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Why I Still Prefer Escorts

May 31, 2010 43 comments

My experiences in the last two weeks were a good reminder about the flaky nature of ‘unpaid’ women. While I had a great six weeks from late March to Early May (3 ‘unpaid’ gals + an interesting experience), women flake.

While I was with 2 of the three ‘unpaid’ gals for only a couple of times, the ‘third’ (thick gal) was developing into a good booty call situation. But ‘unpaid’ women flake and often demand what they do not deserve. I did not see the point of continuing with ‘thick’ gal about 2-3 weeks ago. Since then, I have obtained many e-mails & phone numbers but no hits.

Luckily, I have escorts to fall back on. They are less complicated, extremely reliable and great to fuck. It certainly helps that they are better looking and often very skilled. Ya, I had a couple more in the last two weeks (one new and one repeat). It was not cheap, and I could have purchased a good netbook with that money, but I already have one.

I am happy and reasonably satisfied, and that is all that matters.

It is nice to get laid with willing and skilled hot chicks whether you’re on a winning streak or not. It is almost like a possessing a minor superpower that makes living a bit less unpleasant.

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Random Thoughts: May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010 4 comments

This post is devoted to explaining a paradox about sexuality in the indian subcontinent.

The paradox is:

How could a culture that celebrated sexuality become so prudish.

Many people like to blame muslim and british influence for such an attitude. This is only partially true, in that these influences had some effects. The real story is however much more complicated.

First let us understand the context and preconditions of sexuality in India.

For most of history, right untill the late 1930s, Indians were far less prudish than the caricatures you see around you. Whether you lived in a village, small town or city- you saw a lot of skin and more growing up. Prepubesent nudity was never a big issue in India, nor was situational adult nudity. This might surprise many of you, but it is true. Adult sex was also not a taboo issue though it was not discussed in public fora, as we are accustomed to. Even Indian films until the late 1930s were often risqué and showed more skin than their western counterparts.

So what happened?

To understand the problem you must understand how teenagers in India used to have sex. For most of Indian the following arrangement was the norm (and yes, there were other less common arrangements).

Kids were often betrothed/’married’ to each other between ages 6-12 and then slept together after puberty OR they were married in their mid-teens (and sex followed). Either way, almost every teenaged boy and girl ended up sleeping together by 16-17 at the latest. The usual age difference between spouses was anywhere from 3-6 years (boy older than gal).

You see, for most of history teenagers were encouraged to have sex, albeit in a marriage. Since the couple was usually matched for other criteria and mutual non-repulsiveness, the rest was easy. The social mores were such that parents were happy to know that their married teenage children were getting it on with their teenage spouses.

However all this was done with a high degree of discretion, and was never talked about outside the house or immediate family.

Now this does not imply that adultery, cuckolding or homosexuality did not exist. It is just that they were discretely tolerated, rather than openly encouraged.

The real problems started with an increase in the age of marriage, especially in the more educated classes. Since the primary mechanism for getting horny teenagers together was marriage, an increase in the age of marriage effectively squelched this outlet. Prostitution (pro and semi-pro) filled in the gap, however even that became more risky for a variety of reasons, ranging from general social disapproval to the need to be seen as progressive.

Slavish adoration and aping the mores of a protestant west (circa 1900) by the ‘leaders’ political, legal and cultural certainly did not help. The reluctance to separate marriage and sex by senile twits was also not helpful.

A combination of conditions, and an unwillingness to adapt, are therefore the true reasons behind the prudery and dysfunction seen in India.

Note that the worst prudery and dysfunction occurred in the educated middle classes, who formed the first wave of indian immigrants to the west in the 1960s-1980s. Subsequent generations have reverted to a less fucked up attitude.

However, remember that a weak-willed Indian geek is a weak-willed geek first, and will not do much better with the ladies than his white counterpart. Moreover, stereotypes will hurt his prospects more than an equivalent white geek who can still get yellow pussy.

Things started changing in the 80s-90s, courtesy coed-education, affluence, VCR porn and urban living. Many of you might not realize it but a lot of things happen behind closed doors in India. While people may not admit it, the sales of condoms, contraceptive pills and steady business for abortion clinics says otherwise. Note that contraceptive pills are usually bought in India without a prescription.

The two groups who have traditionally stood in the way of such changes have fat older middle class women and senile men who still ‘live’ in another age. It is satisfying to see that their efforts ave been largely unsuccessful.

However there is another dysfunction still seen in India.

Obviously non-virgin men and women in the late 20s-early 30s agreeing to traditional arranged marriages to satisfy their parents. Or maybe it is the fear of being lonely after a few unlucky forays in dating, some of which lasted a few years.

