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Random Thoughts: 15

April 22, 2010 2 comments

Here is an interesting observation:

Though more than a few women know I use escorts, only a minority have ever been even mildly disapproving.

Most just go along. Heck more than a few want to know more. My guess- they realise that they cannot manipulate me with sex.

On one recent first date, I was fingering and essentially making out with a woman who fully knew about my escort habit. Did I mention that it was in a reasonably busy restaurant/bar.

I recently also had the opportunity to give a “non-paid” naughty gal a good spanking and fucking. It is amazing how quickly a woman will put on a schoolgirl outfit and go across your lap- if they know you can get sex from someone else. This was also a first date..

I have had other encounters in the past where I was essentially banging a girl on the first date, and she had a boyfriend. It is scary to think about it, but the very fact that I use escorts had dropped more panties “for free” than any other line I used.

The very idea that a non-repulsive guy had no problem getting good sex from an escort, has caused more gals to get naked and busy with me than any other line. I remember more than a few occasions where a woman was saying that she had a boyfriend, while she was helping me undress her. She was saying one thing, but her hands and later her mouth and pussy were busy doing something contrary to her original talk.

But you must mention your escort habit in a very casual and matter of fact manner. Something along the general lines of “I like sex with hot women, but have no time for BS and mind games and therefore prefer escorts, remember escorts not hookers”. If asked about risks, mention that it is always clean and safe (that is true!) + much less riskier than picking up women from the bar.

It is also peculiar that women who have sex with you after this line are very sweet as long as you are dominant. It is also almost guaranteed that a gal who will sleep with you after knowing about your escort habit will be more uninhibited. Essentially you get a sweet but naughty whore, who will do as she is told.

I guess that is not classical PUA game, but who cares?..

Favorite Video Games: Wolfenstein

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The Latest in the Wolfenstein Franchise:

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