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Laws Protect Sociopaths: 1

April 27, 2010 10 comments

Many who mourn the ongoing demise of the west, cite ‘law and order’ as one of its greatest achievements. I disagree..

If anything, ‘law and order’ is one of the many factors that is destroying the west, not that I care.

The basic reasons behind having a society with ‘law and order’ include protection of life, property and apprehension + prosecution of offenders. While these reasons are eternally relevant, they carry within them the seeds of decay and destruction.

The reasons behind the chain of events can be understood with a few simple questions:

Who makes laws and for whom?

The answer is those with power for themselves, or their friends. Democratic systems are often spared from the worst abuses of greed, pettiness and megalomania, however they are not immune.

Look around you..

Laws are enforced for speeding, buying drugs, giving an individual touch to your house, shoplifting, not being able to pay usurious interest rates or fraudulent medical costs etc. Curiously the well off almost seem to get off much easier than the average person.

Laws are almost never enforced if your wealth manager scams you out of your life savings, your 401k is poorly managed, your bank decides to suddenly hike the interest rate on your credit card. Getting screwed over by any level of government, your employer, bank, lawyer or special interest group is actually legalized.

The law effectively protects sociopaths from retribution and allows them to exploit you. It seldom does what it is supposed to do, namely protect you from sociopaths.

But guess who foots the bill? YOU! It is overt and hidden taxes on your income that pay for the system.

You are the sucker who pays for your own oppression.

Most of you pay for your own oppression because it allows you to stroke your dick when a non-white person (or a poorer white person) runs afoul of the “law”. That is right- You are paying for someone to sodomize you every waking minute because you can get a few glimpses of someone else being sodomized.

Many whites makes claims about their superior IQ. I have no problems listening to such claims after they remove that dick out of their ass.

For many years, the ‘law and order’ apparatus did not sodomize whites as badly as non-whites, but times have changed. The lack of productive jobs combined with the cancerous nature of all bureaucracies have created a lot of job opportunities in the ‘law and order’ sector. Think of how many people are employed by that system..

– Lawyers who sue and defend you.
– Lawyers who create even more laws (through legislators) and even more complicated contracts.
– Bureaucrats to implement, “measure efficacy” and modify laws.
– “Enforcement” who would like nothing than fuck over decent people for fun..

Did I mention that increased spending in this area is hurting the system as a whole? Oh.. and YOU are paying for it, one way or the other (in case you did not get it the first time).

It worked as long as the west had a favorable demographic profile and technological edge. The party is now over but it seems as if nobody wants to believe that.

More in another part of this series..