Expect an exponential growth in the rate of divorce, a tend that has already begun in earnest in the more well-off classes.

Scorched Earth: May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010 3 comments

A recent text exchange:

Background: Woman is in her mid 20s. Used to be chubby, but has now lost some weight. A new-agey head case with some issues in her life.

First knew her from a couple of casual meetings (about a year ago) . Recently met her again and obtained her phone number.


Do you want to go for a few drinks tonight?

Her 1st reply

No, I am not really into drinking and I am not interested in dating.

Counterstrike 1

I guessed so, and that is why I prefer to BUY better looking company. It’s just more fun for me that way.

Counterstrike 2

I was never interested in ‘dating’ you. I am not that desperate. Enjoy..

Her 2nd reply

Fuck off, you asshole. Stay away from me.

Mission accomplished.

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Perception often Determines Human Reality: 1

May 29, 2010 8 comments

Most people think that reality is one homogeneous construct, that determines whether something is possible or not.

I think otherwise.

Reality can be broken down into two major components, physical reality and perceived reality. I have dealt with this concept in one of my earlier posts.

Physical reality is that part of the universe whose properties are independent of human perception. It can also be measured in an objective and subjective manner with instruments. The number of photons hitting the CCD of a camera, the strength of a magnetic field as measured by a magnetometer or the elemental composition of a given sample are not influenced by your belief. Nor is the electromagnetic/ particle output of the sun or the strength/direction of the earth’s magnetic field.

In contrast, most of what we perceive and believe to be true is based on interpretation of data, often based on previous experiences and social mores. Can you see the massive implications of what I just said?

Everything from you reaction to rejection by a woman to a bad outcome in your job or life is totally subjective. Even worse, the total subjectivity of perception implies that there are multiple possible responses to such events.

Let me explain with a couple of examples:

A woman who flirted with you and gave her contact info reveals that she has a BF, when you ask her out.

Feeling dejected and sad is the most likely response. However this outcome is based on a belief that you cannot get another equally good pussy or that she was special.

So.. are any of these assumptions true?

You can maintain an unofficial harem of women or just pay for sex. Speaking from personal experience, pussy is fungible. Why should you feel dejected by the refusal of one woman to sleep with you that day if you can get alternate pussy?

The key to not getting dejected by this situation- alternate pussy.

The ready availability of ‘unpaid’ or ‘paid’ alternate pussy changes the picture such that her rejection (at least for the time being) does not affect your mood to any significant extent. Most women will reject you or flake, but you do not have to suffer the consequences.

Another example..

You feel sad that you are not in a LTR, have no kids or just feel lonely without a SO.

What do you really want from a woman? Anything other than sex from a woman is a social expectation masquerading as your need.

It is ALL about reliable access to willing pussy.

Do you truly desire nagging, emasculation, mediocre sex, whiny kids or a mortgage on a house you can barely afford. Do you like having your balls in a crusher or be the ‘mark’ of a contract in which you lose either way?

What you really want- a somewhat familiar and enjoyable pussy to have fuck.

Once again, there are various means of getting what you really want. Don’t let social pressures control your choice of options. It is not as if society rewards you for the socially acceptable choices.

Yet another example..

You feel pressured to follow a particular career trajectory just because it is the norm for others like you.

Ask yourself, what is the best case scenario if you play by the rules of others? Will it make you happy? Will it make you feel secure, satisfied and alive? Will it fulfill your dreams? and whose dreams are those anyway?

What is in it for YOU?

Evaluate ALL other trajectories and options for your career. Do something you like and are good at, even if it is not the conventional path. It is not as if playing by the rules will prevent you from getting fired or culled in a headcount reduction. Base your analysis of the situation on what you can see and measure, not what others say.

Why would you care about the approval of people who would not lend you 20$ in a pinch? Why bother impressing them?

Do it because YOU choose to, and YOU believe that it will give YOU the outcome YOU desire. You may be wrong, but it is better to be wrong doing what you think is correct than living to satisfy someone else.

More in another post..

Sore Gals: May 28, 2010


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Blasphemous Bible College Gals

May 27, 2010 9 comments

As stated in a previous post, I had a series of interesting encounters with three bible college gals within 6 months. In retrospective these were the first carefree and fun “relationships” since turning 20.

I moved to a large apartment complex at 22. The last few months at the previous place were not good, and had left me with some bad memories. But I was still looking for an intellectually compatible LTR. Then things took an interesting turn.

The complex had a large swimming pool and hot tub. I often hung out at the later hoping to chat up some gals. Within my first three weeks there, I met a trio of bible college students who were roommates. I ended up with two of them.. Let us call them BCG98-99a and BCG98-99b.

