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Ten Years Ago

April 21, 2010 3 comments

It is almost 10 years to the day that I went to the dark side. Until that point in my life, I could have gone either way. I was in my very early 20s then.

However a series of events in 1999, destroyed any residual faith in human beings, especially women. Until then, I was cynical about women, but still preferred to get it for “free” rather than buy it. While I did get some sex, most of it was of relatively low quality and inadequate frequency.

Now some of you would say.. what about game and all that other stuff? Well, I was aware of that but was broke. It certainly did not help me that I was not white (or black) or handsome. I did dabble in buying sex from amateurs even then.. and that helped. I found that a decent steak dinner + booze often got me some action from a gal who was homeless (fresh not hardened). However that was survival sex.. it got the job done, but was not exactly nice.

Then I reached a point where I had really no income for a few months, and hence could not even get homeless gals to blow/ride me. It is also at that point, when nobody helped me. I think something snapped in me..

Around the end of 1999, I got a half decent job and some disposable income. However a series of rejections in that year changed me to the point where I could no longer imagine a relationship with any woman. From then on, it was all about sex.

While I have had some non-paid sex since then (a few women), the vast majority have been escorts. Between porn and escorts, things are good. I have had to finance my hobby creatively.. but it beats alimony + child support.

I have averaged 20-60 women per year since then.. the low number years had more repeats. The only way I would change this is through buying more sex. I have had escorts who were white, black, hispanic, asian, east-indian and all manners of mixtures. I have had threesomes.. and more.

I do not see myself ever having a relationship with a woman again, as sex with escorts gives you the control, quality and variety that no amount of game can ever bring you.

Was going to dark side worth it.. YES!

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Most Scientific Research is Fraudulent: 1

April 21, 2010 7 comments

There I said it.. The vast majority of so called scientific research is fraudulent. This statement might seem surprising given my profession, but sadly it is true. But all is not lost and, in this article series, I will show you how to recognize scientific fraud. While each area of research is different, scientific fraud shares some common characteristics.

The first thing you should know – Certain fields are much less prone to fraud. ‘Hard’ sciences such as physics, chemistry, basic biological research are almost fraud free . The worst abuses you typically see in these areas involve exaggeration and some data manipulation.

Certain fields such as biomedical research and related areas have a very high percentage of fraud. Indeed, most of biomedical research is either outright fraudulent, obtained after extensive data manipulation or is irrelevant . However areas that involve extensive speculation and solipsism on scarce experimental data such as archeology, paleontology, eCONomics, psychology, climate modelling are the worst offenders. It is reasonable to assume that all research findings and interpretations in these areas are fraudulent (though some may be half-truths at best).

So why is it hard to commit extensive fraud in physics, chemistry and basic biology?

The reasons are:

1] It is very easy to cross-check experimental data, therefore most fraud are quickly exposed. Biomedical researchers can hide behind the BS of their experimental models being unique.

2] Most ‘hard’ science research is well funded, but grants are not extravagant. The incentive to defraud is far less than say biomedical research, where public drama and proclamations often mean the difference between big grants and nothing.

3] Hard sciences look down on unfounded and untestable speculation and extensive data interpretation. Biomedical sciences encourage it and areas like psychology, eCONomics, climate modeling revel in it.

4] In most areas of “research” people design “experiments” to validate their assumptions and beliefs. Hard sciences discourage such confirmatory ‘research’, because it is anathema to the very concept of scientific inquiry.

5] Personality cults are far more common in areas such as psychology, eCONomics and yes.. biomedical research. Too many have much vested in a particular world-view or explanation. Areas other than ‘hard’ sciences have more in common with religion than science.

Remember that the next time you read or hear about the “latest breakthrough” for a disease, “new facts or discoveries” in psychology, eCONomics or archeology.

More in the next part of this series.