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Amateurs: May 8, 2010

May 8, 2010 1 comment

A few amateurs and semi-pros.. Enjoy!

and here is one gal who has a striking resemblance to someone I once dated. She was probably the last one I fell for.. years ago.

Just brings back some painful and bad memories.

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The Problem with PUA Advice: 1

May 8, 2010 21 comments

I have read many PUA blogs since the mid 2000s, and a few from the early 2000s. Here is my criticism..

First the good points:

Many of them do highlight the true nature of women and their real motivations. This is by far their greatest contribution to the public good. Most of mainstream culture tries to cover up, excuse and normalize bad behavior by women. It is only in such blogs, books, newsgroups do we see any significant public discussion of the more unpleasant side of women.

Furthermore they encourage men to not take BS from women. This is their second largest contribution to the public good. By pointing out that every woman is replaceable with another similar, but less bitchy one, they demonstrate the fallacy of ‘oneitis’.

Encouraging men to meet the cunty behavior of women with equally dickish behavior is another valuable contribution. You cannot treat someone better than they treat you, no ifs no buts.

PUA routines are useful, but limited in that you cannot change who you are. You have to adapt the routine outline to your strengths and weaknesses.

Now the bad points:

A lot of the material other than previously discussed is marginally useful at best. Typically it is either conjecture sold as fact, ego trips or worldviews with little connection to reality.

The most important thing that most PUAs never talk about, for obvious reasons, is that picking up women is a numbers game. The whole alpha, beta, omega BS has little connection to reality in humans for reasons I will explain in subsequent parts of this series.

If I have a fun conversation with 20 single or ‘open’ women in my age group, I can get almost certainly get a few phone numbers and at least one woman naked eventually. However the quality is often less than what I can buy (7-8-9s), and the mind games can be tiresome. Hence I prefer escorts.

Women will drop their panties for a guy who is not needy, is confident and flirtatious. A little kinkiness helps a lot.. But you have to approach many and not get burnt out. Now this woman might not be a 9 or 8, but the reality is that a confident guy who is not disfigured or obese can find an average woman who will have sex with him. But you will never get a woman if you do not talk, and flirt with a large number of them.

I think that one of the worst effect of legalized feminism has been stifling male expressions of sexual interest.

Here is the deal, if you are confident in touching a woman after she has been flirting with you- she won’t mind it at all. Indeed no woman, single, attached or married who is flirting back at you will mind you touching her.

It does wonders to her ego!

Don’t start with her boobs, crotch or butt and stay away from coworkers and roomates- it often ends badly. Make sure she understands that you do not have ‘oneitis’ and she will have to ‘work it’. And for the love of god, never ask permission to kiss her. If she is flirting with you, and you kiss her when it feels right- she will reciprocate.

And never make apologies for you desires. One of the three “non-paid” ones I recently did asked me “why are you looking at my butt?” after we were flirting and touching + a little kissing. My answer was delivered in a matter of fact tone with a sly smirk “because I was wondering how you would look during doggystyle sex”. Her initial response was mock shock followed by smack on my arm- “you pervert”. I simply put my hand around her waist, and on her butt and kept it there. She stared at me and after a little more small talk.. she said ” You are such a character, come to my place.. we can drink some more, but I cannot promise you sex”.

We did go to her place to drink some more, and ya.. I did pound her properly a couple of times.

I will write more in another post in this series, on such topics such as

-The stupidity inherent in any ‘alpha, beta, omega’ classification
-Wishful thinking masquerading as evolutionary psychology
-Not giving excessive importance to how women see you

and much more.

The reality is that most women never grow mentally past high school. Imagine a human being who is petty, approval seeking, vain and flaky. Now add the ability to be lead by emotions, and a strong desire to be disciplined and then fucked by a “daddy” like figure.

That is what grown women are really like.

More soon..