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What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Enjoy the double entendre..

In case you did not get it.. I am refer to spanking with a hairbrush.

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The South American Model Won’t Work

April 28, 2010 2 comments

The ongoing collapse of white primacy in the west has spawned many denial based delusions. One such popular delusion is that the west will look like south and central america, where the well-off are white and poor people are mixed or non-white.

Sadly, people forget the reasons behind that artificial system..

The current primacy of whites in south and central america is not due to IQ or any other genuine advantage. It is due to the fact that the west has been using whites to rape, pillage and exploit those of mixed ancestry (or non-whites) for about 400 years.

First it was Spain (1500s-1700s), then European countries (1700-1900s) and now the USA (1900s-today). The white elite of these countries have been artificially propped up by successive white countries/ empires.

If you don’t believe what I just said, read about the history of direct and indirect white western interference in south and central america.

The west could pull it of because they, as a group, were growing for almost 400 years. A new western exploiter replaced the previous one, and so on.. This game, however, can be only played as long as the west was growing (and had a major technological edge), and therein lies the problem..

The west, specifically its white component, is not on the ascendant anymore.

Once the parasite can no longer support its outgrowths, they will die out (or be assimilated). I prefer the total assimilation scenario, as it would give us more mixed babes.

There is another less obvious reason for not being able to go the south american way.

The west is utterly dependent on a high velocity of money to exist. Societies like south and central america have very low velocities for money.However they also have far fewer systems that can go bust and pull the whole thing down. The west is also dependent on multiple interlocking systems (legal, social, economic) to achieve the living standard it enjoys. These multiple interlocking systems will fail if the velocity of money drops below a certain value. If these systems fail, we will get complete socio-economic unwinding.

It is always easier to survive a fall from 3 feet than 30 feet.

Get it?