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Random Thoughts: May 6, 2010

May 5, 2010 3 comments

A photomontage of publicly posted pictures of a few escorts, whose company I enjoyed in the last 3 months. These pics were taken from their, or their agencies, website. This should give you an idea of what 200-300$/ hr can buy you.

None in this picture were bad performers, and I had repeats with 3 of them to date.

and yes, these are glamour style professional pictures.. but fairly accurate representations of them in real life.

There is nothing better than a curvy gal with nice skin, pretty face, B-D size tits, round ass, solid thighs, athletic calves, good waist line, a little suprapubic fat who can take it (and ride you) good. I often have the urge to make babies with women who look like that, and just writing this paragraph and reminiscing about them has given me a strong boner (and no, I am not kidding).

Here is my theory on attractiveness in women: The ones that elicit the most visceral desire in you are usually neither thin nor fat. They are usually pretty but almost always well padded at the right places.

Though I am not fond of the whole ‘having kids’ idea, I must confess that certain body types+ non-bitchy personality + femininity do make me want to knock them up. In my early 20s, I did end up with 3-4 gals (short term) who had that going, and there is a part of me that would have absolutely loved to make babies with them.

In retrospect, the ephemeral nature of relationships with those gals is what began my journey to the dark side. If even one of those gals had hung around me, and had my kids without turning into a total bitch.. well I would have had a very different life.

It is unfortunate that horny and sincere guys in their early 20s, are forever scarred by their interactions with selfish and flaky women.

and this is how you find similar gals: How to Use Escorts III (Previous Article)

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Random Thoughts: May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010 6 comments

When I first started buying sex- the act of buying, in itself, was thrilling. However somewhere between #50 and #100, it stopped being a thrill. I was 26 years old then. Past that point, escorts became more like a pleasant dinner and drinks.

The fundamental flaw of all “game talk” lies in inflating the value of ‘non-paid’ sex to some mythical status.

Face it people, it is just sex. If woman A1 does not want your dick in her, an equally hot-looking woman (A2) will take it for the right price.

Once you have fucked over 100 good looking women, on your terms, they cease to have any power over you. Your familiarity, and access, to good looking pussy makes it hard for women to manipulate you. The ability to buy a ‘new’ 7-8 on a day when you are recovering from a bad cold, does fundamentally change the equation. It disarms the principal weapon that a woman has- her ability to ration or turn off sex to get compliance. However unlike game, even an average looking guy in a bad mood can get an 8 to blow him properly, at a time and place of his choosing.

One side effect of frequently using escorts:

So called ‘rare’ sexual techniques or really good sex becomes almost pedestrian. They still make you feel very good, but no longer surprise you. You stop seeing them as special gifts. They become more like bonus points in a video game, pleasant but routine.

As an example, one of the three “non paid” women, I was with recently, played with my asshole while blowing me and riding reverse cowgirl. But I have been ‘there’ so many times with even hotter and proficient women, and am therefore no longer shocked (pun intended). However she was surprised that her ‘rare’ technique was not so uncommon to me. I could almost sense her disappointment that she was not unique or uncommon.

In case you are curious, she did clean my pipes very throughly (and satisfyingly). I hung around with her afterwards mainly because I was exhausted from her methodical cleaning (she did it on 2nd and 3rd go). I was happily drained by then.. ­čÖé

PS: A better looking ‘paid’ gal used the same technique three weeks ago. She was just as good but hotter looking.. and therefore the pipes got cleaned more throughly. ­čśÇ

It is a fairly common technique if you ask for it and the provider is skilled. and ya.. I enjoy it.

More in another post..