BCG98-99a (blond) was an average looking 19 year old, slim, tight, blond but with an unremarkable face. BCG98-99b (brunette) was of the same age, curvy, with a very cute face and sweet round butt. She was curvy, but not fat (at least at that time).

I struck up a conversation with the brunette when blondie was in the swimming pool. Brunette was flirty and touchy-feely within the first 30 minutes. Both turned out to have boyfriends who visited them once a week, and they lived on my floor. The blond initially appeared to be the more difficult and plainer gal, but looks can be deceptive.

I synchronized my hot tub use with their schedule and saw them a couple more times that week. Gradually the blond opened up, and we hit it off. Religious gals love to argue with atheists.

On that friday, she stayed with me after her roommates left. That is when things started to happen. When we were talking about her loneliness, I leaned in and kissed her. She reciprocated .. and we made out a bit in the hottub. However the surveillance camera made us take our action elsewhere.

We went into the empty women’s sauna, but decided that it was safer to go to my apartment. We ran back in our swim stuff, clothes and towels in hand… got into my apartment, went to my room and did it quickly.. twice. Spent about half an hour together after and then she went back to her place.. My roommate did ask me about the noise next morning.

The hormones of an under-serviced 19 year old girl won over her religious and moral beliefs, as they often do.

After that, it was pretty much fucking whenever we had some privacy and time, usually early or late evenings. Both her roommates and mine were aware of the ‘situation’. The fucking usually happened at my place though.. something about being heard by her roommates/friends.The blond was a vanilla girl, who liked normal fucking, making out etc. She was not particularly skilled but that did not matter. She could connect to god in many positions, as long as the fucking was hard. She preferred a vibrator over my tongue, and I did not complain. I could not get her to do anal, dressup or anything kinky beyond a mild spanking.

We never talked about her BF, though I bumped into the couple a few times.

One day a few weeks into the “relationship”, she spent a long weekend with her BF and the brunette made her move. When we were in the hot tub, she was asking me about blondies preferences in bed. I sorta told her.. and we started teasing each other, progressing on to touching + kissing (but stopped before anything else happened there). On the way back, she told me to come over to her place in about 20 minutes. I could not refuse.. and got a nice surprise.

She had convinced the third roommate to stay in her room and greeted me in a very cute PVC nurse outfit (her boyfriends gift?). However she quickly made it clear that it was just about oral sex. I wanted to say no and pressure her to have sex, but my penis vetoed that idea. To make a long story short, the woman knew how to blow a guy. Her BJ technique was very polished, teasing + calibration was very good and I enjoyed it. She knew how to keep you guessing, then surprise you- but just short of making you cum.. repeat and repeat till she wanted (and made) you finish.

After the very first BJ, she said- “Does xxxxxx blow you this well? Am I not better than her?” (I agreed). She gave me a couple more that night and I ate her out.

I had originally expected this encounter to be a one time thing, but it became a semi-regular thing. Positively sure that the third roommate knew about both “relationships”. , but still don’t know if blondie knew about her friends misadventures.

Started coming home for lunch and BJs, and brunette often cooked for me. It is nice to have a woman cook for you and give good BJs, even if they happen to be cheating on their BFs.

Guys.. mediocre weekend fucking will NOT keep you teen or 20-something GFs from cheating on you.

They will cheat if they are horny, have the opportunity and find a challenging guy.

Anyway, this went on till April 1999, when they left for summer jobs. I moved out of that place in May, but not before meeting one of brunettes friends, who took a liking for me and provided me with some sex for the next month or so.

After that things went bad for me, on multiple fronts, for about 6-8 months.. and when I came out of that rough patch, I had changed.. irreversibly.

In conclusion:

1] Religious but horny 19 year olds often behave like secular horny 19 year olds IF given the opportunity to do so.

2] Women do not take religion seriously unless it is profitable for them, and often work around religious structures to get their way.

3] Religious women are as catty, backstabbing and duplicitous as secular womenl. If anything, the gap between their real and manufactured selves is bigger.

On the flip side, they are often more feminine and cook better than average.

But why are young religious men so obsessed with arguing over scriptures, volunteering, rules and prefer each others company when they could be giving their GFs a good daily pounding or two? Any idea?

On Bad Faith: 4

May 27, 2010 9 comments

One of the most poorly publicized features of the USA is:

It is the only developed country where average income of many non-majority ethnic groups often exceeds the major ethnic group.

Being white in the USA does not give you the advantage seen in other western countries. Even when you compare equally educated people, non-whites in other western countries earn anywhere from 0.5x to 0.7x of an equivalent white. This difference is likely to have an important consequence in the near future.

