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Thought of the Day: May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010 12 comments

Almost all men seem to want an LTR with a woman. Here is my problem with that idea:

Why would you want to limit your options, for any length of time, to one person (even if it was serial monogamy).

Given the attitude that women have towards men, game or no game, is it really worth it? Women are inherently flaky, duplicitous and self-serving. You cannot change them, but do you have to play their game on their terms?

A LTR of any kind, by its very nature, is irrational.

What benefit do you accrue from such an arrangement, that you could not buy or get from somewhere else? The only reason that men might suffer through a LTR, namely kids, is now a weapon used by women to pauperize you.

Some men are stupid enough to think that ‘game’ helps in a LTR. If you believe this crap, don’t blame women for solipsism.

Game in a LTR is much effort wasted on an aging and familiar pussy.

There are those who talk about their genetic legacy, but really.. have you visited a nursing home or a long term care facility in a western country?

Your genetic legacy is most likely going to abandon you to die alone, even if you did everything right.

What is the use of such a genetic legacy? What about the efforts/money/sacrifices to raise them? In todays world, is it really worth all that?

LTR, marriage and kids only made sense in a world driven by personal relationships and a certain level of technology. and please don’t tell me you have a great personal life with many close friends, otherwise you would not be reading this blog.

The reality is that our culture, technology and civilization has pushed us in uncharted waters.. but we do not want to admit the obvious.

Most of our inherent social structure and concepts are now worthless at best and frequently counterproductive.

Do you really think people spend so much time online and on social networking sites because things are working like they used to?