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Thought of the Day: May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010 5 comments

Many PUA blogs constantly harp on the need to dominate women, even in LTRs. Here is my counterpoint:

It is worthless to do so, and will probably shorten your productive life.

Are you stupid enough to endure 23 hours of shit-testing for less than an hour of sex, each and everyday of your life (with an aging hag). Look here, if you want young pussy- just buy it or get it ‘non-paid’.

Women like dominance, but to put all that effort into one woman for more than a few months? Seriously? and what happens if you lose your job, have bad luck in business or have a health problem. Guess what, all that effort will turn to crap.

If women want men who will play their domination mind games for the rest of their lives, let them find them. Just get the pussy you want, and move on..

Don’t treat them better than they treat you.

They are as disposable to you as you are to them. After all, do you really require women for anything other than pussy?