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Random Thoughts: May 2, 2010

Many of you might believe that I only use escorts, however that is not entirely true. They do make up a majority of my sexual encounters, but I do go for “non-paid” pussy from time to time.

My favorite type of “non-paid” pussy is a woman who has a SO, but is looking around. These women are literally dime-a-dozen, and are easier than truly single women. Often her SO is either not living with her, is long distance or is a pedestaling type.

Excellent for no strings attached sex at her place.

Let me list my misadventures over the last 5 weeks. I have paid for 4 escorts in that time span, got pussy from three women for free and had a very interesting encounter yesterday.

The escorts were all 7 or above (and about 250 $/ hr .. was able to get 2-3 shots per session). Total damage was about a thousand bucks.

The “non-paid” pussy was of very variable quality.

Number 1: In her late 30s, very well preserved but with significant mental issues. But she very well off.. If you have been reading my blog, you can probably guess who it is. I did not even pay for the drinks.

I was making out with her with half and hour of meeting her in person. Very physical, constant shit tests.. but got her semi-naked in her car afterwards. After that- a spanking was given and bj was accepted. Had another encounter with her, at her home, sex was good but got a weird vibe from her. Nothing since then, but I did not contact her back (and neither has she).

Number 2: Was in her late 20s, single mom with a 10-ish year old. A ginger.. She was into costumes.. Got her to dress like a school-girl for the first date. After booze, makeout.. she received a spanking and got a nice fuck and more. She did end up spread eagled on her bed, face down ass up.. scarves and towels restrained her.

I did buy her a couple of martinis.

I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit, but the single mother situation is problematic. Had a repeat or two. But she is looking very hard for a stable “provider”, and things are not looking too promising.

Number 3: Found this gal in a bar, after I wandered out on my own. She was young, but was obese (not morbidly but more than ‘thick’). Late 20s?

She was with a small group (2 guys, 3 gals), and yes.. she was the fattest of that group. We stuck up a good conversation and after some firm touching and eye contact, her friends left us alone. I guess her GFs wanted her to get laid, maybe out of pity.

After that there was some kissing, make out, walk to her shared house and a surprisingly vigorous fuck and two and three. I am kinda sad about this one, because she is a very enthusiastic and nice gal- but is obese. I did enjoy cuddling with her, but I would not want to be seen in public with her. Her face is not bad, but she is fat and thick.

I bought her two beers, but only after it was quite obvious that her panties were coming off, at least.

Having said that I really loved putting her on her back, making her hold her ankles, and just give it to her.. good. There is something about putting such gals in that position and fucking the shit out of them that gives me a very good rise. She did get her hairbrush on the butt when we were going at the second and third time (inspite of her earlier protests). One repeat so far.. but that has more to do with me not wanting it.

I really wish she was not obese, because she is actually a decent human being (a very enthusiastic fuck)

Number 4: Met her yesterday, at a bar. She was there for a birthday party of a gal-pal who had hit 30. She was 24, student, half east-african and half white. Very pretty and exotic, but feisty. She was giving shit test after shit test, but was very flirty. She put her knees between mine within 15 minutes, and after some clever coaxing from my part. We were basically holding each other and mock arguing within half and hour, with absolutely off-the-charts eye contact.

Went outside the almost empty bar (towards the end) and mock argued, made out, lots of kissing touching (I enjoy making out, as long as it leads to passionate sex). The highlight was me essentially lifting her long skirt, slipping her panties off, giving her a mock spanking, plus forceful kissing/ makeout. It helped that the outside was almost empty and a tree nearby shielded us from the streetlight.

She did leave with her girlfriends, but with her panties in her purse.

Let us see where this one goes.. I have mixed feelings on this one. She is hot (8), feisty and passionate. But also shit tests like crazy. But i would so like to bang her in multiple positions.

I did not buy her a single drink.

All the “non-paid” encounters had a few common features.

I made it known that they were desirable, without telling them – they were the only one.

In two cases, I was upfront about my escort use.

In the other two, I implied it.

I always touched them firmly and without hesitation and they reciprocated.

Eye contact + firm decisive touching is absolutely crucial.

Get them to sit next to you, and get them to move.

Always put your hand around her waist and on her butt before her shoulders. Squeeze, pinch and slap a little. Feel her up, but do it without hesitation and while maintaing eye contact.

You have no idea how many women love a hand down their pants or up their skirts, as long as they are into you. Consider that three of my last four “non-paid” encounters lost their panties before we left the bar. One was wearing jeans.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting her to feel your erection from the outside after you have got her hooked.

Don’t talk a lot, let your hands and eyes do the talking.

Always hold your ground against her shit tests, I would recommend a few smacks on her bottom if you get the vibe (once you counter her shit tests).

and don’t ask for a kiss, if you have been been touching her for a few minutes, have significant eye contact and she is smiling/ flirting. Just hold her dominant hand behind her back, back her up against a wall/set and just kiss her- slowly.

More later..