The US is unique amongst developed countries in having a majority of first and second generation immigrants invested in perpetuating the system. They do so because they feel and see that they are part of it.

In contrast countries, immigrants and their kids in countries ranging from Australia, Canada, Germany, France etc do not see themselves as part of the system. They have no attachment or willingness to perpetuate the system. Such behavior is however very rational. Why invest effort or goodwill in a system that compensates you less than an equivalent white person? Would you play along if the tables were reversed?

Ironically, the white populations of most countries seem to prefer it that way, without regard for the consequences. Let me spell them out for the naive.

The demographic profile of all developed western countries is such that the older populations are mostly white, while the younger ones are increasingly non-white. However these countries also made promises to take care of their retiring (mostly white) people. Past anything other than a few years of denial, it is tax receipts from the younger (increasingly non-white) generations that will support the older (mostly white) generation.

Do you see the problem?

Do you expect people with lower paying jobs and a huge chip on their shoulders to pay for the upkeep of people who discriminated against them? It would be easier if such non-whites constituted 10-15% of the working age population. However that is no longer the case in many western countries. Even countries with a low percentage of non-whites in working age population will have no option but to open their doors, unless they prefer a fatal deflationary spiral.

Most of the western economic miracle is based on the belief of continued growth, or at least a manageable equilibrium. Negative growth will result in an inability to fulfill commitments and quickly kill faith in the system. Leverage is a bitch..

So how are most western countries going to achieve enough growth and increase in incomes to support consumption. Accounting scams can buy you 2-4 years, but beyond that- real growth or some equilibrium is necessary for the system to not come apart.

So how do you get these “others” to play along?

Do you think non-whites will suddenly forget wage/job discrimination and play nice? Do you think that their kids are stupid? More importantly, will whites in other non-western countries willingly accept their downgraded status? While accepting that downgrade is the most logical course of action, most will try very hard to retain their old “status” with tragic results (more antagonism).

It is possible to get away with a lot as long as you do not require others to play the game. However your options shrink considerably once you require their cooperation. Most older whites and many younger whites have still not accepted this new reality, and continue to behave as if the world never changed. But the world has changed, and we will see whether their world view can prevail over reality.

Any bets on who prevails? and don’t blame me- I am just the messenger.

Regrets: 1

May 25, 2010 4 comments

I have few regrets about my decisions or actions, because the course of events usually ends up justifying my choices. However looking back, I can identify a few instances where my initial choices were neither correct or productive. This post is devoted to one such set of decisions which in retrospective had far-reaching consequences on my life. The only good positive aspect of this story is that I was able to correct my error before it ruined one aspect of my life. But it did leave a lasting impact that still haunts me..

My mistake was selecting women based on LTR potential, intellectual compatibility, status and looks.

Most readers will immediately realize that this is exactly how they themselves evaluate women for the purposes of dating. What I am going to say in the rest of this post might make you see things in another light.

As I have mentioned in another post, I had a few very satisfying sexual relationships prior to turning 20.. ok mostly 2-3 gals, but you get the picture. However they were not intellectually equivalent to me. While the sex was good and intense, I always felt that a girl who was more intelligent would be better for an LTR or more.

The first of my two interlinked mistakes was the quest for a LTR. I believe that this quest ruined four years of my life (20-23) with mediocre sex, opinionated gals and general disappointment. While I had 3 significant dry spells between 20-23 (4-6 months), I did get a decent amount of pussy. About 20-22 gals, with three 3-6 month long relationships and a few STRs.

However my experiences made me lose faith in women, the concept of LTRs (and marriage) and will be the subject of a future post. For the purposes of this post, let’s just say that I experienced a lot of rejection, flakiness and disappointment from mediocre looking gals. The reason why I chased them and endured three dry spells (self-inflicted) comes down to one expectation.

I wanted sexual relationships with somewhat intelligent girls, who had LTR potential.

I was so obsessed by my preselection criteria that I often ignored cute but stupid gals who were flirting with me, to chase ungrateful women who treated me poorly. I finally turned around after an epiphany and experiences with gals like ‘M1’, ‘N’ and many others. However I could have changed sooner if I was less egoistic and dogmatic.

There were signs, but I ignored them.

My first sign was a fling with a cute single mom in her early 20s, who worked in a bagel cafe near my apartment. While the single mom part was problematic, she did treat me much better than other gals I was involved with at that time. We drifted apart largely because of my unwillingness to be around a single mom with grade 12 education, though she was fun, cute and very considerate to me.

