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How many unique gals since January 1, 2010?

This is a poll..

In the spirit of full disclosure.. my number “paid” (14) + “unpaid” (4) did cost me almost 3000 $ to date this year.

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Why I Do 5s.

May 12, 2010 3 comments

On a 1-10 scale of attractiveness, a ‘5’ is the midpoint. A ‘5’ typically has some significant impairment to being hot. In north america, it is usually weight +/- plain face.

As I have previously hinted, I often do ‘5’s in no-strings attached open-ended relationships. While that seem somewhat odd for a guy who can buy an NEW ‘8’ pretty much every week, I have my reasons.

If she gets you hard either because of her technique or enthusiasm, it is worth it. A thick ‘5’ who will get on her knees for an hour and give you a couple of good BJs is worth more than an “unpaid” 8 who keeps on reminding you that you are lucky to be with her.

Similarly a butter face with a decent body who appreciates getting a good hammering or two or three is more desirable than a opinionated “unpaid” 7. At least four 5s who I have had long-term associations with in the last 3 years were happy and grateful to get hammered. They never asked anything from me, other than intimacy.

None of them complained too much about my lack of commitment, or my interest in escorts. They were aware of it and just accepted it as the flip side of a regular, safe and good fuck.

I just don’t see the point of treating a willing, and non-repulsive, fuckbuddy poorly.

Plus some of these gals do aim to please you, and work hard for it.