rather than inflation, will cause these problems for reasons I have touched on in previous posts (deflationary spiral). While monetary deflation can be countered with easy money (at least for some time) systemic deflation is basically unstoppable unless real demand increases.

Since whites have been reproducing at or below replacement levels for a few decades, the promises made by western countries to its citizens and external creditors cannot be fulfilled within the current economic paradigm. Non-white immigrants and their kids are the only hope to possibly reach stagnation, rather than implode via deflation. I will explain that point in more detail in the next post of this series.

Direction 2- The number and percentage of non-whites in the west remains at current levels or gradually increases.

This direction would buy a few more years, but the end result would be the same as Direction 1. A highly leveraged system based on projections of accelerating future demand is fundamentally flawed. Playing around with the numbers on a small scale buys can buy a year or three, at the most.

We will ultimately have to transition to an economic system based on different assumptions than our current one (whether we like it or not). Our current system has a lot of inbuilt zero-sum based thinking which in combination with our technology and institutions will kill us. However, transitioning into a new system takes time and is a messy process. Neither Direction 1 or 2 will give us enough time to transition into anything better. We will be either dead or killing each other before the new operating system boots up, even if we start building the new operating system right now. There will be no winners, just various degrees of death and destruction.

Direction 3- Drastically increase the number of people living a western middle-class level lifestyles.

I will discuss the third possibility in more detail and its potential effects in the next part of this series.

Military Decline of the West: 1

April 20, 2010 4 comments

The blogosphere is populated by a range of opinions concerning the future (or lack thereof) for the “west”. However many still do not understand the basic reasons behind the decline. Some even believe that we could just go back to “earlier times”.

This series of posts will be devoted to understanding why the west is in military decline. Many people believe that the west could still win if “we are as ruthless as before”. Nothing could be farther from reality, but then again most people do not like that concept.

So here it goes:

The west has never won a lasting victory against an adversary that was not living in the stone age or prone to introduced infectious diseases.

The success of whites in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia had more to do with overwhelming stone age cultures (of varying degrees of sophistication) with gunpowder weapons and accidentally introduced diseases. The vast majority of casualties among the indigenous people of these areas were due to infectious diseases.

The west has never experienced a lasting victory in Asia or Africa, because they either faced people who were better organized or more resistant to infectious diseases. In the case of Africa, infectious diseases killed and crippled more whites than the natives ever could.

The original military expansion of the west by driven by the need to steal resources.

However, for the last hundred years, making the resources into “things” and selling them is far more profitable than stealing resources. Resources by and large are inexpensive compared to the value added products and services derived from them.

Nobody wants to wage war for reserves of gold, silver, wood, metals, grain, tea, coffee when it is cheaper to pay people to sell them to you.

Cannon fodder is getting scarce and expensive.

In previous eras, religion, poverty, nationalism, a general lack of education and communication made it easy for western countries to recruit cannon fodder. Today, it is much harder as people are less stupid, more cynical and less desperate.

The weapons of previous eras were also much more simpler, and required a smaller logistics train. High casualties were almost expected, and we did not have the communication infrastructure we have now. Weapons today are also far more expensive, specialized and require far longer logistics trains than in the past. Prolonged wars are expensive.. especially now.

Weapon technology has spread, thus destroying the west’s advantage.

Today your insurgent, warlord, rebel is very likely to have automatic weapons, RPGs, improvised mines and many non-western countries behind him. Did I mention that they have far more motivated volunteers?

It certainly does not help that they look and dress like the civilian population, and often are locals. The west cannot do what it could have got by with in the past, because there are many non-western powers behind such groups. It is just too risky in a world where you can turn the screws by disrupting oil supply, and now asian countries produce most of what the west uses. You cannot attack your major trading partners and not expect your economy to turn to crap.


it is hard to ‘win’ if notional victory can hurt your country as much as defeat. Even a much smaller nation with nukes can cause severe and lasting damage to the west, without using missiles.

The game is just too risky, unless they threaten to use first.

I will explore some of these issues in more detail, and a few other new ones in my next post on this topic.