My next sign was an affair with a couple of roommates attending bible college :D. I was almost 23. Both had BFs, who seldom visited them. I first met them in the hot-tub of an apartment complex we both lived in.. discovered that they lived in the same building/floor as me. While I started with plain-looking one, the hotter one did come around and gave me many memorable BJs. According to her oral sex was not sex. I did however fuck the plain-looking one silly. Unfortunately, a threesome never materialized. However these gals were actually nice to me, unlike the “more compatible” ones I was chasing. They used to make grilled cheese sandwiches, decent pasta dishes etc after sex, without prompting.

If they were not into religious crap, they would make decent wives. I cannot say that about the majority of secular, career minded gals- they cannot even cook a half decent dinner without a few cans, bags and jars of ready made stuff.

I did fuck another bible college acquaintance of theirs later that year.. While I am an atheist, it is my contention that sex with me did bring them closer to god. There is something strangely erotic about fucking a wholesome looking bible college girl calling out for god while getting a good pounding or three from an atheist 😈 .

However I was still looking for a LTR with an intellectually compatible gal.. stupid me!

The error of my ways first became obvious to me when I was almost 24. It was then that I finally abandoned my dogma about intellectual compatibility being necessary for a good sexual relationship. The long and enthusiastic evening fucks and unrequested morning BJs by ‘M1’ and ‘N’ after overnighters also helped me see the light.. it felt like that anyway ;).

I could have also learned that after ‘R’, but ignored it.. It did however take me two years to finally give up on LTRs, and will be the subject of my next post in this series.

I escaped from my own prison only after realizing the futility of LTRs AND the worthlessness of intellectual compatibility.

Sexual compatibility is the only compatibility that matters. Escorts, STRs, flings and booty call arrangements are, regrettably, the only routes for obtaining good to mind-blowing sex.

LTR and marriages are a waste of time and effort. No amount of mediocre sex in a LTR is worth the crap you have to put up with, because the same effort/money can get you much better sex with more attractive gals who are eager to please. With some exceptions, women will stop trying to please you after the first few months in a relationship.

Just dump her when the sex starts getting mediocre or the mind games dominate your “relationship”. No pussy is worth that crap, especially when a more eager one can be found around the corner or purchased if you are so inclined.

More in the next part of this series.

Thought of the Day: May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 7 comments

I saw a link to a site about cheating confessions ( on my Facebook feed. While there is a bit of self-selection about people who write about their cheating experiences, more than a few reminded me of situations I had been in.

Therefore, I will reiterate something I have said for a long time..

The easiest way to get “unpaid” pussy is to hang around and flirt with three groups:

1] Married women.
2] Women in LTRs.
3] Women with BFs under 25.

As long as you are not desperate, ugly and show an appreciation for their assets… the chances are pretty good. You can get about 2-3 gals for every 40-50 gals who flirt back at ANY level. Serious flirtation increases the odds to 1 in 5-6.

Women in STRs and those who “date around” are actually harder to sleep with than these three groups. Yep, you heard that right.

Female cheaters do the hard work for you. As long as you are interested, willing, capable and present.. you can find someone to spread her legs and suck your cock.

A majority of the gals I slept with from age 20-23 were cheaters. These experiences put me off the LTR and marriage path. Once you have seen how easily attached women drop their panties for a little attention, it is hard to imagine yourself as the BF or hubby.

Just Enjoy It: 1

May 24, 2010 3 comments

A lot of men seem to evaluate a girl based on her potential to impress other men. This is especially true for men who want to seduce ‘hot’ women. It is as if social proof or validation that supposedly comes from fucking multiple ‘hot’ chicks is more important than the quality of sex itself. This is also the reason behind the burnout of many who study and try ‘game’.. the sex is often not good enough after the initial thrill of banging a few dozen hotties.

Think about it.. if most of the sex you get is no better than that obtained through masturbation, what is the point of getting a sex partner?

However this very simple and obvious fact is ignored by most men. Indeed, the word “ignore” does not even begin to describe the self-destructive wanton disregard by men to the obvious. Such self-destructive stupidity is reinforced by society in the name of social good, whatever that is..

While I had many sexual partners after ‘R’, it was only with ‘M1’ (and since) that I really started enjoying sex again. Think about that statement for a moment.. can you see the problem?

Let me explain. Though I had been with over about 20 different “unpaid” gals between ‘R’ and ‘M1’, I was going through the motions. Sure.. I came often, had about three 3-6 month long flings, some short term flings etc. But.. it was not great sex. It lacked the wild passion and abandon that is characteristic of great sex.

