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Thought of the Day: May 1, 2010

Women, by default, are gold diggers.

It does not matter how nice she is today, she will leave you if she can get a better deal.

In the old days- society, customs, kids and lack of job opportunities kept their worst tendencies in check. Now.. well, there are no constraints.

It does not matter how much you try, it will never be enough. We live in cities of hundreds of thousands if not millions. Sooner or later she will find a “better deal” and you will be left holding the bag.

Do you want to try your luck?

Note: May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010 2 comments

Many of you might wonder about the driving forces behind my criticism of whites, other than a somewhat negative personal opinion and schadenfreude. The answer might surprise you:


You see, I was never capable of ignoring what was visible. Most people learn to ignore reality, as they grow up. However, I cannot do that.

We are all objective at birth. However social conditioning, “education”, a number of -isms and peer pressure allows most humans to ignore reality. Such behavior is learnt, but I could never learn it.

I simply cannot ignore reality.

This ability is both a gift and curse. While it allows me to see what others willingly ignore, and benefit from it, there is a darker side to this ability.

I can also see through BS, lies, frauds, ponzi schemes, fake behavior with such ease that it has made me lose faith in humans, as a species. I also cannot enthusisatically support stupidity, make believe, doomed scams and dead ends, which constitute a majority of human behavior and interactions.