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The Problem with PUA Advice: 2

May 9, 2010 11 comments

One of the more troubling aspect of the whole PUA area, is a tendency by many practitioners to suggest that getting laid takes a lot of effort. This usually happens once their followers grumble about poor success with PUA routines.

I call this- the “self improvement” scam.

While self-improvement, per se, is not a bad idea, the BS scam that ‘you have to do a lot to get laid often’ is ridiculous.

I am not rich (yet), handsome, tall or very charming. But with some money and self confidence, I can get laid rather frequently.

Let me describe the previous week, from my perspective

On last sunday, I got an text invitation from thick gal (previously known as fattie) to watch a movie with her at 1.00 am (after my misadventure with saturday gal). I went to her place, and we did it three times. For a ‘thick’ gal, her riding ability was very good. She did use her finger on my asshole and I did see stars on the second and third time (described in a previous post).

It was a Heineken and domino’s pizza date. Did spend the night with her as I was exhausted by the third time (see reason above). What she lacks in a sexy slim figure is partially made up by very good technique. I gave her couple of thorough poundings in multiple positions, the ‘finger technique’ was her finishing trick. The first one was in the shower/tub.. a bit slippery for a good pounding.

On Wednesday, I saw a new escort (the top left hand side gal in my May 6 photomontage. She was a very good rider and gave a decent BJ. Her looks really helped, as she was solidly built but still slender (my type of gal). The reverse cowgirl view made me finish the first time.. second time was a doggystyle finish. BJ was OK, but not spectacular, but her riding ability was exemplary. She also knew a thing or two about playing with balls..

On Thursday, thick gal promised me an early evening surprise. It consisted of a Titfuck,BJ and rimming combo with some finger stimulation (2 times). I was told to ‘just relax and enjoy it’.. and I did. Every part of my body, except one, was relaxed by her ministrations. After Wednesday, I did not believe that there was any stuff in me. But she managed to get a lot out.. The best part of thick gals are their tits, and she used them well.

I have mixed feelings about thick gal. While she is very competent, I would prefer to be not seen around her (and I think she knows that). But what the heck, sex is not bad.

Today, I made an appointment with a semi-pro who I frequently see. She often gives me freebies or refuses to take the full fee.. In any case, today she took about 75% of her hourly fee (and gave me a 1.5 hr session). She drained me three times, and it was very good. I have only now recovered from the effects of her session.

So here is the deal..

I got laid by both ‘paid’ and ‘unpaid’ women. The total damage to my pocket was 40$ + 260$ + 20$ + 150$ = 470$. I got it on with three gals (a 5, 6-7 and an 8). They made me cum 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 10 times. Out of them, 5-6 orgasms were mind blowing and rest were very satisfying.

So what do you think? Was it worth it?

I think it was absolutely worth it, and many of you could afford something just like me. Don’t restrict yourself to just ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ pussy. Do them both.. but remember that ‘paid’ pussy is always there, as long as you have money.

More next time.. and yes, I like a little finger/tongue on my asshole.. It feels really good with a BJ/HJ/TF. A woman who is good at that will make you blow with an intensity that is unearthly, and two of them did that to me this week.

Thought of the Day: May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010 1 comment

Here it is is..

Women are delusional liars who will try to use shaming language and fuck you over.

It does not matter if they are in junior high, glee clubs, college, undergraduate, graduate school or professionals. It does not matter if they are related to you, childhood friends or fellow travelers in life.

It does not even matter if they, supposedly, are aspies.

Here are some responses from a link to my blog.

im not sure what to write here

I dont know why you are posting a link from the piece of human detritus who wrote that blog, he has nothing valuable to say.
“Caravan is the name of my history, and my life an extraordinary adventure.”
~ Amin Maalouf



100% agreed

I read through about 4 blog posts on that site… yuck. Just yuck. The worst thing is, young guys with little-no experience of being in a healthy relationship are going to read that and think ‘oh yeah, this guy’s right..’.

I don’t agree with the Sex&The City attitude that some women have either, but not all females think that way, and if you go on a date thinking that the person opposite you is a gold-digging flakey manipulative prostitute, then like the writer of the blog says ‘what’s the point of a LTR?’.

There is no point in this scenario, but if you go in thinking that all people are well, people, then you may have a chance. And it does seem like a lot of young men and women here want a decent partner and long term relationship, so sites like this that promote mind games and manipulation should be avoided like the plague.

I’m not just having a go at the guys; I’ve seen women on WP too who have a strong ‘all men are cruel animals’ attitude and that sickens me as well. The more these stereotypes get propagated, the harder it will be for everyone else not to get sucked in or tarred with the same brush.

Quote I found somewhere; Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.

So you see, women are manipulative liars even if they frequent aspie forums.

Do yourself a favor and stop listening to delusional liars. If they wanted to help you they already would have, but instead they just want to piss and crap on you. Did I mention you are letting them do that..