Having a decent looking gal get on her knees to blow you as a matter of relationship courtesy might feel good and make you cum. It might even be memorable if she has good technique, but it lacks the animalistic passion of sex with somebody where you are so far into each other that the rest of the world ceases to exist. With all gals between ‘R’ and ‘M1’, it was as if the sex was scripted. Don’t lie.. you know what I am talking about.

You see.. sex in most relationships (STRs, LTRs and marriage) follows a few routine script, which go stale pretty quickly.

In most STRs.. you kiss, make out, she tries to offer faux resistance, then gives in, blows you, cuddle.. then maybe sex. usually missionary, cowgirl.. then you try to do it at a few more places and in more positions.. try something new etc. In LTRs and marriage, it is even worser. Providing you actually have sex more than once a week, it is very routine, tired and stale. She may know how to get you to cum hard, but it is mechanical and almost disinterested.

In contrast truly passionate sex feels great, even if you are both somewhat inexperienced. When I fucked ‘R’ and looked into her eyes or felt her body move + writhe, I knew that that it was not scripted. She felt it, and so did I. The look in her eyes (and body language) after going at in 2-3 times was more meaningful than many I have had since. It was a true connection. With her.. nothing else mattered. The time of the day, month, year, school, career, social status, neighbors, parents, the future.. all were utterly insignificant. It was just about the two of us, naked and going at each other- feeling on the top of the world. It was about trying to find ways of making each other moan, groan, scream.. curl, writhe in pure agony/ecstasy. This is why I often say that ‘R’ spoiled me for other gals.

We were not trying to impress anybody or even each other, just have fun.

However a true connection requires both parties to be into each other. There are two ways to achieve that- 1] be vulnerable 2] be hedonistic.

Most of us, including me, can be vulnerable only for the first few gals. After that, it is just too painful to have your heart broken. Luckily, there is another way.. hedonism.

Being hedonistic implies being true to yourself. You can either be concerned about social mores, conventions, expectations or just ignore them.

With ‘M1’ there was little vulnerability but complete abandon. We did not care about what was on TV, who emailed/ texted who, who did what for a living and whether we had a future. We just screwed the living crap out of each other, though she often preferred sucking the life out of me. 😉 Since both of us has a tacit understanding about the nature of our relationship, we did not care about impressing each other.

I remember her farting the first time she got an especially hard spanking. However, she was so into it that the embarrassment, or even the nature of what happened, did not register. I remember getting BJs from her in semi-public places, not as an act of naughtiness but, because we were both feeling horny. I did not slam her head into the wall during doggstyle because It was expected , but because it just happened.

With ‘M1’ just like ‘R’, I remember much more about what we did and how hard I came, rather than the circumstances and other worthless trivia surrounding the events. It was about trying to get each other off, without caring about anyone else. There was no courtesy, pleasantry, decorum or caring in our lewdness. Once she knew what I liked, I got it without asking and often in an unexpected manner.. and vice versa.

In retrospective, the realization that I could have such sex with essentially a “paid” woman changed my mind about paying for it. It also changed by beliefs on the need for intellectual compatibility, necessity of LTRs and many other things that most of you still accept as gospel.

More in another part.

Another Doppelganger

This nude model is a doppelganger for ‘N’, right down to the hang of her tits and size of areolae.

‘N’ had a wider butt, no navel piercing, a nose stud and thicker thighs. She started out that pubic hair style, but I made her go bald.. I like it that way.

Would you eat coffee flavored haagen-dazs of a girl who looked like this? I have.. 😉

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Random Thoughts: May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010 6 comments

Those who question my stance on paying for sex should ask themselves one question:

Why do you want to be with a woman?

Spin it whichever way you want to, but it comes down to “good sex”.

The real question then is:

Why not have good sex with attractive women of your choice on your terms?

So.. what are you waiting for? getting good at ‘game’? finding the ‘right’ ones? becoming an expert PUA? Come on.. It is about good sex with attractive (or at least non-repulsive) women on YOUR terms.

Look, I am not saying that you should ignore getting better at getting “unpaid” hot women. But why deny yourself good sex?

Why suffer from lack of good sex? Fuck LTRs and Marriage.. they are traps. Who is rewarding you for playing by the “rules”? Don’t be a sucker, just enjoy life on YOUR terms.

Pussy is Fungible

May 21, 2010 17 comments

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution. It refers to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity with another unit of the same commodity.

I am going to ask you one simple question:

Do you enjoy sex with a woman or sex with women.

Almost every straight man would prefer to have sex with women rather than with one particular woman. However most men behave as if sex with one particular woman is more valuable than another equivalent woman.

Sure.. some women are hotter, some have better technique, others are less bitchy and so on. But what if the choices have about the same overall value?

The reality is that most men HAVE that option. The question then is, why do they not exercise that option? Men strangle their own options by chasing and obsessing over a few women and ignoring others who would love a good hammering from them.

Here is my humble suggestion:

If you can imagine getting an erection with her, she is good enough.

Now this does not imply that she is good enough to marry, have kids with or even date. But what is the harm in fucking a willing woman who can get you hard.

Why must you behave as if pussy is not fungible, when it is fungible.

Here are a couple of examples..

When you are doing a girl doggystyle, are you paying minute attention to quality of skin on her butt or back? If you into it, you are probably pulling her hair, playing with her tits, lips or holding her hands behind her back.. and maybe spanking her.

When a girl is giving you a thorough blow job, are you really paying attention to her face or just looking at her eyes, holding her hair or playing with her butt?

In short, if the sex is average or better and the woman is not repulsive.. you are enjoying it.

How does that tie into pussy fungibility?

Simple.. Your first order of business is to get laid with a non-repulsive woman (paid or unpaid). Once she has cleaned your pipes, you can always decide whether you want to keep her around or find another.

As long as you do not move in, marry or have kids with a woman- she has no real leverage over you.

Getting laid a couple of times per week is not a bad deal. The gals you are fucking may not be supermodels or your dream gals, but their cunts, mouths, hands, tits and assholes will stimulate your dick and more to a good toe-curling orgasm. You can always find a better deal tomorrow.

The key to dealing with women today is not getting emotionally attached. Just look at ALL non-repulsive women as potential fuck-buddies. You have to realize that no woman is every going to be reliable and forgiving, so why should you care about her feelings?

Don’t treat ANY women better than a decent fuck-buddy.

Treating them better will not get you a better deal. If anything, removing the emotional BS makes for hotter, kinkier and nastier sex.

If any woman tries to guilt trip you, just remember all the times women have treated you poorly.

I am not suggesting that you to treat them any worser, but why treat them any better?

Here is a parting thought.. If a 5-6 willingly rimmed and teabagged you + gave you very nice BJs would you refuse? Would you rather have her mouth, hands and tits work on your stuff OR chase + convince a 7-8 that you are good enough for her pussy, and then endure her tests. No woman is worth caring about if you cannot kiss + grope her on the first outing and her panties don’t disappear on the second outing. Sexual compatibility overrules other considerations once you start seeing them as fuck-buddies.

If you wanted an 8-9.. just buy her by the hour or see if you can pick up a willing hottie. Don’t waste you time on excessively self-absorbed cunts.. because face it, that is all they really are- cunts.

Women have power over you only if you see them as more than the cunts they really are.

Feedback is appreciated..

Thought of the Day: May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010 3 comments

I have often seen a lot of PUA material on handling girls who tell you that they have a boyfriend after you ask them out.

Here is how I handle it..

Category 1: If the gal is flirty but not seriously interested, just say ” Would not have know if I had not asked you”, smile and move on.

Reasoning– It might be true or false. Either way the lack of serious interest makes it unworthy of chase by you. Remember that she is just one possible pussy, and no pussy is unique enough to be worth self-degradation.

I have often met such women a few months later when they were ‘single’. In those cases, we did it on MY terms not HERs.

Category 2: If she is seriously flirting with you, just call out the contradiction. It is important that you do so without putting her on the defensive.

Reasoning- Merely pointing out that her behavior does not match her words, often breaks down the defenses. If not done in a pushy manner, you can use it to bring all the negative feelings about her BF to the surface.

It is important that you do not appear needy, but still appear interested (not easy). If she agrees with you, try to get contact info. If she is not willing to give contact info, cut the conversation and walk off after she is willing to admit she has problems with her BF.

Since this is a number/probability based world, why waste time on those who do not care about your feelings? I can always buy good looking pussy, and find decent looking pussy if I try enough people.

Pussy is Fungible.

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution. It refers only to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity with another unit of the same commodity.

The Dark Side: 3

May 20, 2010 3 comments

I have previously hinted about posts based on my recollections about gals from the first part of my move to the dark side (start 2000-end 2001). This post is devoted to a gal henceforth known as M1, and you will soon read about why she was so memorable.

M1 was a very pretty 19-year old brunette. If she did not have buck teeth, she would be an ‘8’ or maybe even a ‘9’. However her buck teeth made her a solid ‘7’. About 5′ 6″, slender, perfect B cup boobies, taunt butt, nice smooth skin, long and toned legs, green eyes, light brown hair, unshaved (in the beginning) and one of the more beautiful faces to suck my dick.

I had changed my field of research somewhat by the time I met her (sorry, no details). Things were not great, but at least I had found the beginnings of my current path. I worked 3 days a week, made 2 grand a month and was staying in a very nice shared house with only 2 other people. Did end up banging one of my roommates (girl) later though, but that is another story. I had finally found some stability after the worst year of my life, 23 going on to 24.

I met M1 at a small new pizza place, in an area of the city frequented by me. It advertised good and cheap calazones, and she was the cashier gal. I was struck by her looks and smile. Anyway, decided to sit and eat my calazone, and had a nice conversation with her. She was originally from a small city and had joined her sister in the bigger city after finishing high school. She was a bit naive and self-conscious about her buck teeth. We chatted about her background, dreams, ambitions etc. She had finished high-school, I had finished my M.Sc and we were just 5 years apart. Anyway, I visited that place a couple more times , chatted more and agreed to go for drinks.

Unfortunately she got a bit ill that weekend. She looked pretty sick and drained when I saw her on monday, and she did apologize to me. It was at this point I did something unusual and gave her a nice hug + kiss, and she reciprocated very well (this was at around closing time). It started off as a non-sexual hug, but I quickly got a strong erection. At this point, she just looked into my eyes and said “you still find me attractive?”. My answer -“Do I have to say it?”. We kissed and made out a bit. I walked her home and watched a little TV. I realized that she had indeed been very sick, and decided that fucking her that night would be inhumane.

Instead we just got almost naked and made out. She gave me a HJ for my efforts, we cuddled and watched some more TV. I left her place at about midnight. In retrospective, this is where we truly bonded. She was happy that she had some desirable intimate company even when she looked and felt like shit. We had a couple more sessions at her place that week.. mostly oral sex on me and lots of cuddling. I guess that she had not been with a guy for a few months, and at 19- that is a long time. I made it clear that I would not fuck her until she went bald ‘down there’. She did resist, but eventually agreed. We arranged a long weekend stay at my place.

I should mention at this time that I took SSRIs for depression in 1999, and they did cause some problems with arousal. I came off them at around the time I met her, but got a sildenafil prescription- just to be sure.

So we came back to my place on friday evening. I should mention that taking anything more than 25 mg sildenafil gives young guys, in otherwise good health, unusually hard erections. Positively unphysiological, but great for pornstar sex. Even today 25mg + 2-3 beers makes me function like a 15 year old who can now go on for a couple of hours without trying to. Plus it really helps with ejaculatory control.

I took 50 mg + 2-3 beers. It turned out to be an interesting experience.

So, I got into the bathtub with M1 to shave her bald. She complied, but the nudity, view and desire makes me very hard. M1 found it hilarious and started running her long head hair over my dick as I was shaving her down there. She probably thought I would come, but sildenafil also makes it hard to come. The result was one of most intense teases I have ever endured, and that is why I remember it so well. I could feel everything better than usual, was super hard- but could not come.

She later frequently did a modified version of that on me, combined with BJs and some bondage. She knew how to drive a man nuts..

Anyway, after I finished shaving her we literally ran to the bed. I just pounded her in every position that I could think of. I took me about 20 minutes the first time. Since I had no refractory period, we went on to condom number 2 and 3.. Essentially it was about 1.5 hours of non-stop fucking. At this point we were both exhausted, but the flesh was willing for more.

I decided to cool off and let it go down (took 15 minutes and a cold shower). So a couple of beers and a short nap later we opened the second three pack.. It took about 2 hours to go through it, and I had to be be finished orally on attempt number 5 and 6.. she was sore. A few beers and one pizza later, we cuddled up and I had one of the most relaxed sleeps of my life. The effect of sildenafil persisted and she blew me thrice in the morning before we went for lunch. She also got a UTI from all that enthusiastic sex and we had to go to a clinic to get her some Augmentin (Amoxicillin+ Clavulanate). That pretty much stopped the penetrative part of our weekend, but she did give a couple more BJs that weekend. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend.

In case you are wondering, I did help her with rent a couple of times. We also went out a lot, rented movies, short trips- all paid by me. We saw each other non-exclusively for about 8 months (1-2 encounters per week). The sex was enthusiastic, very draining and I have no complaints.

I spent about 3,000-4,000 (total) on her, but she was worth it.

She could put her feet behind her head, and I took her anal virginity. 😀 Oh, and I dated ‘N’ at around the same time.. and had a few more flings. It was a very busy 2 years.. She and ‘N’ were my main cum drainers, but there were others.. Unlike ‘N’ she loved spanking and light bondage.

More next time..

BTW, Here is a model who looks very similar to M1. You decide.. and I am not exaggerating. Yes, I had someone who looked like that on the receiving end of my dick. M1 had buckteeth, slightly longer hair and poutier lips.